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Barbaro's injury ...
Pimlico race officials have examined the race film frame by frame now believe that the cause of the misstep was due to his right hind leg being struck by Brother Derek in the race....

Horse Farms Near Calder/Gulfstream
Are there any horse farms that can be visited in the vicinity of the racetracks near Fort Lauderdale/Miami? Or are they all in the Ocala area? Do either of these tracks allow vis...

Insemination Question
I know that any foals produced by artificial insemination are not eligible to race. However, if their offspring results from natural breeding, are those offspring eligible to race? Just ...

The ultimate match race
Ruffian. Secretariat. 10 furlongs on a fast track at Belmont. Who wins? I don't know who would, but it would be one hell of a race.

A couple of questions about Ruffian's career
(1) Was there any thought, at the time, given to running her in the Derby/Preakness/Belmont instead of the Filly Triple Crown? As dominating as she was... (2) Watching a tape of...

Something doesn't add up in Preakness
Two observations: 1. Barbaro breaks the gate. OK nothing that unusual--but then he's reloaded in record time and breaks down a furlong into the race. 2. Check out the exotic price...

Save your winner as a piece of art
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Claiming Races
Typically, what percentage of horses in a claimin race have a claim made on them?

upcoming contests
two online handicapping contests start this weekend:

Has anyone here had any experience with thoroughbred partnership outfits that advertise and/or are on the web? Are they legit? (Realizing some of everything is/is not legit, you don't ha...

Horse Racing Fantasy
Anyone have a copy of this for sale or trade? I have a large collection of PC games which I'm sure you could find something interesting in, or I'd be willing to buy a copy from someone. An...

when was the last time ...
.. the Belmont field was without both the derby and preakness winner(s)? -- "when i visited Aden before collectivization, all the markets were full of fish product. After <...

"Big Boy" Bernardini To Skip Belmont Stakes
Preakness Winner Bernardini Will Skip Belmont Stakes May 24, 5:50 PM (ET) NEW YORK (AP) - Preakness winner Bernardini will not run in the Belmont Stakes, another blow to th...

Pick a circuit help
I am finally looking towards retirement and being able to enjoy the fun of handicapping on a year-round basis. Under such circumstances: Should I stay with one circuit, like Gulfs...

horse racing - a drug-infested cesspool
It is disgusting how the American thoroughbred game has been taken over by drug-using cheaters. Pumping up horses with steroids and designer drugs which weaken bones and cause permanent long...

Redevelop our Track ...
To the list: I am the Tribal planner for a tribe in Idaho. We have a 5/8 mile oval with covered bleachers that can be reconfigured as a quarterhorse track or a rodeo grounds in t...

Affirmed vs. Alydar
Does anyone know where one can find a video, either online or VHS/DVD, of the triple crown races between Affirmed and Alydar? I've only seen the ending of them, but I'd love to see the entir...

Barbaro Update begin 666 p.gif M1TE&.#EAU0`.`)$``/___P``_P`````*(R'Y! $`````+ ````#5``X```+_ MA(^IR^T/HYRTVHNAR+P...

outlook for a horse after broken leg
Excuse my newbie post. I've read in articles that broken legs are extremely life threatening for horses. I was wondering why that was the case. I read that there are circulation and infectio...

Barbaro: special horsie DP ?
We've started an informal DP here at the office as to when Barbaro the-horse-that-trips-over- his-own-feet will cack it and go to that great big Alpo can in the sky. Seems t...

"Betting on the slots"
Betting on the slots Cars packed the parking lots and side streets. Trains and buses were flooded with passengers. The infield and grandstands were jammed. The wait at lines at betting ...

Barbaro Update!!!
Barbaro's surgery is complete & he is standing in the Intensive Care Unit. Article: -- Lov...

why did they let Barbaro ...
.. race after he burst through the starting gate like that? He must have put tremendous strain on his hind legs breaking through. it beggars belief that this had nothing to do with th...

Any news yet?
Any news yet on Barbaro? I haven't been able to get anything yet. I'd love to know how he's doing and what their prognosis is after the surgery was complete!

Wanted Business minded horse people
Any like minds out there? I work from home and LOVE it! I can work when I want, with whom I want and have loads of free time to spend with my family and my horses. It's like havi...

Hi, I'm new to this newsgroup, as I am desperate to hear people who know horses opinions of how Barbaro will do. I live in the city right across the brdige from Louisville (Jeffersonville,...

Bayakoa, Go for Wand, Barbaro, Mr. Nickerson, Shaker Knit
You all remember those races? I do. Bayakoa and Go for Wand coming down the stretch! What a thrill until Go for Wand broke her leg. I had the exacta box on those two. What race was th...

Brother Derek - What Happened?
What happened to Brother Derek the last two races? Everybody was picking him for the KD and many were picking him for the Preakness. Is he clearly not a G-1colt now?

What is Foundering
I read an article about trying to repair a horse's damaged leg, everything going OK, then the horse foundering later.

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