Family appeal
You didnt get the flyer???? "To all Houston area lq players: come join us for a night of fun tag and free ballin in Westheimer, Friday June 4th" blah blah blah $30 yak yak y...

A different kind of addiction
Because it has nothing at all to do with Laser Quest... And then when you're an addict and need a fix... ...

Um? Laser Quest displays it's "family appeal" in the first two photos... Pt HLQ STFU

Phoenix 4 Man Details!!
I don't know who's coming from Mesa - but I'm assuming you'd be able to at least send as many players as you had at our last practice. We showed up for your "tourney."

Lincoln Shirts
Yeah, Lincoln is once again whoring out personalized shirts to anyone with $20. The Design: Front: Back:

LQ With an Elevator?
Is there an LQ somewhere in the world that has an Elevator? My spawn was inquiring about this as he heard it from one of his classmates :) 'ta! Darky

VB 4 Man - The Bash the Beach
VB 4 Man - The Bash the Beach Saturday July 24th. Times: Registration: 11:00pm Captain's Meeting: 11:30pm Tournament Starts: Midnight Cost: ...

San Antonio Practices
Hey San Antonio, I will be in town May 25-29. When are yalls practice nights and what time. I was hoping to get some games in with yall why im in town. I am also assuming this is at Ingram a...

Springs and Wichita
Okay, I got the word from our GM we need the deposit in by no later than 1pm tomorrow or she cancell the lock-in. That's Tuesday, 5/25/04 at 1pm Centeral or 12 noon Mountain (for you Colora...

Phoenix 4-Man, Details!!
Here's all the info you've been waiting for: Announcing the 1st Annual Phoenix 4 Man, Draft-Style Tournament!! Draft-style means that you won't know who is on your team until the...

Thanks to Lincoln!
I just wanted to give some props to the guys in Lincoln that game down to Wichita for the scrimmage today. I thought is was a great practice and we appreciate it a lot. :) AKA Sm...

Went to Laserquest in Guildford for the first time in ages on 11th May 2004. I am hoping to go more often than i used too. I went with a mate (Michael Eustace). I was called `East Bank` and ...

LQ Web Page Question???
what the hell is up with all of the pictures being pulled off of the nac section on the Corp. page...i heard the stats were all gone but the pictures too??? Has anyone heard any reasoning be...

a little past levity to liven things up
From: XuVioS ([email protected]) Subject: Re: Member's [email protected] View this article only Newsgroups: Date: 2002-08-07 10:35:13 PST ...

Hey San Antonio members.....
I just wanna say THANK YOU for letting us scrim with you guys this past sunday! We had alot of good games especially with 3 full teams there (that was cool) and I can see you guys are defin...


Calgary Shirts
Calgary is ordering our t-shirts at the end of this week. If anyone is interested in owning one, I can have them printed with your code name for $25 (USD). The down side is that I need to kn...

Laser Tron Tournament?
Can anyone provide a resource for Laser Tron Tournament Rules? XPLasersport has recently acquired a set of Laser Tron Equipment and we (Former Photon Tournament Players)are all playing avid...

Phoenix 4-Man Tournament (DRAFT)
Just a quick reminder, I've gotten a few messages and emails with questions. This will be a draft style tournament. This means that you won't know who is on your team until captai...

thank you NRH
Thanks for comming down and playing us today. was fun. see you in a few weeks. hope solo got some rest. A Street-kid Named Desire LOAFamotiv / Jehu Army of Austin. ...

Hey SA
We should be at your center about 5 p.m. today. See you guys there. Colombo LQ Houston 9DV

austin, we are almost on our way!
we are bringing 7 of our 10 players but we were able to pick up a couple ringers to help complete a 9man team. have NO mercy on us!!! and see you all in a few hours... ' m ...

Which is better, "Troy"or "Gladiator"
I think watching Troy makes me realize how good Gladiator was. Put your opinions.

I have a quick announcement for those who care. If you haven't heard already I will unfortunately not be playing in Regionals this year. I accepted a promotion at LQ OKC and have committed...

5 Midgits...spanking a man...covered in Thousand Island that Love??? fubert

Western regionals shirts
I need a count of who wants a shirt. Please ask your teamates.

2 needed for mv 4 man
Chaz and I need two players for the 4 man. If anyone is interested email me at ;[email protected] or instant message me at chowynphatmvlq. Chow

Touch my Tra La La
Enjoy! =D Pt HLQ STFU

Southern Regionals.
Well......bad news folks... no Ross Perot........ so that 11 rotation on him this year. poor little fella. A Street-kid Named Desire

The flames story
Combined Blueflame and Bluzilla makes Blueflamilla. Who ever this masive player is, say your prayers I don't know I just bored. -SAYAN "Ultra Sayan"

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