13 Dec 2005 00:03:12
Jordan Kahn
NEW! You Make the Call - Hinder Rule Picture Test 1

You Make the Call - Hinder Picture Test 1

Just one simple question, is the picture a Hinder, No Hinder or Penalty

*There is also a Bonus Follow-Up Question!


Post your answers and thoughts.

Jordan Kahn

PS This is JUST a test page. If you like it, or have suggestions, let
me know!

13 Dec 2005 08:53:14
Re: NEW! You Make the Call - Hinder Rule Picture Test 1

Hey Jordan,

Always like your graphics, but this one doesn't seem quite up to par.
Anyway it's a good idea and I assume you're limited with what kind of
scripting you can use with AOL. I think you'll have a lot of fun with
Flash 8 or something. Since you work with AOL's limited framework and
add a lot of interactive features.

Anyway looks good, but I think could have more links for each answer
and show more of an explanation like those "Pick a Path" books.
Eventually after much explanation the wrong path ends with "The End."
So you're forced to go back and pick the right path to continue the