27 Aug 2003 09:12:44
News from Riverside, CA

Just got home from a one of a kind night at Shooters Billards in Riverside. It
was Efren Reyes' birthday and Alex & Bill put on a special party for him. There
was food, drink, pool, & kareoke. Efren likes all of them and you ain't heard
nothing until you hear Efren singing and old Elvis number.

Also got to watch Efren & Tang Ho play some one pocket. Santos also played
Tang some 10 ball. A good time was had by all the spectators.

This past Sunday Shooters held a $1,000.00 added one pocket tournament and here
are the results.

1st Efren Reyes (who would have guessed)
2nd Santo Sambahon
3rd/4th Danny Petralba & Wayne Pullen
5th - 8th Elias Vales, Greg Rosenheck, Richard Genier, & Jeff Nesbihal

Next weekend is the 3rd annual Labor Day $10,000.00 added Nine Ball Tournament.
Still have some openings. Give Bill or Alex a call at Shooters.