Q-Zar Pleasanton Tourney props..
My only props go out to those who actually wanted to fucking play. Katz, sorry you flew all the way over here just for afterhours due to the LARGE amount of people dropping out of the tourne...

Q-Zar in Texas..........
hey, there is a place in Tomball Texas that has qzar. i think its just northwest of houston. its called Q-War instead, but on their website it shows all of the info about it. they use Q-5 pa...

New York Q-zar
Are there any Q-zars left in the NYC area? I'll be up there this weekend and would like to play a bit if I can. Kurt from Philly

hey spam....
Man City tops the tables man.... Anelka is my boy!! see tim howard still tearin' shit up in there!!! later -steven

pleasanton tourney prt 2
ok talked with my parents, they have ok'd for 2 ppl to crash at my house for the tourney. again let me know if anyone is interested. - Anthony Team Downfall 1x R.C ...

montgomery and atlanta.....
hey, i might drive in to montgomery tonight to play some Q-Zar, i was just wondering if anyone was going to be there tonight, or if saturdays are the better days to come. also, how far is at...

I forgot to call and see when they're open. I'm going to try to call you around 1 and then head on up there. Brian Katz

Pleasanton Tournament Update
Hey guys...Do the the horrible amount of people showing to this tournament i've decided to drop the entrance fee to $200 per team. 1's and 2's will be optional for you, at $10 per. ...

Long Beach Powerstation
I went to the Powerstation center in Long Beach a couple of days ago since I was on vacation with my family in the L.A. area. First off, the place is hidden behind other stores. You have to ...

Want to know what days and time you guys hold after hours at vacaville so i can attend. Mejia <Team Bascom>

Need Qzar Motherboard
I need a motherboard for the qzar phaser. Wanna know if its new or used and how much pls. Mejia <Team Bascom>

Aaron Castro
I need time, days and how much vacaville after hours. Team Bascom wanna start playing again for the tourney. Mejia <team bascom>

I Didn't know
Dude I didn't know someone else took the name Roach. People just started calling me that so I was like. Roach it is! But I heard that someone already has that name so I'm like. Nevermind. Do...

Fantasy Football part 2
I made another fantasy league for football, some ppl didn't get in the first time, so made another one, if anyone wants in this one too, email me at [email protected] Mike ...

Joe Hartman email me
Yo Joe...I need to know what the deal is...Can you anwser my emails please... Chaney

The 2's
Although I suck still, Rat, Los and Billy had a great time "testing" some of the equipment I have worked on. Expect some details from them later. Michael S. Miller Tech, QZar Tamp...

You guys are still playing?! Whattup fools! Just thought I'd drop a line and say hi. Glad to see the trash talk is still lively and entertaining. Good luck at nationals. I'll probably d...

Q-Zar Sunday in Montgomery
It would most likely be, Me, Shafi, Craig, Dominic, Ingram, Bazzle, maybe Josh from Auburn. He pops up here and there you know? Including you guys...that would most likey be some good team g...

Huntsville sucks
This message doesn't go out to the cool people in Huntsville (Anthony, Eric, Frank, Billy, Ronnie.) If I can recall the last two huntsville team that came down to Montgomery's arena. They go...

montgomery sucks
well all havent played in like 1 or 2 years and we go and kick there ass!!!!!! QP H-TOWN

Tampa tournament?
Aye I heard from Billy that a Tampa tournament was gonna be coming up soon. So I was wondering does anyone have a specific date when it is gonna be held? GaJuan Montgo...

Crum wad
Give me a call, we are heading up to Q today, tuesday. Peruvian

Brian katz, Crum, Vine swinger
are you gonna be practicing on tuesday or friday this week? Remember this is the last week before school starts so will more than likely not be playing for a while. Lee ...

Mt. Juliet Results
After everyone dicked out or left b/c of unforeseen reasons, there was only Nashville/Mt. Juliet Players left. So we had a 1st Annual District Afterhours Tournament. Winner of 2'...

Who is coming with you and Pace? Tracy Nashville National Champs

Nashville Tourny
So who the hell is actually attending? Atlanta may not be sending a team due to stupid people backing out at the last minute. I personally am broke as hell, and would like to come, but not i...

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