Cue Ball Stuff
I'm trying to purchase a Super Aramith Cue Ball Pro Cup (six red dots) which was used, I think, at the Mosconi Cup. Mueller advertises this ball in their catalog, but is not available.........

Off topic and I don't care!
Pro football Hall of Fame inductees: Bob Brown, Carl Eller, Barry Sanders, and JOHN ELWAY!!!! The first ever Bronco to the Hall! Yup, the Broncos were one of the only ...

Earl the Pearl
I just saw his victory dance on ESPN at the 2003 Mosconi up. Good stuff. Don't know what to make of the glasses but if they helps him see the edge of the ball better, I want some. Sound...

New backdoor worm attack breaking.
This one doesn't spread by e-mail but thru backdoor orifice and attacks networks. Here is the link to Symantec:

Question for Ted Harris
Ted, the 'Wand Workshop' in this month's BD is a little confusing to me. It says you core the cue 'butt', eliminating the possibility of the butt 'sleeve' warping. Without getting into seman...

repentence from MM^^
Repent means to "turn away". And that, I do. I am truly sorry for the pain I've caused, and for the grief some of you suffered for me. My lies have no excuses, and I offer no mitigatin...

i have just found a new discussion forum
hi all! do you know that the Snookerloopy website has a discussion forum now.. I am planning to do all my snooker talking there.. come on guys and gals and join me .. the add...

Pool instruction videos??
Hello, i know there are a lot of pool instruction videos around, but are they also being ripped and put online in binaries groups? That sure would be nice :)

Huge Auction Of Pool Instructional Books,Videos,DVD
Last time sale items starting below dealer cost. Left over unbid items to be sold to a private party.

Need spec's for a masse' cue
If anyone can help me with the specifications for a masse' cue; Total length, length of shaft, total weight, tip size, tip material, joint size, type of wood preferred for both shaft and ha...

Fairfield County's Best Results
1st Place Johnny Farrell $ 3200.00 2nd Place Mark Wiseman 3rd Place Jimmy Southers thats all I know for now >>> Ratchet <<<

Mad Dogs and Pool Players
I'm looking out my window as I type this and man...let me tell you what Buddy, that snow is coming down hard and fast. Anyway, tonight was league night and I was debating going or not. I got...

Why Golf Crushes Pool
Was reading the new BD (excellent Mike Shamos article, BTW) and am struck by the comments of J. Archer. Essentially he says in 10 years he'd like to be a pro golfer, that his leisure time...

Levelling my table
I have a 3 piece slate table. I need to get it levelled, well, more precisely, I need to level the pieces of seems that two of the pieces are nice and flush, but the third has a...

How baseball saved lives in Afghanistan
This is from the "Spirit of America" website, I posted a link at the bottom in case anyone would like to help out. How Baseball Helped Children and Saved Lives in Afghanistan

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John Schmidt's wife is mega hot
and that Rachel Abbink cutey has a nice thick ghetto booty too JL is a little too skinny for me pool needs more hotties, not the butch types either ...

Make Money Fast $$$
BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER CHECK OUT THE PROFILE FOR : [email protected] and see what he has made and bought from his profits. Follow the directions below and in two weeks y...

Does your pool hall offer this?
The local pool hall where my APA team plays offers free table time from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Sundays to all APA team members ( in-house divisions only). This is a win-win for all concerned...

Unsolicited "advice" from other players - Sharking?
There are a couple of other players who during a game, will tell me how to aim, that my stroke should be longer, etc., etc. And basically that the way I play pool is all wrong. So they "help...

hey ratchet
any reports on fairfield co. best?? i hear there's some jam up ball players in town Hugh Arnold"LCS" to damn icey for me

Setting the record straight - Efren's cue
I was surprised to hear the comment that Efren Reyes is playing with a Phillipino made copy of a Judd cue. Efren is playing with a Judd JT-1 cue as well as a JT-1 shaft. He has had a JT-1 ...

Fake Resume for George Bush
I got the following in an email. It is meant as a joke, of course, but when I read through it I don't see anything that is actually false. I asked the person who emailed it to me what wa...

A crusty old man walks into a bank and says to the woman at the teller window "I want to open a damn checking account." The astonished woman replies, "I beg your pardon, sir. I must h...

Huge Auction Of Pool Instructional Videos,Books,DVD

The Philosophical Background Of Sure Shot Aiming System.
Hello, This is IMMSHARMA,the author of Sure Shot Aiming System. Once Again. I am not here to persuade or lure you to purchase my product. I would like to pu...

As I remember, you were compiling a list of GOOD snooker books for me. I haven't heard from you. :o) Sincerely, Sam (Enjoying the shit out of his snooker table)

Pool Chat
I set up a room in yahoo chat called POOL & BILLIARDS , I am not sure how long it lasts but will have it up for a while in case anyone wants to shoot the shit in real time Ra...

Custom Cues and Leather Cue Cases for SALE
Please checkout our great Online Billiard store offering high quality products at deep discounts. Please email me with any questions you may have regarding our products. Click on left hand...

Need help with left and right english?
Hi, I have my own table and practice all the time. I did quite a bit of searching for online pool lessons aslo. I am having trouble knowing the physics and where to aim at on the objec...

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