Re: Moscow Flyer
He's my banker of the meeting basically. Trading at nearly 4-1 looks one of the %age bets of the year to me. If Ms Harrington says "leave off him, he's fine, I'll have him in A1 shape on the day...

Cheltenham Festival
Anybody out there any clues how to get pictures of the Festival starting two weeks today? Recently moved to Sydney, and it turns out both AtTheRaces and RacingUK can't stream their coverage in h...

Wolfagain, the Prodical Son Returns! This Time About Great Movies You Mugs have Never Saw!
No.1! "Cinama Paridisio" A Toritino MASTERPEACE! With MUCH help from Ennio Morricone! No. 2 is "Chariot's of Fire" See it! And the last Gem is "Life is Beautiful! Probably the most interesti...

Stepenwolfer Moving in the Right Direction to THE DERBY!
That's IT! I, Wolfagin, Like that name!

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"Double Triple"
No horse that I know of has won a "double Triple" - that is, the Triple Crown and a similar three-race series. One horse who came close was Assault, winning the Triple Crown in 1946

turf "marathon" at Calder
"Also new at Calder this year will be the introduction of "Extreme Day at the Races" on July 22. Stakes to be run on this afternoon will carry an extreme theme, from the two-furlong Rocket M...

Lawyer Ron
I like this colt. My pick for the derby. He runs today at Oaklawn Park in the Southwest. Good luck Lawyer Ron!

Moscow Flyer
Has anyone any opinions on Moscow Flyer and the fact he seems not to be doing so well! Is this age, yard not running well, jockey needs changing (sorry Barry). Any opinions would be welcom... Online Racebook - Online Horse Betting - Horse Racing - Kentucky Derby Betting Racebook is the ultimate destination for horse betting online, betting on the ponies, horse racing, Kentucky Derby Betting, Gulfstream Racetrack Bets, and more. Enjoy the finest in ...

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Ping Danzig! Was it True about Burt Lancaster?
One of the MOST manly men that was ever on the screen. Second only to Wayne. Was he a fraud? Was he Bi? Say it isn't so! Concerned.

Big Pick6 C/O of $232K at SA for Thur.
The Pick 4 is the last 4 races. Picks for you on the last 4 races.

backward "z"
Does anyone know what the backward "Z" angle is? I have a general idea but I don't know if you use running positions or lengths. theBozyn <...

EasyNN-plus V7.0i
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P6 carryover of $119K for Sat. at SA!
Pick6 carryover of $119K for Sat. at SA! It is on the 5th to the 10th races Get Free Superfecta Picks today for the 10th race at SA. <...

Free Picks for the Weekend at SA!
Found these Hot SFC Picks at Santa Anita for Free. Just click on yellow banner. :)

The CASINO is For Sale
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WORST Movies of All Time!
"Last Tango in Paris" A fat deranged Brando running around with his pants down! No. 2, "Mash" Profanity and an anti-war theme in a very disgusting film! Every movie with Bette Davis! ZERO ...

Danzig! Wolfagain Pinging an Old Contribitor to the NG
Hope you doing well. Saw my Hero JOHN last night in the movie "The Badman and Angle" filmed by chance in Monument Valley, John Ford's old preferred place. The Girl was Gail Russel! Was she ...

The World Library of Horses is now online. Archive a picture of your horse forever
Submit your Horse pictures into the Library of Horses. This is a Equine project that will preserve all horses and pets images for many hundreds of years so future generations can enjo...

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yesterday was Tony's 61st birthday
So, like, I work with this guy named Tony. He's pretty funny and knows quite a bit about horse racing. In fact, I've spent some time at the local track and simulcasting establishment ...

Pick 6 paid 1.2 Million Dollars at SA!
Although the Pick 6 was hard to hit, the last Pick 4 was alot easier which paid $1,104.60.

Tampa Pick 3 Picks for Thursday
Back from Florida. 8th #2 Storm Thief 9th #7 Iquites and #9 Mr. Big Time 10th #4 Et Tu Brute and #6 Load'im Up Tampa Bay has been good for closers and today will be more of the ...

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Racing Advance?
I was just getting interested in handicapping after hearing my friend rave about his luck. Then he admitted that, mostly, he was using the Vegas Racing Advance and has had poor luck ever sin...

If you really want to help...
If you really want to help... You should do me tehe honor of checking out my site. the name is out there but the concept is solid.the site is designed to cambat racism and help me ea...

Pick 4 starts with 13 horses at SA!
The Pick 4 starts with the 5th race at 3:08 pm Pacific time and has 13 horses in the 1st Leg. Click below and find out which horses statistically win the first Leg of the Pick 4 as well...

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