Wolf to Start a Self Help Group!!!
Lolitas Announymous!!! After I start another group; Drunk guys who need to learn how to spell! "Saw a lolita cheerleader but I looked AWAY!! I'm starting to show some progress! Two bikini lo...

"What was the Deceiding Factor?"
Shelly Winters asks James Mason in the movie "Lolita" when he changes his mind about renting a room at her house. He had just caught a view of her daughter in a bikini out in the garden. As ...

You Know It's Going to be a GOOD day When....
You RUN through the gate and then to the windows and bet a 9-2 horse as they are loading without even looking at the form and your horse runs second but gets moved to the top by DQ! Playing ...

Tsunami! What a Name for a Horse!
Don't mean to make light of such a terrible disaster but that name! Just sounds like something real special. Euro turf grade 1 class champion? Who would bet against a horse called "Tsunami?"...

Coolmore to aid Tsunami victims.
http://news.bloodhorse.com/viewstory.asp?id=25987 Fair play to Coolmore, that's class.

FREE Ray Gordon Aqueduct Selections Friday (12/30/04)
Source: http://www.cybersheet.com/horsepix.htm 1st: 6/11-1/7 2nd: 1-1a/3-2/3x-4-2b 3rd: 1-1a/4-3/7-2 4th: 1/11-5/4-7 5th: 5/7-4/6 6th: 6/8-9/3 7th: 3/2-5/6

What Chrissy Does When RA Isn't Running
He posts on rec.sport.horse-racing, and he doesn't know boxers any better than he does the horses. rec.sport.boxing Subject: Toney wants to KO Frankenstein brothers

Well, now that Cali racing is all MAGNA tracks, have to watch the live races on HRTV. Although Laffit Pincay Jr is very articulate, I feel overall that HRTV lacks the finesse of TVG. Esp...

FREE Ray Gordon Aqueduct Selections 12/30/04 (Thursday)
Source: http://www.cybersheet.com/horsepix.htm 1st: 3/6-11/2 2nd: 3/4-5/6-7 3rd: 5/2-1/4-3 4th: 11/4-7/1 5th: 2/5-9/3-1 6th: 4/8-2/3-5-6 7th: 7/9-2/1 8th:...

Best performances overall for me was in 1980
Spectacular Bid, in particular the Santa Anita Handicap The gray, machinelike son of Bold Bidder swept the Malibu, San Fernando, Strub, and Santa Anita Handicap , then added the Mervy...

You know it will be a bad day when......
You stay up until 2 a.m. handicapping for a dry track and wake up to a downpour. Post time and the person in front of you at the machine is scanning the Form (I try to avoi...

gallant fox
Looking forward to this marathon today at the Big "A". My sentimental favorite is running "Country Be Gold" hope he's still not running tomorrow morning at this time.

12/29/04 0-4 -4.40 -- FREAK Ray Gordon NCAA Hoops Documentation
Subject: FREE Ray Gordon Monday Selections NCAA (12/27/2004) From: "Ray Gordon" [email protected] Newsgroups: rec.gambling.sports Message-ID: <[email protected]>

FREE Ray Gordon Aqueduct Selections Wednesday (12/29/04
Source: http://www.cybersheet.com/horsepix.htm 1st: 5/1-1a-3/7-10 2nd: 9/2-3/4 3rd: 2/3-1/4 4th: 6/7-4/9-8 5th: 3/5-4/6 6th: 6/10-3/1-5 7th: 3/5-7/8/2 8th...

For Non-Believers in Track Bias
Don't know if it will continue today, but Turfway Park has been exhibiting a huge outside post bias since they reopened after Christmas. Check the results, and check the paths that the winn...

More Hollywood Foolishness!
Girly "man" DeCreepio playing Howard Hughes! Extremely sad! who will buy this CRAP!! Re:"Aviator." Very Sad! What's next? Paul(hand jive) Reubens playing the DUKE! The Wolf has NEVER found a...

The Wolf to Announce his Retirement!
Alert the media. The wolf retires today from the horse racing game. Maybe Stamp Collecting will be a less stressful hobby. Or, maybe Antique's. who knows? The Wolf needs some PEACE and Tranq...

Horse of the Year! SMARTY!
Can't see anything else! Eclipse Award for best Trainer. This one is a little different. Not so obvious. Winner is Steve Assmussin! All his horses TRY! No games! Will get about 550 winners t...

Late Jock Switches: Kiss of Death!
The perils of betting 3-4 hours before races. Turf races go to the main strip and jock switches. Almost have never won a race when there's a jock switch. Can't remember ONE! Jock gets his in...

Big carryover of $177,783. made 1st Day!
Big carryover of $177,783. made 1st Day of winter meet at Santa Anita. Today's Pick 6 starts on the 4th race at 2:03 pm, pst. There is a possibility of rain today with the Turf races th...

kinder surface
I watch a lot of Australian contests and am amamzed at how often the horses take what appears to be "bad step" (distinct drop in the animal's stride) yet NEVER go down like often seen on d...

Santa Anita~~~Is this the norm?
Did I just never notice? Starting the season with two yr olds? The first race for 2 yr old fillies, the 2nd for 2 yr old 32K maidens? Yuk! Frank

Santa Anita Is Not the Place for a Milkshake
The racetrack, which opens its season today, is outlawing concoctions that may slow a horse's tiring process and create an unfair advantage. LA Times: December 26, 2004

No Turf Racing today at Tam or FG.
For Bris players today is opening day at Sanita Anita. Turf course should be open.

the big bad wolf
http://www.antiwar.com/news/?articleid=2444 -- Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. .If once they become inattentive to the public ...

12/25 and 1/1-Two of my favorite days
12/25- No way to lose today 1/1- have not lost a bet all year. Just wondering how many peoplee keep records for the year. I have found Excel can work for this. I was r...

Merry Magna-Christmas with Winticket.com!
Winticket.com YOUR DECEMBER 25, 2004 NEWSLETTER MAGNA TRACKS ADDED TO SCHEDULE BEGINNING SUNDAY As announced earlier today we will offer Magna Entertainment Corp ...

merry christmas
Ho HO HO !! :-D -- Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. .If once they become inattentive to the public affai...

"Christmas Past" The Filly.
Bred and owned by the Phipps family and trained by that S.American, Angel Pena. This one is etched on my memory. She failed 3 times going short in NY. The first time she went 2 turns she sho...

Turf Race to Main Strip Scratches.
Got hit twice this week betting turf races then find out too late race has been switched. I always go to the turf races first. Don't really like to whine about MY mistakes, but! What is the ...

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