06 Jul 2006 07:58:55
Jason Mannino's New Company

Hello Racquetball World,

During the off season I've participated in founding a new company. My
cousin and I have partnered up to form Mannino Recovery Corporation, a
company designed to help businesses and individuals recover lost
revenue. The reason we decided to get involved in this arena is
because we can offer interested people a risk free opportunity. Who
wouldn't want to recover lost money for themselves and/or their
business? We offer the service free from upfront costs, there is only
a charge if we find a refund. We offer three main services:

1. Free second opinion tax review service: We offer a free review of
a business' or individual's last three years of taxes by a
licensed, independent, expert CPA. Clients receive a qualified second
opinion from someone who has the expertise to identify errors or missed
deductions that may have caused them to overpay.

2. Free workers compensation insurance review: Free review of a
business' last three years of workers' comp insurance by an
experienced premium auditor. These specialists identify
misclassifications, missed discounts, improper modification factors,
and human errors that have led to overcharges.

3. Free telecom and utility review: Free review of a business'
last 3 years of telecommunication and utility bills, (local,
long-distance and cellular) by an experienced telecom auditor. Again,
this gives our clients the opportunity to get a qualified second
opinion from an expert with the knowledge to identify errors that may
have caused them to overpay.

On average, over 70% of the reviews result in substantial refunds.

Although Mannino Recovery Corporation is new, our review specialists
are experts, having upwards of 15 years of experinece in their
respective fields. Obviously, if our company can help any of you
personally, and/or your business, or you'd like more information on our
services, please contact me at ma[email protected]

You can also go to our website at www.tbrecovery.com/mannino

I appreciate your support,

Jason Mannino