Lava Man.....
should never, ever leave California again as long as he's racing......he's nowhere near the same horse.....I doubt Discreet Cat was himself today.....missed his prep due to fever. <...

is one serious racehorse.......

Gulfstream Pick 3's for Florida Derby Day
8th #8 Street Magician 9th #8 Lima Papa AND #10 Drilling for Oil 10th #1 Political Force And the Derby winner is #1 Notion Saw his win at FG last time out. This one won much easier tha...

Who is going to win the big on? Think stamina might catch speed as Discreet Cat has not shown real route ability. although getting out front and slowing it down has it's merits. ...

I'm nominating for the Kentucky Derby
Wish me luck, It's a long shot but I sent in my nomination to run in the Kentucky Derby today! Better late than never.

The Wolf's FIRST Serious Girl Friend; Carol Mertens!
Nobody Here! how SAD! SHE was the FIRST One!

Great Scenes from Modern Movies!
Belushi doing those 'flips' in "The Blues Brothers" Big JOHN winking at Opie Taylor and kinda tellin' him to throw that gun away! Almost EVERY scene with Aticus talking HIS Children! Scout r...

Wolf Reveals Some Truths about Playing Sports; It doesn't Hurt!
Only losing HURTS! Makes your stomach turn! I did the 2 a day football practices as a rookie senior. But it's not really FUN! No cheerleaders! No glory! As a rookie senior I was a 158lb slo...

Blue Grass
With the surface and conformational changes at Keeneland, this year's Blue Grass will throw an interesting "wrench" into the traditional preps for that first Saturday May. Hopefully it wil...

Compare Dosage to Secretariat for KD
Get dosage for contenders entered in the Kentucky Derby. Now we have previous great winners that you can compare to. See which contenders have dosage closes to Secretariant or Spetac...

The Best Horse Racing Websites
Hi, I just want to know if there are any websites with regards to American, Australian, South African, Hong Kong or Dubai racing which match up to that of in term...

American Idol
Don't forget to vote for Sanjaya.

I like them

Trying in Vain to Edit Some of these Less than Intelligent Posts!
Using new name. 'Spy Smasher885' Latest and maybe the best movie serial of all time! 4 o'clock in the A.M. with nothing to do, so I just ordered 6 new movie serials from

The Wolf's 5 Favorite films No.1 "The Shootist! No. 2 "And God Created Womam
A little ass ain't too bad Especially the YOUNG Ones!

The Wolf Exits the Nudist Camp! to Hear Connie Francies! Or was that Joyi Heatherton
Wolf CONFUSED! AGAIN! I thought that was JOEY HEATHERTON! Or was that LORNA MAITLAND? Wolf Confused AGAIN!

Greatest Pop Song of ALL TIME By Jerome Kern "All the Things You Are"
A VERY young Wolf herd this song when I was playing in the yard even before kindergarten! Little Wolf STOPPED To hear this Song! Many, Many years later It's still NO. ONE! No. 2 is Roger's...

Who would YOU Want to See Guy Killbee or Fag Trovota? DeCreepio?
Wolf SALUTES those Film makers! Without apoligizes! Capra! Sturgis, FORD!

The WOLF Salutes 'Dem OLD Guys who Could ACTUALLY Write Comedy and Pop Music
A tip of the fedora to those old writers from burlesk and ancient radio! Almost every old joke writer worked for Bob Hope at some time. Hope paid BIG money for GOOD jokes! He only paid for j...

Where is my REBATE, NYRA?
You pay the whales in the northern midwest a lot of money when they bet. Why should I bet into pools when I'm paying $2.00 for bets that others are paying $1.86 or less for?

Bay Meadows update Here is my guess-The track will apply for three weeks next year so they can contin...

Two birthdays ahead
Difficult to believe, but two of the best horses of the twentieth century were born a single day apart March 29, 1917 for Man O'War (Lexington's August Belmont's Farm) and March 30 1970 (D...

First legit Derby contender
While it far too early to consider seriously, Street Sense showed the kind of grit and running style that will get 10 furlongs the first Saturday in May. IF he continues to show that matur...

Turf Paradise Live One in the 9th
#7 Stevens up. 2nd start. Will probably be over looked by bettors as horse closed in 6 1/2F race last time and today it's a 5 1/2F race.

Why do injured horses have to be put down?
What is the medical reason for a racing horse with a broken leg to be shot? Other animals such as dogs and cats seem to survive with injured or amputated limbs. Surely an injured ...

average win mutual by track
i am looking for a list or chart of the average win/place/show mutuals paid sorted by track. any ideas? anyway for me to compile my own list?

Why is NYRA giving KICKBACKS to some horseplayers?
They're REBATES when offshore, but in America, we call them KICKBACKS, and they are VERY illegal. Private OTBs are getting rebates, but the problem is that those OTBs are not op...

Monday's plays at Will Rogers
7th #9 coming off layoff. Needs only modest effort to get win purse. 9th #8 Maiden has run much better. First start this year against slow field.

workouts overblown
In trying to understand an overall concept, it is common to break it down into its component parts. Often, as in many of the racing books I have reviewed, this result is giving some of tho...

Worst Possible ISP Connection; AOL on Dial-Up! HELP!!
Taking me quite some time to get my DSL line up and going down here in Alabama-South aka Ft. Walton Beach Fl. Going with the First Timer #9 in the 5th at FG today and the #4 in the 7th at ...

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