2-1 shot and 6-5 shot in double: payoff?
Don't know what it "should" pay, but the $61.20 that it DID pay was probably a slight overlay! -- Ray Gordon, Author http://www.cybersheet.com/easy.html Seduction Made...

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More Stronach/HRTV Indiocy
Where does he get these people? Had what I thought was in the winner in the 3rd at GGF as the middle leg of a P3. 10 minutes later I go to youbet.com and the results show that my horse...

FREE Ray Gordon Aqueduct Selections Sunday (01/30/2005)
Source: http://www.cybersheet.com/horsepix.htm 1st: 4/5-7/3-8 2nd: 6-1-8/7-2 3rd: 2/5-6/10 4th: 7-12/8-9-10-11 5th: 3/5-8-7-6 6th: 4/6-1/8-3-5 7th: 5-7/3-6-4-1...

what ever hapened to?
There was a faily good one that one the Sunshiine Million last or the previous year...what ever happend to him? Was leading money winner fro awhile

Bush's lips move...more promises, more lies.
January 28, 2005 NEW YORK TIMES EDITORIAL America's Promises Three years ago, President Bush created the Millennium Cha...

Value in Sunshine Millions Classic
I'm going to go with longshot Zakocity. I cannot remember a million dollar race with so many interesting live prospects (in my opinion). Marcus

Kieren Fallon
This jock seems to be top notch and rides aggressive but has an amazing sense of pace, the trip and he bounces. I am a bit biased but I have now just watched for the 4th time the ride on P...

End-Timers & Neo-Cons
End-Timers & Neo-Cons The End of Conservatives By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts; January 19, 2005 [Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Se...

Wednesday's Caulfield "no-race" could lead to rule change
No-race could lead to rule change By Andrew Eddy The Age (Melbourne, Australia) January 27, 2005 Racing Victoria Ltd chief steward Des Gleeson said that he might recomm...

Patched-up star races again
Patched-up star races again By Andrew Eddy The Age (Melbourne, Australia) January 29, 2005 As a vital part of the Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital, which operates on up ...

Dick Cheney - an "awkward boy" dressed to "operate a snow blower."
I have to laugh about this. the story alone is embarrassing enough. But what deserves ridicule is the hypocrisy of so-called "conservatives" in the United States. If Bill Clinton had done ...

Bush raising taxes.
...but he calls them "fee hikes." If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... it's another government grab. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,145611...

Big Pick 6 carryover of $82,760. at SA for Fri.
Big Pick 6 carryover of $82,760. at Santa Anita for Fri., 1/28/05. Pick 6 starts on the the 3rd race. With the horse's running on Fri. & Sunshine Millions on Sat, there is a great chanc...

Senator: Put gloves on those birds
Oklahoma lawmaker proposes reviving cockfighting Reuters. January 26, 2005 OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma state senator hopes to revive cockfighting in the state by putting tiny boxing gl...

Aqueduct CANCELLED after 2nd Race (Thursday)
!! -- Ray Gordon, Author http://www.cybersheet.com/easy.html Seduction Made Easy. Get this book FREE when you buy participating affiliated books! http://ww...

Even NYRA has higher standards than Stronach
http://espn.go.com/horse/news/2005/0126/1975926.html -- To reply via e-mail please delete 1 c from paccbell

Big Pick 6 carryover of $143,319. at SA
Big Pick 6 carryover of $143,319. at Santa Anita for Wed., 1/26/05. Pick 6 starts on the the 3rd race. http://www.s-cal-pick6.com/gtsirest.html

GWB 101: Pat Buchanan supports al Qaeda.
January 26, 2005 Inaugurating Endless War by Patrick J. Buchanan Where Woodrow Wilson was going to make the world safe for democracy, George W. Bush ...

FREE Ray Gordon Aqueduct Selections Wednesday (01/26/2005)
Source: http://www.cybersheet.com/horsepix.htm 1st: 6/8-7-10/2 2nd: 2e-1e/2b-4-8/1-2-1a 3rd: 2/1/3-4-5 4th: 5/8/9-4-6 5th: 10/5-6/8-1 6th: 5/2-3/4-1a 7th: 2/6-...

Wrone quits as Lone Star Announcer-Another Stronach tavesty
Magna told him that he was to become a seasonal employee with a deep pay cut.

Aqu. Wed.
Contenders for Wednesday's card. R1 1a-2-6 R2 7-2b-5 R3 5-4-3 R4 5-4-11 R5 6-10-3-2 R6 3-1e-7 R7 6-3-1-2 R8 7-1-3 R9 2-6-1-5 You're welcome. ...

Michael Gill robbed at Eclipse Awards
How is it that Mike Gill did not win Owner of the year in America? Led the nation in wins (nearly breaking the world record of 494 wins set in 1974) and led the nation in earnings. Im sorr...

BB at Tampa Bay Downs Today
#10 She's Enough in the 10th race. Exactas 10-3 10-4 or the other way.

Running out of reasons.
Torture Still Routine in Iraqi Jails, Report Says By Gideon Long BAGHDAD (Reuters) 22.01.2005 Iraqi authorities routinely torture prisoners, a leading human rights group

Oldest Track in America
Some would say Saratoga... They would be wrong. http://www.calfairs.com/info/carf/index.shtml olrailbird Settin' the record straight.

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FREE NEWSLETTER OFFER Anyone that's interested in the aspects of betting and gambling, I'm offering a FREE monthly newsletter (U-BET). There is absolutely no obligation.

Wolf is Going Back in Time; Old Florida Motels.
One bed, one TV, one chair and one dresser. A bed and and Bible! that's all the Wolf needs. Tv with the "ears" trying to get something when I get home from my appointed rounds at the Gulf or...

Where's Long Shot?
Probably went to D.C. to be with his KIND at the Protesters area. Not sure. Will find out later.

great name
Horse named NAG running at the harness meet at Woodbine..... Tim Yatcak

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