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If you'd like to win a free opening week subscription to one of our Oaklawn Park tip sheets, just visit the ThoroCap message boards at, resister as a user and start posti...

from the Washington Post To Our Readers on horse racing
To Our Readers Saturday, December 31, 2005; E08 Beginning Sunday, The Washington Post Sports section will no longer publish daily statistical horse racing information from our local

cold and bold alive and well.
Horses out there on the lead (in the cold) have a habit or NOT backing up.

THANK GOD and Greyhound She's GONE!
Tip a Brew!Tomarrow is going to be a really good day! She's Gone! My Little guy will miss her, But he's not in charge when the WOLF in drinking! Me and George and Merle! Johnny too! Old frie...

'Twas the Night Before New Years Eve at the White House!
Not a creature was stearing except that damn mouse! W and his family had retreated Crawford and left Chaney in charge, that old louse! Then to the wonderment of all who was there that nigh...

Trip to the Meadowlands - Tips/Advice?
I'm traveling from Delaware to Meadowlands tomorrow night for some racing action. This will be my first trip to the Mecca of Harness Tracks. Anyone have any tips of what I should ...

opening day
So one of my Christmas presents was a Day At The Races! Oh Boy! Opening day at Bay Meadows. Off we went, traveling north on 101, hoping to arrive in time for the 3rd race. Go...

Wolf Not Proud! Stiffed My Sponsered Child for Chrirstmas!
Just because she(she's only 4) or her family didn't acknowlege my last gift and letter. This is not the way a class guy operates! But I WILL make it up for her 5th birthday in Feb. It bothe...

Santa Anita Turf Selections for Today
2nd #2/#7 5th #7 THUNDERFROG! 7th #1/#2 9th #4 DIRT PICKS: 4th Race 8/10 8th 5/7 Very good card!

need info from Eruopean and Australian racing fans
Is there anyway that one could work out the equivalent of North Amercian charts from video captures of your races?: i.e. are there markers on course? (akin ot our 1/8th or 1/4 poles). ...

Reckless Rider
Has anyone seen the reckless rides by Tara Hemmings at Philadelphia Park? She only gets mouths because her husband is a trainer. I hope the stewards do something soon before the other ride...

HRTV pulls out all the stops
Stronach must have lured a program director away from a network His Christmas Eve programming is a tree,fake snow and a sign about SA opening on Monday. On the other hand TVG is ...

SRC results 12-24
my 44.20 wins, Wolfagain & Pops had a tight battle for second and were the other positive scores. See you all next week, the last contest of the year. Merry Christmas and ...

How to spend Xmas weekend
No racing on Sunday but the Monday Form is out on Saturday. Two days to study.

Lois Lane is in Love with SUPERMAN! Ep. 41
But she DOESN'T love Clark Kent! Blows my Heinie Mind! Go figure! Clark, mild mannered reporter who works at the 'Daily Planet!" Lois thinks he's a coward. Just because he always retreats fr...

The Wolf Gets a Christmas Card from Ashley Olson!
Hey, Wolf, hope you're not afflicted with the dreaded "shrinkage" on that skinny-dipping fantasy. Better make sure the water's a lot warmer than your contest picks lately (I should talk!!!).

Analysis of stupid Key Horse Picks
I have been getting sick and tired of reading the spam everyday about these stupid Key Horse Picks from Kojim. Most of the time the payoffs are so low that you wonder if a monkey is picking ...

The Wolf Gets a Christmas Card from Ashley Olson!
But not from Mary Kay! Even a little woman has "wrath" when scorned! Wolf has been favoring Ashley all year. The Wolf will have to mend his fences in 2006. Mary Kay will have to use less ma...

[SOFTWARE] Record keeping
Record keeping is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of profitable betting. Like for financial markets such as the stockmarket, betting needs to be supervised simply because th...

Key Horse Picks: Friday December 23 2005
Hello, everyone -- Why settle for less than the best? See all my picks for only 33 cents a day. Sign up here: Ha...

Horse Racing
Newbie question: Why do you think horse racing isn't more popular? Why isn't it covered more in the sports section of the newspaper. (At least not in ours.) Why doesn't television cover it ...

stamina vacuum
LONG marathons are NOT exciting...BUT they are necessary and run at the graded level or where in the world (on dirt) will breeders' know where the gnetics for stamina are to come form on d...

Hello everyone!!!!!
My name is Ewa. I'm from Poland. I really enjoy being with these fantastic animals and (especially during my holidays, when I have more time) I spend nearly all my free time in our sta...

Key Horse Picks: Thursday December 22 2005
Hello, everyone -- Why settle for less than the best? See all my picks for only 33 cents a day. Sign up here: Have a l...

TDN Penultimate Day 2005/12/22
After today, only one more day of racin' at Thistledown this season. Cash some money by taking the #3 SLINGSHOT (M/L 6/1) in the third. With the trainer and jock combo this one will ...

A different perspective, of sorts :)
Here's something that's gonna put a smile on your faces :)

REQ: Reading Suggestions
Looking for some reading suggestions on the fundementals of handicapping, those that are geared towards the mathematically inclined are of most intrest to me. All flavor of Idiot's Gui...

every weekend for 3 weeks aqueduct/fair grounds/hawthorne/turfway park send us your e-mail address to [email protected] we are ranked no 2 nationally www...

No matter how bad things get, I ALWAYS have my FANTASY Retreat! Susan's Frie's BAJA Beach! Or sometimes the WOLF Just goes to SLEEP! For those who question JESUS go to ISAEAH 53 the prophese...

Hollywood Park - 12/19 6th race
#9 Huddle Too 5-1 ml Making it's second start for Sise. 8 of his last 11 maiden winners have won their second time out d11 <...

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