laser quest vests
does anyone know where i can buy just one or two laserquest packs, or something like it? i don't know where the people from get their packs, but i want to know if i can get one ...

Hey dude!HIt me up ASAP at [email protected] or my IM name is WhoopDrAgOn in regards to the Wichita 3 man.I still need to know if you are still down!Thanx dude!;) -- ...

Wichita 3-Man
Everyone who is planning on attending should start thinking about deposits. The deposit deadline is February 17th (yes, I know Lincoln is this weekend). The total team registration is $100, ...

ATTENTION!! Anyone going to the SLC 3 man READ
Chaz and Ex need one more for this tourny. Does anyone need a team? Post back or email me at [email protected] ChowYnPhat

l5m - players needed
my keyboard is messed up...sorry in advan-e. we still need about 2-3 players to round out the teams -oming to the five man this weekend if you are interested let me know. nepenth...

top ten list (by loaf)
top ten reasons your lq teamis not going to make it to try outs.... 10) no one remembers where the center is 9) no on has picked up a pack in 6 months 8) you hea...

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BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER CHECK OUT THE PROFILE FOR : [email protected] and see what he has made and bought from his profits. Follow the directions below and in two weeks y...

Email me asap please!! [email protected] Showtime

Make Money Fast $$$
BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER CHECK OUT THE PROFILE FOR : [email protected] and see what he has made and bought from his profits. Follow the directions below and in two weeks y...

YO Ender!???!!!!?!?!?!
Whats the deal with stats for vegas???????????? are you close to being done or what? Lollipop LQ Houston nine deadly venoms.

Who is going to win regionals
West: Denver South: Lincoln North: Brampton East: Mexico DDy Spacho LQ Mexico

Attn: Showtime!
Jeremy, hit me back with an e-mail when you get the chance. [email protected] -- -Goof! Mule 1 of 3 Golden Twinkie '03 2nd Wichita 3-man '02 3rd Lincoln 5-man...

Western Teams!
Attn: Calgary Colorado Springs Edmonton Federal Way Fresno Fullerton Las Vegas Mesa Modesto Mt View P...

LQ Poker Tournament Season?
Here's an idea: For anyone that wants to, hold a NL Texas hold 'em tournament the same time as one of your bootleg tournaments. Then the winner will get a spot in the final ...

SLC 3 Man - Poker Tournament?
anyone up for one the night before? who's going to this thing anyway? -- ~Papajorgio Vegas 5 Man January 8, 2005

Southern Regionals
Ok since the alighments are just like last year im wondering if we are gonna beable to send 4 5 or maybe even 6 teams from the south. So post up if you are gonna have a team for southern re...

Lincoln 5-man Extras
Ok, it sounds like we have quite a few extras looking for teams for the 5-man, here is who I know of so far: Aunt Lou Clarkness Jester(if he has money) Ender maybe...

Players Club Discussion @ LQArena
Whats up guys, I started a discussion about the players club on lqarena, link as follows, I'd like to hear what everyone thinks about it and possible problems/solutions that would be needed....

News from Thirlwall
Spoke with Jeff today, here's some random issues we discussed... 1. Regions will be exactly the same as last year. ZERO changes to that. 2. Cameras will still only be ...

I'm thankful for NACs in Rochester, but...
I hereby nominate "The TENsion in RAWchester" as the worst name -ever- for an NAC... lol ;) Malefestra

Regional Nac loctions
Ok every year you here about the same old BS of where they are. How far they are away from you and how much it costs for your team to get there. But face it, you could complain fr...

Regional/NAC Dates
June 11-13 for Regionals September 10-12 for NAC 0 0 7

Tournament Repitition
Amoungst the frustration of having to go to the same place again, I took a look at the other regions, and it made me feel a litle better, lol. South: 98 Regionals: Dallas <...

Vegas Stats????

Top Ten Drug War Stories of 2003
Top Ten Drug War Stories of 2003 Kevin Nelson, AlterNet January 7, 2004 Viewed on January 12, 2004 With the American public's attention firmly directed toward the daily event...

OT: To all Philly sports writers....
Charlotte now has a nickname:... "NFC Champs" Sorry for breaking McNabb, you can send the bill to us, but it may take a couple of weeks to get to it, we are going to b...

when are the centers getting the NAC packats? Casper Xraise your fist in the air, DRUGFREE...X

LQARENA where is it ?
It won't come up :P

Regional Borders??
Does anyone know when we find out what teams are in what regions this year if anything has changed? Hopefully a few teams who didn't show up last year will show up this year making more team...

Needed to point this out...
Rochester is pronounced RAH-chester. Not RAW-chester. Thank you, that is all. Malefestra

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