Merseyside County Pool Team
The Merseyside County Pool Team currently play in Region 2 of The English Pool Association Leagues we currently are based in Liverpool but we have players from the whole of merseyside...

The republican way!

Halliburton "worst abuse"
Army staffer: Halliburton case 'worst abuse' FBI widens investigation, company sees election ploy in allegations NBC, MSNBC and news services Updated: 10:58 a.m. ET Oct. 29, 2004 ...

When did the Qaqaa explosives disappear?
Bush is trying as hard as he can to spin the tale that the missing explosives disappeared in March 2003 before the US invasion. However, a reporter from Channel 5 in Minneapolis may have ...

Bush's motivations
Why did Bush not get up from his 'My Pet Goat' reading when the country was under attack? Why did Bush give tax breaks to the wealthiest claiming it was to stimulate the economy...

New PC Billiards game
Saw this at

Eminem for President

Anyone up for a few frames?
Just dropped by to see what you guys have been up to. Same ol' shit. LOL I see MM is off to some other country. Good luck MM. I know you'll be back. You were right on both counts. I pu...

New Online Billiard Store
Gallery Billiard Supplies We sell quality billiard supplies at affordable prices. We are a authorized factory dealer for Meucci, Pechauer, Predato...

OT: U have Gmail?
I understand that during the trial period for Google's GMail, the only way one can sign up is by invitation, which current users can offer people. I would love to get a GMail acco...

Using one cue for playing and breaking
I have a cue that I use to break and play. Is this a bad idea for the cue? What problems is it likely to cause?

8-ball team tournament in Oklahoma City
Just want to let everyone know about a tournament we are having here in November. Ron

Brand new Predator 314 shafts for sale! All joints!
Hi, I am selling brand new Predator 314 Shafts. I have the following types for sale: 5/16 x 18 (fits Viking, Meucci, Players, Huebler, Palmer America, Stealth, most J&J...

Going Pro
Please could someone give me pointers on how I go professional in pool. My currently pool level is quite high in my mind as clearing the table of all my suit of balls and the 8 ball i...

soup-er seel
how are things going for the greatest franchise in all of sports Dale<a certified Hoosier daddy>

New Viking Tour Schedule of 9-Ball Tournaments
5 new events added on Viking Tour Schedule......... Updated 10/19-04 2 in FL - Open Events 2 in TN including a LADIES ONLY event and a $7,000 Regional Championship 1 in OH - Amateur Ev...

Are there moderators here?
anyone? -- Richard Aubin --------------- Get a free copy of the best selling pool book: Point The Way by The Monk ...

Pool Playing Tips
Hello all, I just wanted to advertise my new site - So far I've added the following: 1. A discussion forum (we need members, so sign up!) <...

Best Computer Pool Game?
Is there a game that is considered to be the best pool game for computer? Also, does anyone know if any of the PC games out there include Bumper Pool as one of its game choices? T...

NYT Endorsement -- Larry

OT: Democracy? -- 10/18/2004 7:00 PM [GMT-8]

SSS: 15 Days remaining
This was passed on to me, but I can't understand it. Maybe you can, I'm trying to get all this political stuff straightened out in my head so I'll know how to vote come November. Right now, ...

Pool scoring
Could someone inform me please on what the scoring method is in pool. i.e. how many points for what.

Ceu manufacturer wanted
I've got a cue that I like and it says on it "Power Pool by N". Anybody know the manufacturer? Is it some Asian one (most likely as it was cheap)?

Nightline 14-Oct-2004
Did anyone watch Nightline on ABC tonight? They interviewed some of the villagers and Vietcong who were shooting at Kerry's swiftboat on 28-Feb-1969. Basically, their stories support the...

Adios to all!
Like me, love me, or hate me, you all have been victims of my antics these past 6 years. Now I'm FINALLY leaving for good. I'm moving to a country in the southern hemisphere where (I'm told)...

Wobbly stroke
I have the most wobbly stroke in the universe. How can I improve?

Visualizing angles
Hi I'm just learning pool and am have a lot of difficudlty visuallizing cut shot angles. I can make straight-in shots, some shots where the ball is frozen to the rail, but I just ...

Partial birth abortion
During the debate Fri. night Kerry really got slammed on partial birth abortion. I myself am against PBA as a convenience abortion. If a woman decides against having an abortion she no...


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