23 Aug 2004 09:08:50
Ray Davis
Sudsy Monchik Interveiw Live on Racquetball Roundtable Tuesday 8/24

Hey Racquetball Fans,

Racquetball is going to lose one of it's toughest, most respected
warriors. Sudsy Monchik will be retiring from pro racquetball. Tune
in on Tuesday 8/24/04 as Sudsy will be with us live to recap his
career as well as discuss his future plans.

Anyone with a question they'd like us to ask Sudsy should send me an
an e-mail directly at ..

[email protected]

And tomorrow, at 9pm EST, go to our website
www.racquetballroundtable.com and click on live broadcast from the
home page. You'll be connected and listening live !!

Hope you can be there.

Ray Davis
Racquetball Roundtable