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FREE Ray Gordon Belmont Selections 09/30/04 (Thursday)
Source: (even more info on the site!) Wednesday: 3-for-9, +$4.00 Meet: 24-for-132 (18.18%), +$67.40 Meet Win ROI: $1.26 (per $1....

The Wolf goes for the Big Enchilada at SA.
5th Race at SA, Two long ones, playing the 6-7 combination in both the Q and the exacta. Both horses might be over 10-1! No more loseing on short priced horses. The Wolf is back to the old d...

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FREE Ray Gordon Belmont Selections 09/29/04 (Wednesday)
Source: Sunday: 1-for-10, -$16.00 Meet: 21-for-123 (17.07%), +$63.40 Meet Win ROI: $1.26 FREE Wednesday Belmont Selections (09/29...

Toteboard Handicapping
I have developed a wagering methodology based on the "ebb and flow" of the toteboard combinded with expected payouts on various exotic wagers. Would like to discuss toteboard handicapping w...

good name
Timely Writer, a good colt from the late 70's who broke a leg at the top of the lane at Belmont,,,,namesake used again today with another (quite a bit less class) at Finger Lakes today.

how quickly we forget
Remember RECENTLY hearing about how un-stoppable MINESHAFT was......Damn they are around too short a time. We need another Forego or John Henry who would NOT have a future making

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Overweight Question
who is overweight the jockey or horse if it is the jock, how come he is not overweight in all his races if it is the horse, how and where do they weigh them confused ...

Times When a Player REALLY Needs a WINNER!
Like when you're 1400 miles from home and you are at the track (Caulder) with $14 bucks in your pocket. Make the ultimate "last chance" bet! Bet $10 on a 23-1 horse! Take your chances. Suit ...

I have EVERY Breeder's Cup program but last year's and would like to buy one if there is an extra out there to be had. Please e-mail me so we can work it out if you have one for sale....

part two what it takes
Forgot one: total loss of inhibition when it comes to wagering...wish I had that facet to the personality.

FREE Ray Gordon Sunday Belmont Selections (09/26/04):
Yesterday: 1-for-9, +$66.00 Meet: 20-for-113 (17.69%), +$79.40 Meet Win ROI: $1.35 (per $1.00 wagered) FREE Sunday Belmont Selections (09/26/04): 1st: 3/5-1/8 2nd: 7/3-2...

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11 year old
J V Bennett is not going to know what to do with himself once retired. He won again today at Hastings Park. Geriatric wonder.

2004 - Horse of the Year
Smarty Jones. Dean

Pick 6 C/O of $45, Fairplex for Sat.
correct link=

Pick 6 C/O of $45,603. at Fairples for Sat.
Pick 6 carryover of $45,603. at Fairplex for Sat. Although, Martin Pedroza is the leading jock, Casey Fusilier has been bringing in some longshots like in the last race friday, $18.80. ...

Have a Super Derby weekend with!
OAK TREE, FREE PICK FIVE CONTEST, FEATURED IN HOMEFIELD ADVANTAGE The Homefield Advantage kicks off the Oak Tree Racing Association meet on September 29 with a player contest, Pic...

Re: skiddish at the gate
References: <Ja%[email protected]> <NA%[email protected]> <[email protected]> In article &l...

toughest distance
Have to vote for 7.0 furlongs...specialists abound here.

skiddish at the gate
When did all of this covering the flanks with a temporary blanket start?? Does it freak out horses that much to be in the small space?? Could see it on youngsters, but one would think...

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FREE Ray Gordon Belmont Selections 09/24/04 (Friday)
Source: (more stuff on the site) Current Meet ROI: $1.13 (per $1.00 wagered) FREE Ray Gordon Belmont Selections 09/24/04 (Friday)

when it counts
Clearing out a bunch of things and watched old Breeder's Cups tapes only to notice TWO nags that really struck me (takes time to appreciate them): Da Hoss and Tiznow for coming back and be...

Horse Racing Directories?
I would like to know what directories are published these days? I specifically would like to know more about Trainers and Jockeys and presume they would be lumped into a larger volume of wo...

FREE Ray Gordon Belmont Selections 09/23/04 (Thursday)
Source: Get power ratings, value lines for each horse, and commentary at that site. Yesterday: 1-for-9, +$20.40 Meet: 17-for-85 ...

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