3 Turf Horses that Might RUN Today
LRL 5th #5 Mississippi Storm Storm Cats going short on the turf! CRC 6th #5 P.Vidi Last work was 1:06 b. Sure sign horse is READY! OSA 10th #4 Esoteric Thinker Catches a very weak field....

Data help, please
About two weeks ago, our little area in south Texas received more rain in a week than we usually get in a year. As a result, there were lots of unexpected power surges, outages, and th...

Article by Jay Hovdey
There's an article on the subscription part of the Daily Racing Form called "From Start to Finish, a Champion" by Jay Hovdey. If anyone here subscribes, could you tell me if that is about L...

Wolfagain Laments! Everyday! "Maybe the Good Lord will take Me Away! "DREAM ON"!
Maybe Tomarrow?! Wolf WILL find that VERY Friendly Nudist Camp in My Dreams! Teenie's abound and looking good. BUT it's all a FANTASY! NOTHING is Real! for me!

Can't Help Myself! Yet One More Plug for "Cinema Paradiso"
Two versions. Go with the 'short' version. Long version just fills in some gaps but adds little to Torrentino's Masterpiece! AND MORRICONE'S Masterpiece soundtrack! The GREATEST Composer of ...

Off Topic YET Again! Movies! Pinging Danzig
Subject: Willie Best! Black actor who always added something, usually humor, to every movie and TV show he was in! Big fav! Willie Best probably never went more than a month without working...

looking for wagering opinions
just a hypothetical/fantasy question here, but I'd like some different opinions.... Here's what you got: - handicapping skill where your selected horses are in the money 90%...

Message for Ocala Mike
Hey Mike! You have a chance to move up and WIN the S-7 contest. I don't. Too far behind. Don't be so fast to post your picks tomarrow. I MIGHT be able to steer you on to something good! Rig...

Steering pacers
I am having trouble steering pacers properly. We have a "groove" around the outside of our trotting track and I am having trouble keeping the horse in the groove. What makes a gre...

Bet Leading Apprentice To Place?
In Robert Heinlein's Moon is a Harsh Mistress, he claims to have a foolproof system for making money at the track: bet the leading apprentice to run second. One assumes this is baloney...

FREE trial of RacePredictor.com on this Sunday
Please register before 0 am Sunday, otherwise this offer will close after that time. www.RacePredictor.com

Laurel Park Picks Today; 3 are First Time Starters
Don't really recommend most players betting 1st timers but I've been doing this a lot lately with good results. Here Goes: 7th race 1st timer #9 Royalties, 8th race #6, 9th race #4 AND #1...

Handicapper's Picks - 9/27/2006
Uncle Clyde's (http://www.uncleclyde.com) picks for 9/27/06: Woodbine Race 2 - #6 Dance With Liz Hawthorne Race 7 - #10 Can't Get Right Santa Anita Race...

BEST Country Song Now! "I Loved her First" About a FATHER Losing his Girl!
Wolfagain in TEARS! Just listen It might happen to you too! Wolfagain lost my last girl only 4 years ago! She wrote me that she was ALL grown Up! And she was in Love with a man or to you d...

For Danzig My Old Movie Devotee Friend
Can't give you the exact web url BUT google up "internet archive feature films" or public domain feature films. A HUGE site for Free movies mostly 40's and early 50's movies that have fell ...

Wolfagain Gets DQ'd After "Winning Jai Alai Tri! First Time EVER!
Winning player questioned about the size of his Sesta or 'basket catcher' to you non jai alai devotees. Wolfagain throws a FIT! Kicks the dog and knocks over available furniture! I wish I w...

Ramon Dominquez
Interesting how the Internet exposes one to riders who may have only been a name to them before. This guy is a tough nut rider who rarely ever makes a error. He rides the hide off of them ...

Re: New betting machines at Bay Meadows
MY new server messed up when I tried to reply yesterday. I agree with the poster who said people might tie up the machines checking probables. Perhaps if the track followed the ...

Lost in the Fog lost to us
Poor guy was euthanized according to The Boodhorse http://news.bloodhorse.com/viewstory.asp?id=35355

New betting terminals at Bay Meadows
Only a few scattered in the grandstand but they are nice. You look down at the display area which is at a comfortable angle with very high resolution. When you go to race the program ...

Horse Racing Tips, SMS Racing Tips, Text Racing Tips on your Mobile Phone, Horse Racing Tips
Horse Racing Tips, SMS Racing Tips, Text Racing Tips on your Mobile Phone, Horse Racing Tips Win on the gg's!! Text TIPON to 80008 Join our Tipping Service for 1.50 per...

new version of RacePredictor.com read for download
It utilises Internet technology and expert system to track all the professional activity of the racing experts when they invest. Live data for Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong races vi...

Passes at Classes
I am trying to develop skills for dealing with small/medium tracks, specifically $5,000 - $20,000 claiming races. My question concerns "class" as stated in race descriptions:

breakdowns on Poly
Scuttlebutt has it that two have already broken down at Woodbine. It is the BREED not the surface. Tim Yatcak

Two Live Horses at Turfway Park Tonight
2nd Souire #8 4th Brassie ...? #1 Good Luck.

Delaware 5th Exacta Wednsday
#2 Rookery ML 12-1 keys this bet. Trainer had to scratch horse 6 days ago because turf was off. #7 should complete Exacta. Monmouth 7th #3/#8 box. First timer tonight at TP 1st #8.

"Smarty Jones" Original Oil Painting
Take a look at this painting of near Triple Crown winner Smarty Jones...The painting can be viewed @ www.stores.ebay.com/LEGENDARY-SPORTS-ART

never bet for your mother
I was already to go. Had my form under my arm, a sharpened pencil I got from the track the last time I was there, and a wallet full of cash that was sure to be a lot more once I was finished...

Today's Task: Win Pick 3 at Remington!
Going for it today. Quite serious! Race 7 #9 Race 8 #5 Race 9 ALL! No way to decipher 11 $3,500 future wagon pullers in the 9th.

Wolfagain On an Easy Lead! 50's Superman Vids in Reserve Just in Case!
...I go crazy! EVERY Day another chance to have FUN! Wolf just goofing around at Dania Jai alai because i was waiting for the results and vids from later races switched to Miami Jai Alai jus...

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