Good One for Oaklawn Today!
Might even get a price too. 6th OP DISHTOWN First time starter nice, steady breezing works. Favorite is a known quitter trying to shorten up to 5 1/2 from 6F. It never works!

Money Saving No Spam Travel Tips
Just booked a 6 day stay at a Choice Hotels, Comfort Inn in Mt Dora Fl. Got a different price on every travel site and the Comfort Inn site. Comfort was by far the highest at $92-$96...

French Gallop closed this one in 1995 but does anyone know if it is still a training facility? Going to Auteuil and Longchamps in Bois de Boulogne soon and would like to know if it, or St....

Anita has changed
Played this one today and all of that work is doing something to make the energy distributions of the winners a bit later than two weeks ago. Still like the dirt better. Ti...

Willaim F. Buckley..Rest In Peace
One of the truly Great thinkers of the 20th Century died today at home while working at his desk writing. He will be missed by both left and right. Rest In Peace, Sir William. <...

Interview with trainer Brian S. House
A very candid interview with trainer Brian S. House has been posted at House is 32% with Horses off layoff, and 41% with first time starters. His insig...

Betfair Trading software - testers requested
We have developed a BetFair trading package and are looking for BetFair users to test it before its formal launch. If you are willing and able to test our Betfair Trading software go t...

robby i cant believe u have no friends, u seem like a cool guy?

Pablo Fragoso
Snuck into Philly today, One mount and won as if much the best.

The Wolf has a Review of his Life; Maybe Too Much time Spent OGGLING
Everyone a little different! too many days and hours in dark theatres! Way too many days and nights in sleazy run down old burlesque theatres! black and white "art" movies my prey! 4-6 hours...

The Wolf has a Review of his Life; Maybe Too Much time Spent OGGLING
Everyone a little different! too many days and hours in dark theatres! Way too many days and nights in sleazy run down old burlesque theatres! black and white "art" movies my prey! 4-6 hours...

Hollywood Almost Gone! Academy Awards Fails to Connect with AMERICA!
Much to do do about nothing! Movies WE will never see! and actors WE don't REALLY care about! Hollywood has kissed every AMERICAN over 25 away! Gave them the "finger!" we want the the young ...

Wolf Pinging the Erstwhile Ocala Mike!
I'll be in Ocala next Monday. Need advise about downtown motels, should I bring my gun? or should I pay $80 and go out to 75 and get a safe motel? How bad are those cheap motels on S. Pine S...

When the sun shines (too) bright
Remember the 1990 Breeder's Cup sprint with Dayjur jumping shadows not once, but twice to lose the race by half a length when he had it won? Horses have a very hard time when the brig...

Back to the Grand Old Days!
GP race 3 #5 SHOPIT trained by Allen Jerkens from the Hobeau Farm Stable. Deja Vu all over again!

FREE Race of the Day
Come and grab the FREE Race of the day that is provided on our site. Also offered is a PROFIT OR DON'T PAY Sunday's + $2 Monday Cards

GP 9th Turf Race at 1 and 3/8ths BREEDING Wins Here!
ZANN Seems to be getting better with each race. Turfway 11th VANCY PANTS bet this one last week at Oaklawn but it never shipped out of Keeneland. Also on the improve. TP 12th 1st timer FR...

Wolfie's Eyes Only... 3970 and counting.... Not working out so good is it? Who will be lucky (not) number 4000? Lots of death and destruction still going on. Suicid...

Only a FEW! Will Transgress To Montana to See Brad Pitt Fly Fish!
A GREAT Movie about mostly Montana in the 20;s 'A River Runs Through It' the Kid could throw a line 65-70 feet! Amazing Fly fishing Stuff! Wolf yearns for the willey Blue Gill! About the SA...

A Thousand Kisses! LIFE! Has It's Way to Paridaiso Cinama! WE ALL
Red Skelton sent a rose EVERY day to his wife! A Most likable man EVER! Red Skelton! But KISSING! The Wolf in his most revered moment KISSES Brigget Bardot!

MR Bush has Kept his Promise to AMERICA! He has Kept US Safe!
He has NEVER Flinched or Capitulated to to the Murfa's, Pelosi's, and other vile Lib filth of surrender to have peace FOOLS! He IS standing TALL as ever! Surly 'history' will record a Specia...

Has America Gone Mad? or Did I Stay Too Long at the Auto Theatre?
Nothing making sense now! Are we about to send a boy to do a Man's job in D.C.? Morons and Fools for Obama for what actuall reason? The Hag was bad enough, but she and Slick will soon be go...

Samuel Barber Adagio for Strings op. 11 America on THAT Day 9-11!
Google up 'samuel barber' look for youtube. If this doesn't move you NOTHING ever will! Mostly dedicated to those NY firemen who went into those towers. Samuel Barber's Adagio op.11 Somethin...

happens every year
About this time every year, since I have followed the trek toward the Derby, we get the top ten list. All of these precocious speed types are touted each year: Silent Screen, Fa...

Ref; The Derby..Darby etc.
Danzig wrote: > lescor wrote: > >> Please remember that their is only one THE Derby , although there is >> the Irish Derby, the Scottish Derby, the Fren... utilises Internet technology and expert system to track all the professional activity of the racing experts when they invest. Live data for Australia, New Zeala...

Thursday Plays
SA 3rd 1/6 ex box Lrl 8th 8/8 dd

Tampa Possibilities for Wednesday
8th A WEE GIFT 5-1 Won 1st time on dirt after turf went 'off' On turf today 9th JUMBY SKY 7-2 Can lead here from the #2 post all others will be 'saving ground' far back 10th CON...

Just Heard Yet Another Great Obama Speech! 'We have Nothing to Fear
Who is this boy's speech writer? I'm almost sold. Might vote dumocrat in November! And RUIN my PERFECT record. Oh! the shame of it all!

Woodbine Horses having their Way at Fair Grounds!
And Oaklawn! To a lesser extent. GP? Forget it!

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