mofo kurt and socal q geeks
when the fuk we playing, you guys are killing me..... i say we divide up this money that kurt needs and get back to fuking playing........

katz the amazing ninja
hey katz, ill be there on time. However, dieter will be there sometime later if he makes it at all. Crum: I havent talked to him at all so if he is there that is great Lee ...

Address again please?
Aye man we need the adress again man...because who ever is driving down there is gonna need it. As if possible a map of some sort you know? That would be great...Mike. ...

Opinions on time idea for Tampa
This is just an idea and I was wondering what other people thought about it before approaching managment with it. There is a good chance that the store may not be open at all during

A few things...
I would like to point out to everyone that reads my posts (heh) that I have a forum that all qzar players are free to use. It is located at and does not have anything w...

IMPORTANT INFO -- Tampa Tourny
Good afternoon gentleman! I would like to add here that I am working on all of the details involving the store. We are working on a special for soda and also the scheduling...

Tampa Tourny
Guys, Can I get a finalised list of teams that think they are showin? I need an idea of how many people will be there so i can prepare enough sign in sheets for the 1/2 and teams ...

Bad News
Jason and Daniel bailed out from going. Me and Matt were ready, with time off of work and everything planned but we can't go without a team. I'm trying to figure something out but it doesn't...

Worth the read
Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird (.819) WEEK OF OCTOBER 19, 2003 LEAD STORY According to a September BBC report, police in South Korea are in...

Heads up
One of you fools has a virus. Norton caught some virus that is being mailed to us through news group or throught one of you fools' infected ass computer. Peruvian

when does qzar tampa open
Have you guys set a date where the arena will open to the public not the tourny date but the first time you guys will be able to do public games again. Brandons Qzar is getting boring (no of...

Tampa Tourney
Hey what's up all! Myself and Spam will be getting together to figure out all the details for the Money split, u will proly get all the details at the tourney as usual. You know we wont let ...

Qzar Pleasanton.. Let's get some more afterhours and 2's going!
Ok guys, let's get some competion back into some of the players in Cali. The only active guys who seem to give a fuck anymore are: Dan, Ryan Beard, Anthony Bartoni, Jeremy Miller, Bren...

One on One Challenge Billy Vs. DeBo
Well I someone has challenged me! That person is Billy from Tampa. They Only lefty playing besides Chris Bazzle. Both of them are outcasts, anyway! Yes if anyone one o...

Loby Zar
It has been a long time since QTPA has had loby zar during tournaments or otherwise, and there has been some resistance to having it this time arround, but I have to ask.. How imp...

katz dieter crum
I wont be there friday i have to work Lee

Jeff Holmes
Hey baby!!! Send me an email, I need your help with something Marc Popper "If you don't like me, blow me!"

so cal qzar
hey, some of us are going to long beach to play friday afternoon, we will be there all day we are getting all day passes. if you want to play email me

See correction patch for Microsoft Internet Explorer
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listen up fools!
I'll say this one more damn time. There will be 2's. They will start after the captains meeting. Before the tourny. There MIGHT be 1's. If time permits. If...

Lasertag locations in Northeast Ohio
Hi, ive been playing LQ for a while now, and am starting to get interested in other lasertag systems, esp. Q-Zar and LaserTron. Ive heard that there is a Q-Zar location in Cleveland, but can...

Mike Miller said...
Yeah the reason for this message is that...I guess my nickname in the arena isn't GaJuan anymore of G...from what I told Mike Miller he then started calling me DeBo...Why d...

Yo Los
Shoot me an email [email protected] Chaney

New Update...
Alright Micheal I would like to know exactly what the schedule is... When are the twos running and ones running... I want a guaranteed prize money for both whether or not we run ...

ATTN Tampa Tournament People
Hey guys, we really don't feel like hurting everyones' feelings in Tampa, so if you could just send us a check for the first two prizes, we won't come down there and beat it out of you. Tha...

ATTN Tampa
Hey guys, we really don't feel like hurting everyones' feelings in Tampa, so if you could just send us a check for the first two prizes, we won't come down there and beat it out of you. Tha...

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Does anybody have arbiter's gun instructions??
Hi people, sorry for my poor English. I'm kooking for the instructions of the arbiter's gun because I don't know how I can use it..! I have some buttons and (I think) 6 mode to operate but <...

New Sports Site!!
I wanted to take a few moments of your time to check out an exciting and NEW sports website. We are currently focusing on New England Prep Schools but will soon be expanding NATION WIDE. Che...

Final Words...
Alright since now we have confimation... For sure going to Tampa Texas Cali Tampa 1 Atlanta 1 Montgomery Orlando Now the maybes are Atlanta 2 and Ta...

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