Need list of US track handles
Does anybody know where I can see a list of US Tracks and their average daily handles? Would like it all in one place, not having to browse the site of every track! TIA. ...

What a GREAT Time is Was! Auto Theatre Nights! Just Maybe ONE More time at the refreshment stand Like days of Yor! AND those Chessey Movies! HELP!
Never NO More!

Big News! Wolf Soon Miami Bound to Unite with Old Partners Sonny and Ricardo One Last Collar!
Retirement didn't work out too well for this 'old' man! Gotta be ANOTHER Collar! Wolf keeping in shape always. Still 6' 1" 178lbs. Got to be in the "Game" miss my friends! Olson twins have ...

ALL Copyright Laws are Now PASSE! Net Posters have Won! Viacom, Sony, WarnerB Now have to SUCK it Up and Move On!
It was ALWAYS a war they couldn't win! EVERYTHING UP Now UP! 1,000 hook nosed beared lawyers to NO avail! NO Chance! THIS War is OVER!!!!! WE WIN!

The Wolf's Fav Ethnic Joke!
By chance a Jew and a Asian were seated together on a long airline flight and became instant friends after a few drinks. Upon departing the Jew said to his new friend "I think it is amazing ...

The New York Times Turns Traitor to Liberals! "Significant Changes in Iraq! A war We just might be able to Win!"
NYT editorial based on a reporter's 8 days with U.S. troops. Most enlightening. The Lib's Most Dreaded day is upon them! And from their 'Friends!' very Sad.

Mark Your Cards Website
I thinking of signing up to website. Has anyone used it yet? is it any good? Be interested to hear from anyone that have had good or bad experince? ...

IT'S A G MAN Looks Ready to Light Up the Board in CLN 4th
12-1 ml Also 2 at LS 6th SEVEN O SEVEN 1st time turf, and 8th DUPLICATION winning rider back up for serious effort(I hope) back on the turf. Scratches not out yet for L.S. Turf Off Bets ...

This is a tough race. Papi Chulo have a shot? Lawyer Ron...The list is long. Tim Yatcak

Horseracing Championship for students and ex-students
Based in Newmarket, UK, I am the overseas representative of a non profit organisation in France which promotes flat races for a specific public : amateur riders involved in show ...

Sports Editor-in-Chief -------- Website
We are seeking a Sports Editor-in-Chief, please read to see if you or anyone you know could be qualified. Thank yo...

The Rogue River Valley in Southern Oregon is Calling the Wolf!
WUNDERLUST! To always want to be somewhere else? My Curse. Some might have seen this area in two movies, "True Grit" and "A River runs through It" Wolf Aspires to be a Fisherman! Like Peter...

The Current Status of Mitt Romney's Presidential Bid; No BS Here!
Romney somewhat in Neutral now. "The Plan" is GO! Win the first 3 primaries, Iowa, N.H. and NV. This WILL happen! But on the negative side S.C. is going to be tough! 3rd place finish proba...

FACE THE CAT Gets the Call at Ellis 6th
First time Tale of the Cat 2 yr old is WAY Too fast for these. Race will be over before the Fav can get going! Should be 2nd choice. Might bet RUN ALEX RUN at Arlington if the 'Cat' runs as...

conditional wagers
There is an outfit called the Premier Turf Club that is offering conditional wagers: if the odds DROP below a set limit by the wagerer, the bet does not go through. Interesting ...

PAP Sheets pick 4-1 and 16-1 winners at Saratoga FREE!
The PAP sheets, free on my site for now, kicked ass at Saratoga today, picking winners at 4-1 and 16-1, and keying over a $228.00 exacta and $2,458.00 trifecta in the sixth, as well as a s...

Ugly spill mars opener
Massoud with J. Velasquez went down on the lead in late stretch in the opener at the Spa today. Rider got up as did the horse but the latter was not going too well.

soiltex for horse course grounds
Dear All, Please do not be irritated by this short ad. My company is selling a new product Soiltex. SOILTEX are polyefyn shreds which offer exceptional advantages to indoor and outdoor ...
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- of Brooklyn, a sophomore at Washington Irving High * School in Manhatten, said, "If I haven't done anything wrong, why should * my picture b...
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- the conviction last month, ruling that : prosecutors failed to tell the defense that the key witness against : Pratt was an infiltrator and ...

PAP Recap for Belmont Friday is up
Every day I will recap the NYRA races for those interested. Includes link to that day's FREE PAP Sheet so you can see for yourself how PAP did that day. PAP Sheets are FREE thr...

3 Picks for Friday
Ellis Park 9th Exacta box #1 BEST COLORS 10-1 and the #9 Fav ? Arlington 9th #10 SHARP SURPRISE 8-1 Del Mar 3rd #2 CONCINNOUS 10-1

Finger Lakes Race Track--selection sites
Are there any good selection sites for finger lakes? I am not referring to the usual suspects. I am looking for some obscure unknown handicapper that knows the ins and out of Finger Lakes. T...

Lasix Question
When look to see if a horse is running on Lasix or not, what's the difference between L and LA on the Daily Racing Form?

AD: Announcing FREE PAP SHEETS for remainder of Belmont and Saratoga!
Good news! Ray Gordon, author of Price And Probability, the breakthrough value handicapping book, is making his PAP sheets for NYRA (which contain power ratings and value line o...


Voy Poy Uno Mas Lights Up the Board at Arlington 8th Race!
Every post a leader! This one is a freak! A claimer on the dirt couldn't hit the board in 5-6 trys, but on grass this one goes crazy! $35.00 X 7 to Win! Every now and Again a horse like thi...

Ellis Park Pick 4 with 4% takeout
Has anybody been playing this Pick 4 deal? I looked on DRF's site and it looks like the pools have been rising everyday. Seems like a good thing to me. I'm also looking at this handicapping ...

Bob Ike
Handicapper Bob Ike roared from behind to lead all public handicappers at Hollywood Park. Ike, who trailed by 15 winners after the first month of racing, went on a 36% streak through ...


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