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Curse of the Ol' Lazbino
I always hear everyone bragging about how many tournaments they've won. Please no more bragging, it brings a tear to my eye.... j/k Seriously though, if you want to put together a team to ...

Renegade pets
I just wanted to thank you all for letting me play with you at TOT. I had a great time; just wish that we could have done better. Sorry about my poor performance (I've been really ill and on...

whens the next tournament ...
Is V5M the next tournament for the west? When is the Lincoln 5 Man? Who do you think would be the best Halloween themed 5 man team....(hey that rhyms)? My 5...

shaggy in denver
Does anyone know how to get ahold of Shaggy while he's out here in Denver? We wanted to see if he wants to play a couple of games of LQ while he's out here - but can't get in ...

Havok in Austin/Dallas....
What up y'all......... (practicing you know) It's been WAAAY too long since I've been down to rep with my boyz in da hood. I'm planning on coming down for four to six days r...

Hey, Great job at ToT, and in the game we played together, sorry if I made you mad I was just trying to get in your head. Anyways I had fun, hope you did to. Jammer

For the Vegas five man.
If anyone needs a player, write me. I need the experience. -Sayan LQ SAN ANTONIO

ToT Thoughts
I have recently calmed down from doing props after tourneys, but I was feeling a little frisky. Plus I had fun this past weekend. First off, congrats to T-Bone and crew for making it ...

Ender on ToT
First off, I would like to thank the staff and organizers of the tourney. It was run very smoothly with no waiting time between games and also fast and accurate scoring. I would recommend ...

ToT Proppers - by ' m o
got a few minutes and i wanted to give out some special thanks, congrats, and what nots. here we go! Tulsa Boys - stop playing. please. give us all 6 months to catch up and then

Atten Austin
i got 6 sheets of art work going up tuesday night at elysium (off red river and 7th) up for show and sell. if you wanna come by please do. theres a 7 buck cover but eh.....just wanted to let...

Lasertag on television.
Last August a producer for Tactical to Practical approached the International Laser Tag Association (www.lasertag.org) for any footage they could provide on the laser tag industry. They for...

ToT stats 2003
here they are, sorry not up sooner. Rank first then points Prelim Stats 1 Pretender 1.67 696.50 2NMEunTAGables 2.50 739.17 3Showtime 3.00 603.00 4Sickle ...

Falcon's ToT Props
I thought it was another pretty well run tournament, aside from the little schedual mishap at the start of the tournament. Thanks to Blk Dragon for getting some of the teams together, and t...

Vegas 5 Man, Interesting Thoughts
I was looking at a calendar today and something cool happened. I realized that the Vegas 5 Man is closer to New Year's Eve this year than it ever has been before. The tournament is on the 3r...

ToT By Tavas
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Austin Oct 27th
members thing monday night (the 27th) free games and pizza. i think 6:30. just letting every one know cause i just found out tonight. later. A Street-kid Named Desire LOAFam...

BlAcKiE's 03 ToT props
I wanna tell everyone thanx for coming out and supporting ToT and making it one of the most exciting tournaments yet!This was the most enjoyable tournament "I've" played yet!I hope next yea...

Whirlwind Loves the cock!
It's true, HE DOES! He made a post sayin he needed players for ToT, then I e-mailed him tellin him that a friend of mine would play on his team. He accepted & said Blackjak could be on his t...

ToT Results
After a hard fought finals these are the results: 1. WhoopDonkeys 2. Untagables 3. Destruktor 4. Lincoln 5. Parastack 6. Austin Props to come later...

ToT Update
UnTAGables, Destruktor (NRH), and Whoop Donkeys are in the ToT Finals. I can't recall for sure, but I think it's Austin, Parastack (Mules and Denver) and Lincoln in the Consolation Rou...

top 10 reasons why......
you shouldn't play in the south. 10) whirlwind........nothing but wind in general =D ;) 9) you might have to play at the same center for 3 years in a row for regionals. ...

TOT player needed!
Yeah I know it is last minute, but we had a player back out on us. If you are not a complete homo and want to play with austin for TOT. Post here or email [email protected] tonight. ...

Vegas Team, Finalized...
Well, we got our 5 guys together finally. No arguments from the boys on the new additions...as they ARE God players. I look forward to playing with two guys I've never had the honor of playi...

shaggy in denver
ill be in denver the 29th through the 31st, i have no plans the whole time im there im just going to get the fuck outta utah. i think theres a twiztid concert on the 30th that ill for sure h...

Vegas God team......reloaded
Well, it looks like I assumed too much, lol. Apparently Lord B has a team already, or he's not going, or something. Either way, I haven't heard from him since he told me he wanted to p...

attn :redbrum
get ahold of me asap... or someone relay the message back to him.... **--**--**--**--**-- steve "Red Light, Green Light, MOSH ! ! !" Imma Killah ! ! ! *...

Need a Player For Memphis Tourney?!!
I still would like to go to the memphis tournament if anyone drops out let me know. I need to get on a teaM!! [email protected] Thanks

mi five man wanted
we need 3 more it's me and phat beeziez right now... so come on... **--**--**--**--**-- steve "Red Light, Green Light, MOSH ! ! !" Imma Killah ! ! !

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