Wolfagain is Dreaming of an All Diversity "Holiday" Under My "Holiday" Tree!
Lets just go along with CORPORATE America and COWER to PC B.S.! We are Supposed to be COAWRDS Us CHRISTIANS! Let it stand with obvios misspelling! Wolf a MAN that would Carry CHRIST'S Cross...

Wolfagain just Checked his Family History; I'm the Worst! Sad but True
I'm the ONLY SCALLYWAG in my family tree! Wolfagain has done 'time" in serveral lock ups! Polite and respectful at all times when sobor! Always exit with class from said city lock ups. Demo...

A True Story about Class and Previlage; The Phipps Stable of Bluebloods!
Ogden Phipps never ran a claimer in his life. The Phipps' Classic sire was BOLD RULER! If any of his get couldn't win a stakes the Phipps QUIETLY dispersed said horse so as not to embarrass...

G man about claimers
The thing about the masses, is that they have a SLAVISH adherence to class structure and NOT the horse's abilities. Seabiscuit was once a 5k claimer. When you DISCARD the artificial man made...

Jockey Fallon banned after drug positive in France
http://www.ng2000.com/news.php?tp=horse;racing Horse racing: Kieren Fallon has been banned for six months by the French racing authority.

for G man
yes, according to you, EVERYTHING is better in Europe

Proof of racing corruption
...read the new book exposing institutionalised corruption in English Premiership football and British horseracing... THE BETTING CODE: Proof of winning foreknowledge secretly

Keiren has just been banned from riding in France for 6 months for taking a prohibited substance. This shouldn't affect him too much as he will still be available to ride in all the F...

Bowmans' Sportsbook
I know some of you guys use Bowmans. Are you happy that they have just transferred all USA-registered accounts across to Bodog? Cheers, G-Man

I don't do it too often myself but for anyone who does there's a useful calculator here :- http://www.otblearninglabs.com/calculator.as It's free. Why is it called Dutching. Any...

Ping Mustang5
Hi, Has your husband recovered? Cheers, G-Man

Tacky stuff
In the UK if a horse is declared to run in blinkers, visor or cheekpieces it must wear them at the start of the race or else it will not be allowed to run. If a horse is, say, declared to ...

cool card games..
Cool Card Games Card game tips, tricks, and guides! Learn how to play today. http://www.tallyrally.org

How accurate are the timings of North American horseraces? Discuss! Cheers, G-Man

DRF - Where to Start?
Lets say I'm new to horse racing. I just downloaded the DRF for Hollywood Park. Ok, there are 31 pages of info to go over! What I want to know is - for e...

there is no best
I hear johnny come lately's all the time promoting some nag as the best of all time. Rubbish.

A Much Younger Wolf Hanging Around Mag Stores "Nudist Mags" And there was those PEEP Machines! Never Could get ENOUGH!
Drop a quarter an instant FUN! Teen Smiling! Imagin the Thrill? NEW SONG! Wolfagain in the Jungle! Wolfagain afraid and all Alone in the JUNGLE! "Stranded in the JUngle" SURF CITY! Imagin th...

Wolgagain Just Having FUN!
Imagin my COP days? Wolf was a 'nice' Cop Always gave drunks a chance! To GO HOME! Didn't want to COLLAR a Friend! Beside that I didn't have to do all of THAT paper at the end of my shift. G...

Where to Find Info?
My favorite gambling site now offers horse betting on certain tracks in the U.S. If I start betting on horse races on the net will I have to buy Daily Racing Form every time? I...

Tiz Wonderful Got Hooked at the 1/16 poll But Had Something Left!
Tiz was 4/5 Looked like at "Lock" But had to do more WORK! Wolfagain is the MOST envolved player about BREEDING of them all! Tiznows can RUN! Also the Monachos Can get a Distance! Look for...

Don't Bet these Horses Today!
FG 5th #9 Divine Comic-Nothing divine OR comical about watching your horse fade to the rear at the 1/8th poll! TP 8th #9 Outrageously Funny-Horse wears 'groucho' glasses and large fake rub...

$11,000 Pick 4
I got the $11,000 pick 4 at HOL yesterday using the charts at RaceCom.com. I've heard about these guys for years at the tracks, but thought it was all nonsense. They just came out with t...

Best horse in the world wins the Japan Cup
From the Racing Post: DEEP IMPACT bounced back to form in scintillating fashion on Sunday to claim the Japan Cup by two lengths, with Ouija Board running a gallant race in third...

Discreet Cat Takes Cigar Mile; Equals Track Record!
After running 3/4 in 107 3/5, Discreet Cat under mild urging put away Silver Train to win the Cigar Mile in 1:32 2/5, a new stakes record. The time equaled the track record for 1 mile at Aqu...

If at First You Don't Succeed.........! More Picks for Today
FG 7th #10 Diggy...? FG 8th #7 Mojo Mon FG 9th #5 Dynomite ?? Doubles and a Pick 3. Also #3 Northern Blood goes on the turf at TUP in the 8th Exacta and Win bets.

get while the getting's good
When it is very cold in Toronto (even WITH the new surface) speed hangs on much longer than usual. Look for it everyday when it is cold. Tim Yatcak

2 Pick 3 Bets Today at FG and CD
FG 8th #1 Tiger Bait 9th #6 Enchanted Lady and #2 What will Be 10th #10 Katrina's Fury Great Name for 1st Time starter in New Orleans! Slow, steady breezes! Why Not? CD 5th #1 Gree...

3 Good Ones at CD Today

sire- candy stripes
this dude is awesome, candyride-won on turf and dirt in record times, g1 pacific classic 1/4 123 beyer invasor-bc classic this guy should be in kentucky getting 250gs a...

Tiz Wonderful Going Today at CD; Non Betting Race Unless You want 1 to 5!
This one is the Real thing! My early Derby fav. TIZ WONDERFUL by Tiznow. Trained by Scott Blasi a protege of Todd Pletcher. I've been betting 1st timers by Tiznow since this summer at Ellis ...

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