Tracking wager performance
Hello I am a graduate student working on a tool that will help streamline the handicapping process, use models with your handicapping data to identify high and low value wagers an...

Bernardini has final work, ready for Classic
*Before you bet on Bernardini remember there is no such thing as a lock, and you'll get 70 cents on the dollar, tops*

choose your bonus
20% Signup 20+20.00 free bet 20% signup bonus ...

Stalker is here in registry
And I put him there in OE6 with OE6 tools. His aieo and his verizon are there. The registry key for storing message rules and blocked senders is in the Identities section. ...
free tips are no good. if you want to amke a professional wage from betting join Equine Investment.. They are not cheap but will make you a fortune!!
Hi, Ive joined Equine Investment. Their tips are so good that I find it hard to beleive they give them away. They are no cheap but are worth every penny. Anyone else join any serv...

who is this wacko?
What a waste of time

Ellis and Wolfagain
Siamese twins joined at the cock

Wofagain 'Fesses Up! Wolfaagain wolfagain Fesses Up! Corey EVERSON! Best GIRL!
Imagin the WOFLE going to Sleep?

Wolfagain Asked to Work with Sonny and Ricardo Tubbs! in Miami Just the way I thought!
Reality! Wolfagain Releashes ONE more COLLAR! "Hands SHOW "EM!

Wolfagain is 6' 1" And 185 lbs. Never Saw a Coward I liked! Just Come Around and "Meet" the Wolf!
As a Cop I DID ONE MISTAKE! Turned my back to negro who I was SURE had a GUN! I walked away! Exremely Stupib thing to do! Smart Cops Always expect the Worset! Wolfagain having serious spell...

for the oe6 user blocking stuff namely the bonehead from Florida, that is -- Let the unseen day be. Today is ...

Out of respect
per the request of an unamed poster I'll give up. Wolfagain is a pedophile............... interesting that ellis_jay included him in his family. Not too surprising.

Wolfagain Remembers! Hoop Skirts And Better Times! Just a LOOK! At Panties! Where did it All Go?
Wolf and fellow jocks just sitting around admiring the "panty" girls! In 1959 it Worked! Going home to beb with "pantey" stuff on your mind! "Just one Look" Wolf fell in LOVE! As ALWAYS it'...

Strategy 7: Be Mindful of Some Tips
Racing is now beaming into the lounge rooms. Unfortunately, most of persons haven't got a clue of how to bet, let alone, what to bet on. So they follow tips of the "leaders" or "experts". ...

Wolfagain Just Barely Hanging On! Room is Moving! Help!! How could this Happen to Such a Nice Guy?
Must be something in the water I suspect! Wolfagain a Victim of Deranged city employees? Stay tuned. Film at 11!

Breeding! Ghetto Bred Runners ARE "Running" at Turf Paradise! WOW!
For anyone that thinks Breeding isn't Class just look at the CD 2 yr olds! Very similar to Humans! George Bush bred by a PRESIDENT! Out of a Dam with Connections to another President! Polk ...

To the Tampa Bonehead
No, I am not talking to the local disc jockey on the Bone-who plays crap music and talks too damn much. Hey-that reminds me of you!!

New Featherlite horse and stock trailers
New Featherlite horse and stock trailers visit our website email: [email protected] ...

Beginner's question about class levels
Question about class I understand it, the class ladder varies from track to this correct? If so, where can one find out the exact class ladder at a given track...

$1,200 per night playing in sit-n-go tournaments
President Bush has signed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act into law as was expected. This measure threatens to topple a $12 billion a year industry and some offshore...

deeb's Breeders Cup Contest is ON for Next Saturday!
Yesterday's efforts to revive this NG were less than spectacular to say the least! But it wasn't because of the troll. He is nothing. We can work around him if we TRY. We just need more par...

Breeder's Cup contest
Here's the rub bankroll will be 900 bucks. Each race is 50 win /place except you must make 100 w/p in only one of the races . The remaining 100 is for a show bet. ...

Cal Cup 2 Race Contest Picks
SA 4th 5$W/P Yearly Attitude Great 25K Claim! 8th 2$W/P Drake's Victory Breeding! Alt. Seven Nation Army Throw out last.

The Stalker
I see what he's doing but I don't get it? Why? What possible pleasure could one derive from it? Wonder if he also scratches strangers cars.

if ken rudolph says dc cab 1 more time when refering
to david cohen, i dont now what ill do...

Getting mighty spOOkie around here
Ellis Jay and the pedophile wolfagain. Siamese twins joined at the cock.

cheroot 10-1 cal cup classic......

Wolfagain on an Easy Lead One more Time! Catch Me if You Can!
Aussi Music in the Wolf's head! "Men at Work" Who's next? The Wolf dreams constantly about old girl friends They ALWAYS come back in Dreams! Sometimes EVEN with a soundtrak! Would've, Shoul...

For You Neofites! Breeding and Class Rules! On the Turf! Expect the Euro Breds to Win Every Turf race Nov. 4 Breeders Cup Day!
NEVER saw a 'Danehill' Quit! But the BEST is Sandler Wells! Stands for 150K a pop! Wolfagain stands for the price of 6 pak of Heinekeins! Euro turfers avoid of speed Run like Crazy when it ...

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