Republican National Convention
Me, Ron Shepard, Dalecue and sittingduck attended the opening of the RNC in NYC yesterday. Man, what a great time we had! At one point I had to talk Ron out of getting a full size tattoo o...

Here's the questions.
OK, I'm not in favor of any of the candidates for anything..........BUT, If I was to be swayed, who can explain this? Why FDA approved drugs are sold in Ireland, Mexico, and Canada for...

Celebrities who play pool
What celebrities are avid pool players? By that I mean celebrities who are celebrities for some reason other than their pool playing; of course the top pool players in the world are ...

Free Live Webcast Amsterdam Open 2004
Welcome to the Amsterdam 9-Ball Open 2004. The 2nd Annual 2004 Amsterdam 9-Ball Open Dates are August 29 - September 2. This event will be held again at the beautiful Club 8, in Amsterdam, T...

New Player ... Hello
Hi... I have been playing pool for about 6 months and have become hooked on the game. I practice when ever I can. I hope this group can help me improve my game. I do have one qu...

Anyone voting for Kerry Because Bush Opposes Stem Cell Research?
Yea or Nay?

DVD's of the WPC Pool 2004 in Taipei
I have for sale 1 set of 11 DVD's from the World Championships Pool 2004 in Taipei The recordings are marvelous and are without commercials. The DVD's contain a menu, from which you can...

hello folks, during a billiard discussion with a friend today, the subject of radial-vs- steel joints came up...i've used both, and proceeded to tell him that the hit of a radial pin, IN MY ...

What is an elected official?
As voters, we elect officials to represent us, our views and our needs as a society. It seems to me, an elected official can be a reflection of his constituents, or a dogmatic executor of a...

Is pool really a sport ...
Is pool really a sport or is it just a pastime. Willee

Republican and Democrats - REAL Differences
According to the latest census, and polling data, we (and the media, after all they told us about it) know the following: - Republicans earn more than Democrats - Republicans are better...

The presentation of online sofware to run pool tournaments
Dear Friends! We would like to inform you about launching a new ONLINE service on pool's tournament and competition. What are the advantages of the abovementioned service co...

done at last
Not sure if this will work, but it is finished. Donald

The good old days ...
A friend of mine seen the posts made here about how things were in the past and sent me this. Enjoy Willee ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "Hey ...

Good reason to vote for Kerry
Early in the campaign season the idea made the rounds the it might be a good thing if the demo's won, as it would keep Clinton II from running for president. Really, Kerry might b...

Gone fishing
This will tickle dalecue to no end, I am off for a weeks Salmon fishing trip to Canada, (Nootka Sound) so I won't be able to reply. I talked to a long time friend who moved to Hemet - ...

A very happy ending ...
Willee decided to go on a road trip with his buddy, Joe. They loaded up Wilee's mini van and headed North. After driving for a few hours, they got caught in a terrible blizzard. They ...

Speaking as a Veteran
All this Viet Nam B. S. has me looking at some of the political websites and tuning into the political TV stations. Much to my surprise, Kerry maybe a war criminal after all. I know my new...

Bar tables ver Pool hall tables ...
I have been told many times that playing on a 9 foot or larger table will sharpen my accuracy and make it seem easier to play on a smaller table. Is there any truth to that? Wille...

Can't help you there?! Aveda Rasar Tel. +1 133 709 7390 [email protected] [email protected]

Internet page with tutorials about pool
Hi, Does anyone know for an internet site with tutorials about how to play pool? How to make for instance jump shots, english shots etc.? For a complete begginer. Thanks. ...

Cold War
Okay all you brainiacs, what lead to the US winning the cold war?

The electorate
The election outcome will not be decided by the candidate's military records, but on more basic values. Are you a christen? Are you pro abortion? Who is the sexiest? What do your most voc...

Is comparing someone's school knowledge from one year of college to a four year degree, a fair comparison to four months of battle experience to a full tour of duty (one year)? <...

France raises Terror Alert...funny
France Alert API and UPI reported today that the French Government announced yesterday that it has raised it's terror alert level from "run" to "hide." The only t...

Who is this guy ...
I was against the first Iraq war, I am against the second Iraq war, but I voted for it. Now I'm against it but I was for it. I support the UN. I'm against terrorism and against the I...

Tip on tips...?
Well... .. a couple of years ago my ex girlfriend visited me from Europe and with her, lo and behold, she had two of my old & expensive pool cues -- made all in wood. As...

A "heads-up" about a collectible cue on eBay
Just wanted to alert the cue collectors among you about an old Brunswick cue on eBay. I'm trying to sell it for a friend of mine (Charles "Butch" Wolf). It's got a double butterfly spliced b...

McGreevey Quits
Homosexuals and politics. Democrats never cease to amaze me of what their capable of. SS

House Cues. Free or Fee?
A book I am reading mentions how House Cues are free to use. It even mentions using a house cue for breaking to save the tip on your personal cue, since house cues are free to use. ...

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