Oldest and youngest NAC teams?
After my post to malice got me thinking I doubt there is a team out there with a higher average age then ours we go 15,15,16,22,27,34,36,38,38 Avg Avg 26.8

nrh and spam.....
gotta get this off my chest- sorry but it needs to be said- to all of NRH and Spam....especially spam- get off denvers nuts please!!!!!!- what is it with this shit? all of you guys have to a...

Important stuff
In case you didn't know, "malice" is the 14,723rd most popular word in the English language (see www.fabrica.it/wordcount/main.php for verification). Interestingly, that's also my rank...

q2000 players in London?
Hi. Me and a friend plans to visit London in a month or so. We are the most experienced q-zar/q2000 players in Norway (about 5000 games each). We hope to find some experienced pla...

dark angel where are u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
[email protected] (The Bitches Bastard) wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > > On a sidenote - there are more of us that have ...

Home Maze Matters!!!
ok- i was reading about all this in lqarena, but didnt want to set up a username and password so ill post my opinion on the NG's- (i have a dial up, kinda frustrating) for those w...

Since the newsgroup's become so political lately...

Reminder: Best of the Rest 2004
WHO: Open to ANYONE who did not qualify for NAC Finals WHEN: Saturday, August 28th, 2004...Prelim games begin @ 10:00pm WHERE: Laser Quest Oklahoma City 10...

Magnets from LQ Austin
Can anyone down there grab a few for me while the centre's still around. I have some extras from Grand Rapids I can trade..

History of Laser Tag
Hi, Spending some insomnia time on google and thought I'd go to the source for this question. My husband held the original patent on what became laser tag. He was one of the found...

BOTR Deposits!
Hey Everyone. I know we're looking forward to the Houston 4-man coming up soon. But we dont forget to get your deposits in for OKC's BOTR coming up fast on August 28th. The spots are filling...

Looking for a team
I want to play the Houston 4 man but don't have a team. So if anybody need a player please email me. [email protected] sM0Ke San Antonio 2 SWARM

Houston Rosters
Ok this is gonna be a badass tourny so whats everybody rosters? NRH One blueflame Darksoul Twiztid Slaughter NRH 1 Whirlwind Roaddog Sifu Mo

T shirts
I have two shirts I would like to get rid of, one of them is Lord Tezu's Mesa Jersey (size XL and #69) and the other one is 007's superman shirt (size L). I was originally planning on sendi...

Found this funny(and very true)
How Many Forum Members Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb? 1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed 14 to share similar experiences of chang...

Cherrybomb, anomoly, havok, avi8tor
It was brought to my attention that there was a thread going on with various insults, threats of violence, etc etc etc going on. I had never looked at that thread since it was based on gimp ...

Houston 4 Man, Local Members....
Phoenix's team has booked their flights. We will be arriving Saturday night at like 6 or 7pm. I will get you all flight iteneraries. 2 of us are leaving Sunday late afternoon (li...

dark angel where are u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
hey darky its pestty from louisville. Hey we were playing the other night and your name came up, and i dont have your number to call u anymore so please email me so we can chat. We have star...

Off Topic : Democrats & Iraq
Sparks of intelligence sifted from the mucky riverbed of partisan agenda. Enjoy! "Iraq's search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to deter and we should ...

Phoenix 4 Man Approaching....August 20th (Friday)
The format has been completed, and we have contingencies for all different numbers of teams. We predict anywhere from 15-24 teams will be attending. The cap will be 24 teams. It will be a ti...

To NRH.....
Truce? - Capri Sun LQ Houston 9DV 2002 World CHAMP! 2002 South Regional CHAMP! 2003 South Regional CHAMP! "nuff said"

DarkLight World Challenge 2004 - Final Stats and Dark Angel's Thoughts
To see the final stats, please go to http://www.darkware.net/ltsk/DLWC/2004/ Congratulations on the Maxx for thier sweeping victory in this tournament. Personally, meeting guys l...

2004 Regional Power Ratings
(Cross posted to LQArena) We all know how everyone ranked at Regionals - but below is a comparison of how well everyone actually stacked up compared to the teams in their Region. ...

What the hell happened to LQarena?
Is it just me, or is anyone else having trouble reaching the webpage for LQarena? IE keeps telling me that the page does not exist. Any word on this? Bullseye LQ Colorado S...

Darklight World Challenge 2004 - Preliminary Stats
Click below to see the current stats for the preliminary portion of the Darklight World Challenge 2004. No matter what anyone says, IShot is not as bad as everyone bitches. I am also in t...

Houston/Austin 4 Man Help...
We picked names out of a hat for teams. My team will consist of: 0 0 7 Hocuspocus Zebra Buletproof The other team will have: Lazarus <...

NAC Hotel Update!!!!
Ok we have a Hotel set up for everyone less than a mile from the center. This Hotel has an indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, bar, business center, restaurant, 7 floors and complimentary high spee...

If you all are willing: Austin 4 Man Moved to Houston
I have arranged for Houston to host it. I have booked the Center for the same Saturday August 14th. Phoenix guys can ride down with the Austin guys if you can't get your flights ...

Austin 4man .... cancelled?
That's the word from LQ Austin. I won't be able to verify until I get back to Austin this weekend, but it does appear to be the case. It's not a good day...

Re: Westland Team Shirts
How much are they going to be and who do I get cash to? -STING

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