Real Big Men CRY When they see Sarah Brightman and Andrea Boccelli Sing the duet "Time to Say Goodbye"
John Wayne the 'Duke' would tear up watching this! See it on A great song and great singers!

Wasn't It a Grand Time?! Sitting in the Dark in those Old Theatres?
Often in the matinees it would be quite uncrowded, just me and Clark, John, or Jimmy! Slink down in that chair friend IT'S just starting! News Reels! Coming Attractions! Cartoons! Then the ...

ss out of Belmont
Street Sense to pass the Belmont and to re-surface for the Travers. ashamed but the animal probably needs a rest. Tim Yatcak

Jim S. Where's the book?
Dumbo, er.. I mean Jimbo...what's happening with that book you were writing? Didn't it have something to do with finding winners by sifting and sniffing horse manure?

worthy inductees
Both the U.S. and Canadian T-bred hall of fame inductees were announced this week and there are some very worthy recipients. A Canadian rider from the West coast, Chris Loseth (a good frie...

Another xpressbet rant
I only use them for the few tracks that youbet does not have,mainly GG and CD. They never show will pays for the doubles at Golden Gate. When I called customer services I...

Bay Meadows update
The CHRB has said they will grant BM a one year extension on the polytrack deadline if they agree to stay open through the end of next year. BM said they will do this if their dates...

Live Long Shots for Today!
Del 7th ROYAL SHOT 2nd effort on the turf Opened at 7-1 Pha 9th GALLUP TO GLORY ml 15-1 1st time on the grass. Also same race ROSE OF GERI maiden claimer winner back to the turf in allo...

Check out my new blog for tips
Hi - I just started a new blog today - - where I'm going to talk about my experiences betting on the horses. While I've taken horse raci...

If You Could Only Access One Web Site This is the One!
Go to Thousands of old public domain films and radio shows and growing all the time. Everything is FREE! Some people are dedicating their time and effort to savi...

mark this day
We all have those days that change our history...had the longest price of all time today... seem that the top ten have all been from one of two race types: maidens of turfers......

Imagine the Wolf Without Sarah or Ennio? Imagine LIFE! Imagine ANYTHING! NEVER Flinch!
wolf has had a FEW! But I'm Still RELVIERANT I Think! Maybe not! The Wolf Succombs to OLD Superman TV Shows! Adios!

Wolf Pings Danzig! My Old Friend about Movies! Subject "A Face in the Crowd" Starring Andy of Mayberry! Opinion?
To me AMAZING ART! It's WHY We watch Movies! What I saw was Best Actor ACADEMY AWARD! If Brando had done it for SURE! Mezmerizing imagages Again! Thoughts of Tennessee Williams a homo but ...

The Wolf Recounts his 2nd Greatest Achievement in Sports!
True Tale! Wolf and his Caulk buddies sitting around the union at Corn Flake U.(Kellogg CC in Battle Creek MI) talking the differences between black and white runners. Wolf volunteered that ...

THE Dumbing Down of America! Corporations Want IDIOTS!
Imagine IF some corp had EVERY dim-witted name and e-mail address of all of those fools who were watching American Idol? Payday Advance Loans! Ditech! ALL Credit Card corps! AT&T is BACK! C...

1954 Jack Benny Goes to New York! The best part of radio show......
Jack bumps into Frank Fontaine; Frank tells Jack he was on a quiz show and answered all of the questions right. Frank: First Q was easy! 'What's your name?' I had it wrote down on my drive...

Best oline horse racing sites
I have bet online at many site. I do how ever like to spread it around (just like otb tellers- who knows which one will be lucky this page a great selection http://www.platinummo...

Another 1 day carryover of over $99K at Hollywood.
The Pick6 starts with the 3rd race on a day with night racing, 5/25/07.

10th Race 20-1 Long Shot at Arlington Today
#5 FADING LIGHT Making second start on the turf. Throw out 1st race at TP.

Question about race book at Harveys-Tahoe
Have not been there in years. Do they still have race and sports in one room? Also the site said it is entirely non-smoking with individual tvs. How many sets and are they first come fi...

good racing movie
Wolfe have you ever seen The Return of October? It is about an old guy who comes back in the spirit of a horse....

IT Could HAPPEN! Wolf about to Fly! Hope EVERYONE Support's the Wolf's Errant Flight!
I read "Jay Gatsby! and actually thought like him EVERYTHING was POSSIBLE!

All of My Days I Will Remember the Flickering Images of a World that was a Bit Too Far!
Everything was real to me! Always More! I wanted! Hero's and villains just like every day of my life! Yeah, someone told my it was a 'fake' But I went back for MORE! Never was real life th...

Go to MySpace then enter Morricone then click on "The Trio" AKA "The big Gun Down" and see what Magic this Man could do!
ENNIO! Versed in the classics! Mozart and J.S. Bach! Then listen to the BRILLIANCE by the MAN!

Test: I'm I Still Relevant? Or........?
Explaination Last post not up! Maybe it's OVER! It seemed like an average day when I woke this A.M. What happened?????!

Breaking News! 1954 Radio: Jack Benny Loses $4.75 at Hollywood Park! More Coming.....
On the way home, "How'd you do Rochester?" "I won 29 dollars! Now I only need $71 more and I can marry my girl friend" Mary Livingston: "Haven't you ever had $100 before?" I've never had $2...

Re: 2 Long Shots for Wednesday
On May 23, 1:20 pm, Danzig <[email protected]> wrote: > wolfagain wrote: > > WO 6th UNTO THE HILLS ml 12-1 IND 6th IT'S EVERCLEAR ml 12-1 Only > > 10/8 hours to ...

Re: 2 Long Shots for Wednesday
On May 23, 1:20 pm, Danzig <[email protected]> wrote: > wolfagain wrote: > > WO 6th UNTO THE HILLS ml 12-1 IND 6th IT'S EVERCLEAR ml 12-1 Only > > 10/8 hours to ...

Re: 2 Long Shots for Wednesday
On May 23, 1:20 pm, Danzig <[email protected]> wrote: > wolfagain wrote: > > WO 6th UNTO THE HILLS ml 12-1 IND 6th IT'S EVERCLEAR ml 12-1 Only > > 10/8 hours to ...

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