27 Sep 2003 23:49:59
A heavy post....

.....and I don't even know why. I think this post is motivated by several
things that stick out in my mind lately. Probably number one, is that I am
now 56 and don't much like it. Number two was Tony D's statement that his
dad was born in a time when men felt that they had to play out the hand they
were dealt (and died holding a full house. MY ADDITION. I believe he WAS a
hero.). I was probably born in that same generation. Number three is the
death of Johnny Cash (a personal hero of mine). Number four is the possible
death of MM (whether true or not).

My wife is a special lady, and today she gave me for my birthday, the Johnny
Cash "Hurt" video and "The Man Comes Around" CD, along with his "A Concert
Behind Prison Walls" video filmed in 1977. It was interesting to me to see
the difference between this 70 (at the time) year old man, and the image he
portrayed as a youth.

I was pretty much raised in the country and wasn't exposed to the "bad ass"
boys of the city, but still had more than my share of testosterone. Some of
you may remember the silly photos that John Kirchel put up of "Sammy the
Bull" and several other cocky portraits. When I was young, two guys would
put their forearms together and drop a lit cigarette between them. First
guy to move lost. I wouldn't move.

Twenty years ago I met a woman who taught me love, compassion, caring, fair
play, and a desire to help others avoid the pitfalls of a falsely perceived
mandatory roll for the adult male.

Today I stand before you asking that you at least consider, kindness,
understanding, compassion, and the knowledge that everyone does not ALWAYS
think the way you do. Someone MAY have a different opinion. It doesn't
make them bad, ignorant, an asshole, or anything else. It makes them human.

In watching the lives of many famous and not so famous people, it should
make you realize that no matter how big you are, how rich you are, how bad
you are, it doesn't matter. You are still going down. The only question is
when. Why NOT, try a little kindness. This post is NOT directed at ANY
individuals. It is simply an observance of an over abundance of name
calling and lack of consideration for the thoughts of others. Just a
thought. :o) Sincerely, Sam (Okay, let's party. Its my birthday. LOL)

28 Sep 2003 06:25:51
Smorgass Bored
Re: A heavy post....

OK, OK, Happy Birthday...... asshole.


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28 Sep 2003 09:04:24
Donald Tees
Re: A heavy post....


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> OK, OK, Happy Birthday...... asshole.
> Doug
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