RE:DelMar is around the corner..
Hello, I am new to this group but by far not new to the racehorse industry.SoCal born and raised,horseback at 5 and excercise rider for 20 yrs. Rode races in Arizona and the "bushes" of Cali...

Pick 3's at Indiana Today
5th race through the 8th. #4-#10-#7-#2 2 pick 3's; no real long shots today. Just keeping busy.

memories And David below.....Havent posted a remembrance yet, just looking for the right midi file. He took my job when I left a...

This one continues to RUN our of his shoes he goes so fast!...Can he keep it up?? Just hope he doesn't breakdown someday soon. Tim Yatcak

Hey Wolf!..For your eyes only........buycot So I lied. But this sounds good to me!! -- Their ethics are a short summary of police ordinances: for them the most <...

FS: 1991 "KELSO Eddie Arcaro Up" Autographed Limited Edition Collector Plate
1991 "KELSO Eddie Arcaro Up" Autographed Limited Edition Collector Plate I have for sale the 1991 American Artists "KELSO Eddie Arcaro Up" Limited Edition 'Autographed' 10" Collector P...

Free Selections For May 30th
Free Selections At Belmont and Churchill And Our Full Card Selections For Hollywood Park! Have a Great Holiday! http://www.horsewatc...

is there an online horse race betting outfit that...
does not keep your entire initial wager if you win a bet? the ones I have dealt with do. I'm thinking one that charges a small flat fee per wager, or a flat monthly fee. <...

Met Mile
Will the Met Mile on May 30th be televised? If so and you know, what channel and time? I'm interested to see Ghostzapper again. Thanks.

Free Selections For May 29th
We Will Also Round Out The Weekend With The Full Card From Hollywood On Monday. Have Fun And Good Luck.

Exposing "COPS" New P.C. Shows
Shame on FOX! Only one minority arrest in any three shows! Take the show out out of non-minority cities, like now in Seattle and Portland Or. No more Philly or Cleveland. Always try to fool...

Group Moderator, Ren Will be Pissed when he Sees Jay_Ellis's Posts
I told him Not to do it!! Be easy on him Ren, it's only his 4th offense! is a Joke!!
It's the SCREWY point system that gives off a stench! There is no credit given to players who selectively play 2-3 races a day and have a PLUS ROI. EVERY handicapper on top of the points st... dont read it
Defense Science Board quote: " Fifty years ago political struggles were about the ability to control and transmit scarce information. Today, political struggles are about th...

Free Key Horse Pick for Saturday May 28 2005
Good morning! Of the eight horses I picked yesterday, we had 2 wins, 3 seconds, 1 fourth, and 2 scratched. Details here: ...

Pick 3 Dispute With Bris.
Two days ago I bet the 1st 4 races at Lone Star in 2 picks 3's. Races 1,2,3 on one bet and races 2,3,4 in the other pick three. Ran 2nd in the 1st race, won the 2nd, and had a scratch in th...

Free Selections For May 28th
Have Fun And Good Luck.

We had the winner in both the Derby and the Preakness - documented live on the radio! Now, we have brought back our most popular feature - the "LONGSHOT BARN"!

key horse payoffs for Friday May 27 ::
Key Horse subscribers received eight picks from us in their email inboxes today; here's how those picks ran: Picks That Ran First: 2 Second: 3 ...

Russel Baze
Baze R A (58-24-11-4 41%) 2005: (179/577 31%) Time to start betting against? How much should we trust 'The Odds' that he'll drop to his normal, I believe, 33%? He is a very big fis...

Just Keeping Score
Only one political post yesterday. Author:ellis_jay. Info entered to keep score only.

Joke, On-Topic Yet!
A group of Kentucky second, third, and fourth graders, accompanied by two female teachers, went on a field trip to Churchill Downs, the famous Louisville race track, to see and learn a...

Blinkers in the Belmont Muck and Mire
It was again wet, cold, miserable, and muddy at Belmont today. Three horses at Belmont today were listed as Blk-Off: each won his race. Two horses were shown as Blk-On: one ran second, one r...

More Michigan Downs Information
Warning, politics free post to follow.... ... is an article in the Detroit business weekly. Mostly, stuff we alre...

Preakness-Belmont Winners
Preakness-Belmont Winners Year Horse Kentucky Derby Finish 2001 Point Given 5th 1994 Tabasco Cat 6th 1991 Hansel 10th 1988 Risen Star 3rd 1974 Li...

Stop dreaming and start making money..
======================================================= Stop dreaming and start making money... ======================================================= Iíll Show You How To Bet On Horse...

Stop dreaming and start making money..
======================================================= Stop dreaming and start making money... ======================================================= Iíll Show You How To Bet On Horse...

Hypothetical match-ups
Some great horses could have met on the track, but never did due to various circumstances. Here are some hypothetical races -- what do you think the results would have been, and why: ...

San Juan Capistrano distance?
Hi folks, Why is the San Juan Capistrano Handicap usually listed as being "*about* 1 3/4 miles" (emphasis mine)? Don't the folks at Santa Anita know how long their own course is?...

Fuck off these political posts, plenty of NG's cover that topic. This is horseracing, yes horsefuckingracing. Sorry i had to use your name but attraction of libs, dems, whatever ...

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