Personal Bias In Betting: Betting Horses You Love
I'm curious as to whether anyone else has experienced something similar to the following. I love bonafide front-runners -- horses that go to the lead and DON'T try to slow the pace down; ho...

Dirt to Turf
Hey LOOK!!!! A horse racing question.... What do you guys/gals/wolves look at when you are evaluating a horse that is going from turn to dirt or vice versa [1]? Yesterday I was tryin...

FREE Key Horse pick for Thursday June 30 2005
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Totally Unreal Pick 3's at Lone Star Yesterday
I've been in a fog on this for some time. But now I think I have figured it out, maybe. First the payoffs are about 3X higher than they should've been for all of the pick 3's involving the ...

For the Moderator's Eyes Only... With the anthrax crap--and the bush family owning the anthrax vaccination company- makes a guy really wonder sometimes...

new racing site found and worth a look
new site found and worth a look

new site
have a look at a site call worth a look

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newsgroup problmes
No one wants to discuss racing rationally ...the majority want to insert thier EGO's into the mix and just cannot discuss things in a rational atmsophere without name calling and labelling...

A suggestion from an oldtimer.
How about from now on, any post that is NOT about horseracing, you put OT in the subject line before the other stuff? Like: OT: Republicans are evil --or-- OT: Democrats...

Spam is Spam in this NG
Spam is Spam, yes i said it, anyone who Spams this horseracing newsgroup without horseracing in it's message is spaming this newsgroup, Oh God...what did i say, am I really want to read...

ot and annoying read in between races Allbritton works for Time and just returned to Bahgdad after being embedded in Ramadi. | ... | News flash: Iraq is a d...

most of the literate groups discussing hrose racing have mdoerators to keep the spam artists and the idiots in check...until the same occurs here, you will continue to have chaos and angry ...

Newbie Past Performance Question
I get the Past Performances from BrisNet. In the line that names the horse, different letters follow, like this: Lil Mitch (NA 2) Kay Max (E/P 5) Heir Apparent ...

Take Five
There's a story about the saxophonist Paul Desmond, probably apocryphal, but apropos. Desmond was walking down the street in NYC one day when coming towards him he espied a young lady from a...

The Wolf Pushes The Spammers A Little Bit down the Line
Now What? I'm working REAL hard to AVOID lusting over Ashley Olson. So far so good! Little Brooke never was a problem, well ALMOST! Remember that old degenerate on "Laugh In" who used to ha...

"This Game Has Been VERY, VERY, GOOD To ME"
Had a GOOD run. BUT! I got over-confident! Then the EVIL Horse Gods showed their WRATH! And now the Wolf is preparing to be a basket weaver. DON'T Let this happen to you! NEVER ENRAGE the ...

The Wolf Files a Law Suite Against Bris....
...for Bogus PP's! You guys get the REAL deal, I get adulterated misleading info! Too many Withdrawals going the 'wrong' way for Bris! How else can I explain my untimely demise? Anti-Wolf pr...

New site under construction Results so far are shown. Any thoughts???

Free To Join Uk Racing System
Phoenix Racing System for UK and Aus Racing Free Membership To view UK Racing for today go to

Percentage for Profitability Charts
A few years ago KBH developed 'Percentage for Profitability Charts'. The purpose of the charts were to show the required percentage of correct bets at the odds level being bet to produce a...

Parsing software
Anyone know of or have a good parsing software...something that will allow me to parse data from bris and/or tsn pp's, specifically sire, dist/surf data?? d11

Used to Be Good
Can't believe how this news group has gone down hill, now mostly touts and worse ( people with other issues, hangups, etc) Damn, where do I go to chat with people who love horse racing ...

Eclipse Award v. Breeders' Cup Victory
I presume that most fans like those in this group are generally more interested in the Breeders' Cup than in the Eclipse Awards (I certainly am). But I am curious as to what people would pr...

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Everything is Free! Confuseing!
Maybe these guys actually know the value of their Selections!

Free Daily Selections for June 25th
Good Luck And Have Fun!

Free Bird Poop Selections / Belmont 6.24
Not a lot of time for humorous japes and whatnot, as the current Mrs F and I are going down to the city for the day. The random bird shit selection were 1-9 (4.20) yesterday, whereas the bir...

How to improve HRTV and TVG
Get rid of the talking heads and just go from track to track. Tonight with two races backed up the TVG crew spent three minutes saying good night and babbling about the Crown Cup in th...

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