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Funny Cide
What is an allowance/optional claiming race? Funny Cide is entered in one Thursday at Gulfstream. Does that mean that he can be bought?

Atlantic City Casino Simulcast Rooms?
Going to Atlantic City in the next couple of weeks, plan on spending a day at the casino and some of that time betting the ponies. What casino has the best race book? Best service? Free drin...

How to "Place Bet" on Favorites ... for a living!
Just follow the link:

ALLURING BEL won as a fist time starter in a MC32 today at SA. My question is why was she in the race if she could run some. She sold for $30,000 at Barretts last year and she happens to be ...

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Yet another great track promo
Because the track has turn aways thousand of people each day Golden Gate has raised admissions by 1 to2 dollars. No problem, join their club and you get one dollar off on your f...

No posts from Wolf?
Did he get arrested or something?

its funny
Wagers are wagers....while folks have fun belting heads with guys with tons of information, ohters find little venues: same money, better oods

Pick 6 carryover of $113K for Fri. at SA!
Pick 6 carryover of $113K for Fri. at SA! Maybe there will be a double carryover to Sat. for the Sunshine Millions.

New forum

using internet to communicate with racing fans
hello..haven't posted in some time, just wanted to throw an idea out there for those of us who wager online at home. Would anyone be interested in opening real time talk lines d...

Thu. $1Pick 4 paid $1835.6 at SA!
This was on a P6 carryover day, which made another P6 c/o. To hit the P4 all you needed was the following 4 horses = R5=#1,Celtic Way,$16.2 R6=#9,Tommy's Topper,$8.6 R7=#9,Distorte...

Bet 365 Sportsbook - International Online Sports Betting Wagering
Bet 365 covers international sports events. Based and licensed in the UK Bet365 international sports betting wagering. Bet 365 offers every international sporting event, UK, United States. B...

free 25 or currency equivalent
Free 25 bet for first time users To claim your free bet simply register and place a win single of at least 10 (or currency equivalent). Blue Square will then credit your account with ...

how can?
how can i get sexual photos & web site

Pimlico quarantine

bookmakers and close of prestart betting
hi, does anyone know of an online bookmaker (i bet on uk, usa and aus horse races and greyhounds ) that has a countdown timer or similar feature to show when betting closes on each eve...

Beulah Park 25 cent Pick 6.
Full payout comes only when there is only 1 winning ticket so buying two of the same is self-defeating. More than one winner and 40 percent s split with a 60 percent carryover. ...

California may end coupled enties
DRF says the CHRB wanting larger fields, might end the rules about entries and allow horses with the same owner to be separate entries. I do not even like same trainer/different ...

New Gulfstream Park
Anybody been to the "New Gulfstream" ?? It sucks. Magna needs to get out of the Horse Game.

Double Pick 6 C/O of $847,509. at SA!
Pick 6 carryover of $847,509. for Fri. at Santa Anita! Trevor predicts the pool will be over 2 Million Dollars.

American Horse Council is trying to push illegal aliens on the US
The American Horse Council (AHC) recently registered opposition to HR, the landmark bill that would initiate serious enforcement of employment eligibility. The AHC has decided to back illega...

Get in NOW and lock your price FOR EVER!
When you subscribe to your subscription price will NEVER increase! The special launch price of 10 is still available - but not for much longer. It wil...

There Was Two Lois Lanes; Phyiiss Coats And Noel Niell.
For Superman inquesitives! Coats had a skinny behind and was quite too serious about her disrespect to Clark Kent. Noel brought back the FUN! A bigger butt and a bigger heart! She was GOOD! ...

Pick 6 carryover of $185,319. for Thu. at SA!
Pick 6 carryover of $185,319. for Thu. at Santa Anita! Trevor predicts the pool will be over 1 Million Dollars.

Excited New Games
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Wolfagain Pinging Danzig! Who Was that Crude German Actor The WOLF'S Fav
Well, I'm not Danzig, but I think you're referring to WALLACE BEERY. By the way, I made my move in the Saturday Classic, as you correctly predicted. See you in South Beach someday. ...

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