29 Jun 2005 22:44:50
New Racquet

I want to try new racquets like Wilson or Pro Ken... Right now, I'm
using an Ektelon "More Attack". Anyone know which racquet feels closets
to The "More Attack"? Im tired of Replacing the strings for the "more

02 Jul 2005 05:03:22
Re: New Racquet

I'd suggest you try the Head Liquidmetal 180. I played with the
Ektelon More Attack for a month or two back in summer 2003, and I liked
it a lot. Unfortunately, the More Attack really aggravated my bad
elbow, so I had to give it up. I then played with a Pro Kennex Shadow
Pro for a little while, but it wasn't ideal for me. I finally picked
up a new Head Liquidmetal 190 last fall, and I played with the 190
until just recently when I switched to the 180. The Head Liquidmetal
180 is darned near perfect in my opinion. The 180 weighs in at roughly
196g strung, and it is just a slight bit head heavy, though it really
feels quite evenly balanced. It has outstanding power and control, yet
is still very arm friendly. The soon to be released Liquidmetal IGS is
supposed to be even better (I almost can't believe it), so you might
want to demo one of those also. In my opinion, the best online places
to go for racquetball demos and gear purchases are www.racquetworld.com
and www.racquetballwarehouse.com. Good luck with your search.