What's The Line On Mark Griffin
As most of you already know, I can't play a lick. My right hand can't beat my left hand (and I'm right handed). For the past year I've been getting beat by small children, women, grandmothe...

Seminole Tribe's Florida Men's Pro Tour at Planet 9-Ball
This Florida Men's Pro Tour is at Planet 9-Ball this weekend and the event was pre-Sold Out. All the Robertson tables (20) have been re-covered in new Simonis 860 and new rubber added (the ...

DVD's from WPC 2004 in Taipei !!
Hello, I have for sale 1 set of 12 DVD's from the World Championships Pool 2004 in Taipei The recordings are marvelous and are without commercials. The DVD's contain a menu, from w...

Software to run pool tournaments
New online software has been offered at billiard4u.net. It is designed to make running of tournaments easy and professional. Everyone can try the test version before opening his full service...

DVD's from WPC 2004 in Taipei
Hello, I have for sale 1 set of 12 DVD's from the World Championships Pool 2004 in Taipei The recordings are marvelous and are without commercials. The DVD's contain a menu, from w...

Google's IPO...GOOG
This just in... Google's IPO at $138 per share. GOOG, as it will be known on the stock index, seems like a good investment, but $138 a share? JAM

Factoids...Did you know....
1. Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated. 2. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite. 3. There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar. 4. The average ...

keywords work
Dear Billiards Enthusiast, Your site is listed on the only known keywords searchable pure billiards directory on the internet. You can have up to 50 keywords added to your listin...

I mainly just masturbate
To pictures of Mandy Moore until passout in complete pleasure.

The Google Advantage
http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&q=+%22billiards+links%22&btnG=Google+Search One click on the link at the top of the page could make your billiards site really easy to find....

Is Ken Jen going down?
Hey Smorg is tommorrow the end of him. http://www.thespoof.com/news/spoof.cfm?headline=s4i5837 Taken out by one of us Cheeseheads? PatH...glad he didn't take the...

Pool que tips?
Concerning the shape of the tip, I have played with tips that seem more rounded and almost come to a point at the center. But mentally it seems better to me if the tip is rounded at the s...

New to Pool and would like some advice
Hello everybody. My name is Graham. I am 35-years old and I am looking to play pool at tournament level. I would grately appreciate any advice that can be given to me on tournament playing. ...

Poker with Dick Cheney OT(but amusing)
For those who don`t read rec.gambling.poker this was posted there today and I thought you all might like it. Poker With Dick Cheney [Transcript of The Editors' regular...

Marking or tagging shafts?
Does anyone have a good, long-lastingt way of marking or tagging cue shafts (not joint protectors) to keep track of which butt they go with? I've tried small numbers and dots in supposedly p...

Pool halls in NY that let you smoke?
Hi all, seems like I cant find a cool place to light up anymore. Does anyone here know of any good pool/billiard places in NY(prefer nassau county, I live in Rockville Centre) that still al...

Layani Shaft
I am getting ready to buy a predator shaft from Thierry, and want to sell my extra shaft. (don't need three) Thought I would put a note here before putting it on ebay, as I know some of th...

New Espiritu Cue---50% Off
A new Russ Espiritu cue is being auctioned off at AzBilliards and is stuck at the opening bid of $250. Proceeds are being used to send an AzB 'poster' (being voted on) to the U.S. Open. If y...

Little Nancy was:
... filling in a hole when her neighbor peered over the fence. Interested in what the youngster was up to, he asked in his friendliest way, "What are you up to, Nancy?" "My goldfish died," r...

RSB Tournament ( Ohio Contingent )
any one else from Ohio looking to go to Jimbo's Tournament ??? It looks like Me , Hank and possibly Randy( Spot Shot) are going ! I have a van if you need a ride . it would help defray...

J. Pechauer SE Open Tour Schedule Update
J.Pechauer,Custom Cues, SouthEast Open 9 Ball Tour $1000. Or More Guaranteed Added unless otherwise stated! July 24,25. $1000.Added! The Crooked Cue The Waynesville Open

Pocket Opening Variation
Hello everyone, I've nearing completion of construction of an 8' mission style table. The pocket opening varies by about 1/8" between the 4 corner pockets. It appears to be due to...

presence of mind (OT)
Dear Sir: I am writing in response to your request for additional information in Block 3 of the accident report form. I put "poor planning" as the cause of my accident. ...

Pool Table Lighting Question
What bulbs do you use in your pool table light? I will have my table installed next week and have a three "dome" light and was wondering if I should use soft white or those "screw" looking ...

Empire Sports Network
ANyone been watching the "Ring Game"? Removeing the ' Safe ' shot has really made for an interesting game. . " Whisky for my men, beer for the horses " Stay cool if you...

ASP/RSB NE tourney
Oct 2, 2004 Details in RSB If you don't have RSB E-mail me for details. Jim <------Knows this place is dead, but still trying.

"What Happens Here Stays Here"
What happened here in Las Vegas sure is a crappy deal: http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/2004/Jul-02-Fri-2004/news/24230161.html JAM

Barnes and Noble and InsidePOOL Magazine
I wanted to let everybody know that we have some great news. InsidePOOL Magazine has been included on the shelves at Barnes and Noble. We have been on the shelves of Tower Records for a fe...

World Pool Championship Daily Reports
Hello all, I've been without a good way to get onto ASP for a while. I wanted to let everybody know we have been and will continue to give daily reports on http://www.insidepool.com fr...

Sports on ESPN
Thursday morning I got up (I'm on vacation this week) and spent an interesting 2 hours watching Chess on ESPN (Kasparov vs. Deep Junior). Chess is a sport. Chess against a computer is...

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