Race Tracks and Women
I figured out two things very early. The track is not a good place to meet women and those that are there have heard all the obvious lines about fillies and studs. At Bay Meado...

your help appreciated.
I am getting together a group of folks for a seminar on the multi-faceted challenge of wagering on horses in the simulcast era. If you went to a seminar (speakers include a trainer, retire...

Re: Dynever going for 40K Race at Caulder
SWB III The big names didn't play 3 Caiman out --------------= Posted using GrabIt =---------------- ------= Binary Usenet downloading made easy =-------...

ATTN Group, please double check your headers!
There is an entity collectively known as "Dippy" to us NANAE users, who has now started phase three of his standard attack on our news group... This latest attack consists of posting ...

Re:Smarty Jones Jr. Rockport Harbor
His sire is Unbridled's Song, looks just like him. Cost $470K. Not toooo shabby even if he did come from Phila.

The Wolf REALLY did go to a Nudist Camp!
Young Wolf Doesn't know what to do. Solution: Drink about 15 beers and drive to nudist camp at 4:30 am. This was in 1981. Get to the camp about 90 miles away at 7am! too early of course. Cat...

Smarty Jones Jr.? Rockport Harbor
Good looking 2yo goes wire to wire 1 1/8 in 1:48.4 at Aquaduct G2 Remsen Stakes n Sat. Constant pressure from Galloping Grocer under Johnny V. Trained by John Service,rider was Stu Elliott,s...

Has any Player ever RETIRED From this Game!
Once Hooked always hooked! Jocks retire and Horses are retired, But do any players RETIRE? Just Courious. The Wolf to take up Panhandling to get to Florida! Quarters accepted.

Late Odds Drop AFTER The Race!!
It happened 3 times today at Crc. Slow computers? I don't think so. Twice the big drops were WRONG! But it's real easy to be suspicious about this stuff, especially if the the big drop horse...

Re: Dynever going for 40K Race at Caulder
SWB III 3 Caiman just a hunch --------------= Posted using GrabIt =---------------- ------= Binary Usenet downloading made easy =--------- -= Get GrabIt ...

Dynever going for 40K Race at Caulder
Bridge Jumper's Special of the week! Last race was the 3M BC Classic where he faded to 8th. Get's 11 lbs. off. Hordes of those who like to live life on the edge are in mad transit to Miami w...

FA: 1954 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Bemont Racing
1956 T PITTSBURGH STEELER LOT: Beautiful lot of NM-MT cards!!!!!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5143100908 1950 BOWMAN #100 SAMMY BAUGH 1949 LEAF #1...

FREE Ray Gordon Aqueduct Selections Sunday (11/28/04)
Source: http://www.cybersheet.com/horsepix.htm 1st: 3/2-8/1-6-4 2nd: 4/12-3/9-8 3rd: 8/5/2-7 4th: 4/1a-2/6 5th: 7/3-5-2/1-9 6th: 4/1-5/2-3 7th: 4/10-1/2-7-11 <...

心思思試聽 +86 13180152666

The "good old days" Bay Area Racing in the 70's
Every daily paper had its own handicapper. Each paper had people selling it at the track with the racing page wrapped around the rest of it. Every 30 minutes KCBS had stretch ...

award eclipsed?
I saw a trend with the very good Pico Central sometime back and got a bit of good natured chiding about it: a contributor wrote regarding his last win : "he sure looked tired today.."

Big Pick 4 at Hollywood with guar. Pool
Big Pick 4 at Hollywood with guar. Pool less than an hour away, don't miss out get picks for today at= http://www.s-cal-pick6.com

Guar. $400,000. Pick 4 today at Hollywood Park
Make some money today. Learn all about the Guar. $400,000. Pick 4 today at Hollywood Park, 11/27/04. http://www.15min-trifecta.com

FREE Ray Gordon Aqueduct Selections Saturday (11/27/04)
Source: http://www.cybersheet.com/horsepix.htm 1st: 3-7/5-2-4 2nd: 3/5-10/2-7 3rd: 12/7-1/9-4-2 4th: 7/5-4/6-3-2 5th: 11/5/3-8/4-10 6th: 9/4-3/2-5 7th: 1a/5-1-...

FA: Official VRC (Victorian Racing Club) Mens Tie
For auction on eBay official VRC ( Victorian Racing Club) mens tie with the VRC logo. Perfect condition. For those of you that are not familiar with the VRC it's the home of the M...

Holiday betting at Winticket.com!
Winticket.com YOUR NOVEMBER 26, 2004 NEWSLETTER PLAYERS' POOL 2 OPEN NOW - TIME TO JUMP IN At press time the Players' Pool 2 is over $22,000 which approach...

Friday's FG Program. DD Pick.
Had a good but not great opening day yesterday at FG. Take a look at #5, Cutmeabreak in the 1st. Horse is a 4 Plus bet today. Trainer gets serious with second time starters. Much easier fiel...

FREE Ray Gordon Friday Aqueduct Selections (11/26/04)
Source: http://www.cybersheet.com/horsepix.htm 1st: 5/3-8/1-7 2nd: 7/5-8/3-2 3rd: 4/6-5/3-2 4th: 3/6-5/2 5th: 8/3-2/10-11 6th: 1/4-2/3 7th: 6/9-7/5-4-8 8t...

Another Big Pick 6 C/O of $85,942. at Hollywood Park!
4th Big Pick 6 C/O of $85,942. at Hollywood Park for Friday, 11/26/04. Jon K.Court won the 7th race to help make a carryover. His horse paid $31.80 to win. http://www.s-cal-pick6.com

FREE Ray Gordon Aqueduct Selections Thursday (11/25/04)
Source: http://www.cybersheet.com/horsepix.htm FREE Thursday Aqueduct Selections (11/25/04): 1st: 5/7-8/6-4 2nd: 7/9-4-1 3rd: 4/8-10-1 4th: 8/4-5/2 5th: 5/7-9...

finding that course
Fair Grounds is a track that is not that difficult to beat, but like Calder and many others SO CAN EVERYONE ELSE. have to find a course where you can win, and it pays to do so...........

Little Broke has Grown Up.
Now what I'm to DO! Confused AGAIN! And the teeny bopper nudist camp is closed because of the weather. What can the Wolf do?!!!

Fairgrounds opens tomarow.
Under the new CD ownership. Old high class turf horses rule in the long stretch! The place where speed dies at the end. P.S. never could spell that word "tommarow"!

Fair Grounds betting in CA-Correction
My post about FG not being available in CA on Thursday and Friday was wrong. I made the mistake of going to the GGF website for the simulcast schedule. The Form shows tha...

Why no FG races in California?
Checking the simulcasts for CA this weekend I do not see FG listed. I have bet in the past but maybe they do not carry it until later in the season. -- To reply...

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