Tampy Tourney Teams
Does anyone wanna go to the Tampa Tourney and not have a team? Or does anyone have a team without enough players?

Los Read!!!

q2000 players in London?
Hi. Me and a friend plans to visit London in a month or so. We are the most experienced q-zar/q2000 players in Norway (about 5000 games each). We hope to find some experienced pla...

As of right now, who is coming to tampa?
Team or just the person coming so we can get a head count.... There should be at least 3 Tampa teams for sure and a few people looking for teams.. Post here los <...

Tampa, If dates are a prob let us know NOW....
Like i said before my trip to vegas, if the dates a re a big prob let me know now so we can move it or what ever. We want the most teams but need to get the dates straight so that can happen...

Q-zar Fantasy Football
I've created a yahoo FF league. Set your draft order ASAP, cause I'm setting the draft to go off in about 2 weeks. Put Ricky as your first pick. ;P ID = 232853 passwd = bi...

Ebay users?
I recently bought a Mont Blanc pen on ebay. Turns out it was fake. Any of you use ebay enough to know how to handle this? Dfiek

Tampa Tourny Format
Well, I'm in summer school during tourney time, but I'll go over the weekend if a team wants to pick up a player. It sounds like a lotta us are in the same boat. Lemme know.

qzars dead or what?
this is daniel an jr from cali, any of u negros play starcraft no more, counter-strike? peace

I was wondering if I did decide to go to the Tampa tournament, is there someone who would let me use their computer for a few hours on the 21st to play in that poker tournament that I can't ...

Poker Table during Tampa tourney?
Would anyone be interested in seeing if we can do this? Like have a table in the party room that will have a constant game going (No limit for real money) during the whole tourney? I think i...

Tampa Tourny Format
Tourny August 20-22, 2004 Supercharge. 4 Man Teams $200 Entry. Prize money will be determined by the # of teams. There will be 2's. Also 1's if time permits. <...

Tampa Tourney
So whats all set in stone? dates? format? # of players per team? cost per team? who is all coming out to it? someone clue me in please Billy ...

Those going to the Tampa Tourney
Right now South West is having a $39 one way sale. So check it out so that you'll have more money for important stuff like beer and video games. Tracy Nashville National Cha...

Tampa Tourny August 20-22
Tampa Tourny Friday August 20th thru Sunday August 22nd Tourny will start Friday night. Then again Saturday night and run until completion Sunday morning. Entry will most...

Q-zar poker tourney
You mofos have like 15 minutes to get registered.... Brian Katz

Q-Zar "Istruction"
A group of friends comes from Canada to Italy and would like to play Q-Zar. I speak Enlish not very good, so I'm asking if I can find on the net the explain of the game (the rules) so I can ...

Is Q-ZAR Chicago still around?
I'm going to be visiting Chicago next week, and I was hoping to get in some Q-ZAR during the trip. Unfortunately it looks like the center at Enchanted Castle has changed from Q-ZA...

for sale...... single green vest!
Selling 1 green qzar vest! Was on a demo alien in france.... anyone interested? looks complete, no charger, just the vest & gun.... email me your offers... greetingz Ti...

StanLoaders Reunion Tour
Wassup playas... Listen, I think the old birmingham team is going to make a reunion tour... you know 'em Stanley Lee Steven Ryals Scott Metheny Jonathan Benne...

Fantasy Football League
I have set up the fantasy league on yahoo...email me if want the id # and password to the league...I am ab out to go out of town, so I will send it back to you right away if you don't get it...

Tampa tourney
Hey guys I really need some dates if ya'll are gonna have a tourney. I got about a million things going on in August and I pretty much need to know very soon what the dates are going to be o...

Q-Zar Poker Tourney
PokerStars Private Tourney When: Sunday, 11th @ 10 EST. Name: Q-Zar Poker Tourney Password: doubletag Cost: $10+1 ($10 for entry, $1 paid to PokerStars) Everyone i...

Fantasy Football
Is anybody getting a league going again this year??? Mike Raper? Crum? Anyone? Chris Nashville

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