J. Pechauer SE Open 9-ball Tour Update
J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour $1000 Added Per Event Season 2004/05 All tournaments are two-day events unless otherwise stated Make sure to call...

Pool table
Hi all, I must sell my pool table, if anyone near Indianapolis, Indiana is interested. It is a 4 X 8 heavy slate table with all new cloth and all new K-66 rail rubber. ...

Cooperation is Compliance - political
In a recent article on the New York Times web page 'Editorials/Op Ed' pages, a man by the name of John J Faso suggests that in order for NY state democrats to help provide for the citizens...

Don Knotts is: DUBYA

Cancelled Tournament + New Events on Viking Tour
NEW "Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour" UPDATES as of November 27, 2004 ***EVENT CANCELLATION*** = SHARKY'S BILLIARDS in Collinsville, IL scheduled for DEC 11-12 has been CANCELLED. P...

Team Placing Request
Hello everybody. My name is Graham. I am a 35-year-old pool player from Carlisle, Cumbria UK looking for a pool league to play for. Any/all offers to newgroup please. From ...

Pool training device...
Hi, The other day I heard of a device that you can attach to your computer. It should be possible to put your cue on it, striking a (virtual?) ball. The computer would compute t...

Any cool snooker games for the PC? Mark

Spot shots?
Allison Fisher says: "As for practice routines, I shoot a lot of spot shots, a lot of straight in shots and a lot of shots that come up regularly in games." What does she m...

Conde to Head the State Dept - Wanna Guess Why?
She'll have 4 years under her belt as an advocate for a strong defense... and several years as a diplomat. She'll run for Prez in 2008. Hillary will definitely run, so what better way to c...

VP3 used as training tool - effective?
If you take a look at http://news.bbc.co.uk/sportacademy/hi/sa/special_events/snooker/newsid_ 2949000/2949239.stm you'll find some tips on potting (or pocketing) by Mark Williams. He ...

Snooker cues vs. pool cues
Anyone in the know can list the differences between snooker and pool cues?

Wanting to Buy - old Pool cues
If you have old pool cues around the house, please contact me with names, models, and condition. I buy old cues. Send me an email with information....................pictures of items is a...

Re: Interested in playing pool for Merseyside
dumper. like my post said we are looking for players of all abilities. men and women

When/why did they change the color of pool balls on TV?
I was watching some pool on TV and noticed they had a tan/light brown 7 ball and I think a pink 4 ball. Is this something new and why was it changed? Maybe it shows up better on TV??

Almost a full day and no Ashcroft resigning posts?
I'm truly amazed. --Jim

My new pool site.
Hello, I just discovered this group the other day. Normally I just lurk in rec.sport.billiard. I thought this might be interesting to you guys as well though =) I'm a web design s...

Gold Crowns Needed; Good/Used . . .
Group; I need four(4), 9 Ft., used, Gold Crowns II, III, or IV. Must have ball returns. Must be in good condition. Condition of cloth not a problem. <...

Bush Won - What does it mean?
Well, Democrats are in a bind... they have to restructure and decide what their party will be for the future. Dems lost Senate seats, and House seats. They lost the Presidency. Heck, Dems...

Stella Awards
STELLA AWARDS Time once again to review the winners of the annual Stella Awards. The Stellas are named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck, who spilled coffee on herself and successfully ...

Stella Awards
Just thought you guys would like this STELLA AWARDS >> >> Time once again to review the winners of the annual Stella >>Awards. >> >...

How the Electoral College works
How the Electoral College works The 2000 election was the fourth time the Electoral College selected a candidate other than the one who won the popular vote. So do we the pe...

jimbo whats CT Short for

Neener neener neener
OK, you all know what the subject reference is about. And I'll not be smug (excepting the implied smugness in the subject line) as it was as exciting an election as I can stand. And with t...

opposite handed shooting
It always seemed to be a weak link in my game to use a bridge. I use one well enough and am comfortable doing so, but never to the degree that I am shooting right handed. ...

well well well
first it was the yankees, not it's kerry Jimbo..yur averages SUCK! and so do your baseball teams and presidential candidates -- R. Hugh Arnold Secretary/League Di...

Pay up Sucker!
:-( Oh well - I'll get in line for my citizen barcode to be tattooed on my forehead. To those I lost to; email me at [email protected] and I will PayPal you the bucks. Bummer. The ...

Ping: JAM
Are you out there lurking? I think we have some money coming! SS

REQ. Pool Books

Interested in playing pool for Merseyside
Merseyside County Pool Team currently play in region 2 of the English Pool Association league. We have 3 teams, 2 mens and 1 ladies team We currently play in Liverpool but ...

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