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woodbine Poly day one
No change. Horses projecting to do well, simply did. Would not be surprised if all this hype about the universality of racing surfaces was bunk and even the Polytracks are going to be as i...

Ping: GMan
Have a question with regard to the Cushion Track they are installing at Holywood Park here. If I understand correctly, it's the same surface they are using in Englan...

The Merrits of The Place and Show Bet, Old Article 1984
Market Efficiency in Racetrack Betting Peter Asch, Burton G. Malkiel, Richard E. Quandt Journal of Business, Vol. 57, No. 2 (Apr., 1984), pp. 165-175 Abstract Do ...

Race track promo idea
Saw a lady at the track today. She was intently watching every race with no Form or program. She said was using numerology and astrology. Here is my idea. Have a horoscope day....

1931 Travers
The 1931 Travers was a real interesting one since the top two three year olds of that year had ducked each other all year and got together. Whichone form the West and Gallant Fox (that yea...

Whatever the horses do, win or lose, you win!
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Who bet on sports
If you like the horse races visit a good site for those who bet on sports, See many races close to that as horses are just beginning their racing and bet o...

Who bet on sports
<p>If you like the horse races visit a good site for those who bet on sports, <a href=""> </a><br> </p> ...

Bet on horse races
You'll find all you could possibly want when betting on the sport of kings right here! Bet on horse races from every major thoroughbred racetrack in the US and beyond! From the wo...

St. Liam Dead
2005 Horse of the Year Saint Liam, who completed his first year at stud at William S. Farish's Lane's End Farm near Versailles, Ky., suffered a fractured hind leg while being led to hi...

Please Recommend 3 Books (articles) for Someone New to the game. Kisses!
I have like 5 weeks mostly free and i have decided i want to learn about horse racing and handicapping. Please recomend 3 books from that i can purchase that deal with hor...

best bets mon. 8/21/06
saratoga 4th race no 9 delaware 5th race no 5 suffolk 8th race no 7 thistledowns 1st race no 2 courtesy of ...

Strategy 4: Only Bet on Profitable Race
Only bet you have a better chance of making money. Please notice that a lot of races throughout the day would be unprofitable or unqualified. If you like the dogs and trots, th...

Everybody out of the pools
Yesterday's fifth at F'lakes Keep Bill in Front 34.80 17.40 11.60 Glorycourt 5.00 6.60 Driven by Money 20.60 ...

Races For First Time Starters Only
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Brisnet Handicapping Challenge
This is fun with money prizes to be won. Free to enter but you have to register. Go to :- The first leg is tomorrow Saturday Aug 19 selecti...

Cancer surgery for Lost in the Fog

My web site
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Free Friday Longshot
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Speed figure question
For any of the guru's herre .. Today at Del Mar, 4th race 6 1/2f maiden claimer The 4 horse, Greg The Closer, coming off a layoff since January. His two career...

What does "honest pace" mean?

Arlington Million will be missing someone
Stewards rule that one rider can't come to the big dance. Wonder who?

speed the universal track variant
Off the pace horses just have too much to do on the dirt. Unfortunately Polytrack may change all that. Damn Tim Yatcak

Del Mar stewards to receive access to TVG feed
Del Mar stewards to receive access to TVG feed Five days after Del Mar stewards acknowledged that track video used to decide the outcome of the Bing Crosby Handicap (G1) on July 30 did...

SuperGT.2006.Round1.Suzuka.MotorsTV full download
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Horse Handicapping

Who is in the black shirt at Quartey Vs Forrest fight?
Tune in to replay of Quartey Vs. Forrest fight on HBO2 East tonight at 11pm to see if you can tell me who is in black shirt at fight at garden for Quartey Vs. Forrest! The replay ...

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