What I Think about all of this.
Sorry I haven't been on the NG all, I have been moving and can't get agent to work with my cable, so here I am with google. at any rate, I don't care who is "captain" however I do care...

Lets just forget about this. We (katz and Pace and I) need to know soon if yall are coming if not thats cool but if so we will definetly win so just think about it for a while. Does it re...

Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED
Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED I found this in a news group and decided to try it. A little while back, I was browsing through newsgroups, just like you ar...

Atlanta Debate
I am really sick and tired of the arguing. I really don't want to talk about it on this news group any more. The last thing that I want to say is this: Katz, everytime you get in this "...

Texas is considering going to Tampa. I'll post more when I know for sure. Bralynn



Hand Eye Coordination Test
Go here to test your skeelz. http://www.liquidgeneration.com/sabotage/hand-eye_sabotage.asp Brian Katz

Look at important package from the M$
--qcffvlxnoymmalr Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="asiijquxc"; type="multipart/alternative" --asiijquxc Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="swuyqgsqhvhd...

Anyone have packs for sale???
I'm looking to buy about 4 packs and a programed remote so I can play here in Texas with my friends. Anyone who either has some decently priced packs or can program a remote please send me ...

Montg. QZar Guys
Whats this about you having a broken game computer up there? GaJuan tells me somthing happend to it and your network is stuck on default games. If you have a problem i may have some sort of ...

Tampa Tourny 5 man?
Anyone have any objections with it being 5-man? Spam

Stats at Tampa
Just wondering what stats are usualy recorded at each tournament? I was thinking of preparing a database in Access that could be updated after each game so that the stats were available imme...

ATTN Tampa
Certain players on our team don't want to go to the touranment unless it's 5 man (Crum). Is there any way you can help us out with this problem? Thanks, Brian Katz

Katz bad news
I took my car to get an oil change yesterday and found out the crank shaft and timing belt in my car were requiring replacement. Basically, it cost 900$ and i will not be able to go to tamp...

on corbantis very often? Ryan

Prove internet pack which comes from the MS Corp.
--mrbasoazy Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="gsakjdwqdyewtxt"; type="multipart/alternative" --gsakjdwqdyewtxt Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="wiirin...

::Tampa Area Hotel Info::
Alright, here is a preliminary list of hotels in the area that I would suggest.... Feel free to check arround for your self, but these are the closest ones I can think of to my st...

Who's going to Tampa...
Now that is has been confirmed that the England and Irish teams are not coming out I was just wondering who was... So Far I know that for sure there will be a Cali Team Atla...

Selling S*it
Okay you Q-Zar fanatics, I am finally getting rid of all my crap, I need the warehouse space back! I have vests, network boxes, some speakers, high bay lights, chrome crowd control stanchio...

Tampa Tourny info.
November 7th-9th, 2003 Tampa, FL 4 Man Team tourny, 1 Alt. $200 entry fee (free for uk/irish teams) Supercharge 5 There will be prize money. There will be 2's. ...

I saw Aaron mentioned something about a virus. I am getting like 40 e-mail a day that seem to be returned e-mails and then like 4 "Microsoft Update" e-mails. Then the next thing was that my ...

Let me get this straight
Wait wait wait...Let me get this straight Ireland or the UK doesn't plan on coming? I mean my team is still gonna go...but could like someone convince them to go? That would be awesome.

used Quasar equipment for sale
Hi, Due to the success of the previous lot, I now have a another delivery. Quasar packs good working order. (but used) 200 each. Buy 10 and get a network unit FREE.

Email change.
Just to let anyone who emails me know my email has changed. Its [email protected] thats p zero s btw. GFG kazaa sending over 300 viruses to my email.

cal kurt
you going to tampa? did u move? no more q? hows your midget dik? lets go to tampa...... warren

are we on for friday
are we gonna play (or rather am i gonna instruct you fools on the proper methods) Tommorrow. Lee Dieter today's date is 9-18-2003, tommorow will be 9-19-2003 which

Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED
Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED Postal lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED I found this in a news group and decided to try it. A little while ba...

Anyone playing any WC3 these days?
Anyone any good? (by good i mean GOOD, not "oh i'm ok" BS) Thinkin about buying the stupid expansion. LEMME KNOW! Brian Katz

Is there a West Coast Q-zar anymore?
Just wondering if there is such a thing as west coast Q-zar anymore, and wondering where I can play. After my brief hiatus I am looking to play again. Does Pleasanton still have after hours,...

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