Paul Cainkar
I got the 30$ check but I still have not recieved the remote. When I recieve the remote I will email you and ask what programs you want. Also you wanted a couple fuse holders right?

Give me a call when you get this. Peruvian

Earn $500 to $700 per Week Downloading FREE Software M4HH
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Eric Robbins
you need to start playing again and come to tourneys Lee

why is there so much fucking spam (not the person) on these boards?!

Giants are F'n Sweet
See you guys in October :-) Mike The PTQ

Bucs own you all
The Bucs own all you and your sorry football teams. Deal with it. Prepare for the repeat. And for all you haters out there that are thinking about running your mouth, just remember... 48-2...

Mt. Juliet Tourney Teams List
As of now, we have 4 Nashville teams, 2 Chicago teams, Montgomery team, and some sort of Atlanta team coming. Is there anyone else bringing a team? Tracy Nashville National ...

Voc files Help Please.
Hey can anyone email me the voc files for the game software? I have a working version of 2.72 Just get an error when it tries to play the start.voc and all since I don't have them. The game ...

you gonna be on any weeknights from around 6-10? crum is at school, we can go make some loot together if you want. Ryan

Hello brian katz,
hey sorry for leaving so abrubtly yesterday. I realized that my tail lights in my car are out and i needed to get home before dark. Anyways post the days that you plan on playing on this t...

Katz, Brian
Katz, Did you ever get around to reading that philosophy book that I brought you the last time that you guys were in town? If you did, let me know what you thought via e-mai...

New Show
I personally have never watched a reality show besides this one, but anyhow... I was curious if anyone watched a show that premiered Monday, July 14th on NBC at 10pm EST called 'Who wa...

Imagine this for a tournament style.... alright.. we reserve a soccerfield for a weekend. set up an arena made from all kinds of shit... wait until it is pitch black and go at it.....

Teams so far for Mt. Juliet Tournament
1) Nashville A 2) Nashville B 3) Nashville C 4) Nashville D 5) Chicago A 6) Chicago B 7) Montgomery 8) Cali. (Aaron's team) ? ? ? Anyone el...

Crum, James
Gimme a call, fool. Peruvian

Anybody here play this? If so maybe we could get to gether and wreck some shizzle. Kurt from Philly

PCQ on fast PCs
What is known about running PCQ on say, Windows 2000 on a 2Ghz Processor? I have heard there are problems, I just want to get any information out there on this. Michael S. Miller ...

technical question about resets
Other than bad fuse box/wires and battery/battery charging wires, what are other possible causes of resets? --Kurt

Hey everyone....When checking my email this morning, I got an email from a John Bass (whoever that is), with the subject: Watch this security pack from M$ Corporation When the onl...

southern cali this sunday
lets play this sunday. can you come mike? dan warren's buddy pat is in town so we can play real 2's. i will work on the packs. --Kurt

Anyone have a pocketpc and a programmed remote? Use the pocketpc as an IR learning remote and send me the data file please!
Does anyone have the following items A) a pocketpc of some sort running windows ce 3.0, pocketpc 2000, or microsoft mobile 2003 IE: Dell axim, compaq ipaq, etc... B) a programmed remo...

Pleasanton Pick Em Stats!!!
::STATS:: {-=Name=-()-=Avg Score=-()-=Hit Diff=-()-=HQ Hits=-()-=Bongs=-()} 1. Dan 6,157 298 7 87 2. Aaron C 4,114 111 ...

ATL people who are of actual playing ability
do you still wanna play Q, if so lets do so soon. I like Q-zar. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Lee

Q-zar Fantasy Football League
I'm starting a Q-zar fantasy football league on yahoo. Anyone interested let me know here so I know whether or not to go throught with this. ONLY PEOPLE THAT WILL TAKE THIS SOMEWHAT SERIOU...

Arena for sale?
Anybody got the whole thing or just some walls and pylons? Or does anybody know how to get ahold of somebody who has one in storage. I know there has to be a bunch out there. Later,

next tried places fgnl an ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This message was posted via one or more anonymous remailing services. The original sender is unknown. Any address sh...

Attention All Non-Stupid Heads ::::::
Umm... well.. my life as a crazy fucker is over.. i now have to be responsible.. because I'll be a dad in about 7 months.. Whoa.... :) -Steven 12x National Champion...

Armageddon 2003 Posts
The whole reason for this tournament is to promote cross system lasertag. There will be a time where this tournament will contain a QZar event within this tournament. Possibly next year! ...

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