An innovative idea?
SJMercuryNews 8/31/04 "This summer, Sonoma State (College) sold 200 hundred shares at $1000 a pop in each of two race horses who compete at Northern California tracks. Half of each sold...

Ray Gordon Saratoga Selections Wednesday (09/01/04)
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Re: wagering
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Haven't found (other than touching a bit by Dick Mitchell) a book about the wagering side of the track. Basic philosophy: if you've figured out a race, bet it heavy and in a var...

ITS, Inc. for Sale
INTERNATIONAL THOROUGHBRED SUPERHIGHWAY, INC. (a/k/a ITS, INC. or FOR SALE: Mostly Automated, Proven, Horse-Racing Business The Estate of Eric Langjahr i...

too much of a good thing
One sees these poor tracks (on the brink) come back big time with other forms of gambling. The golden goose is out and getting over-exposed. The racing community is going to have a tough s...

D Wayne
Hope this one doesn't destroy Azeri trying to get her to a race she CANNOT win: B.C. Classic. Tim Yatcak

New jockey rating system?
I mostly go by the win % on the Equibase list, not alot by the $ won. I want to come up with a system based on general variables like number of other quality jockeys in the top three morning...

Starting to see
I am starting to see posts about poker on the horse racing page. I notice the posts are way down from this time last year. Do you think poker is taking horse players away from the game? Some...

If Birdstone wins BC Classic, Champion 3YO?
How many of you would vote for Birdstone over Smarty Jones for 3YO Champ if Birdstone wins the Classic? I am not asking what you think the actual voters would do (though that is an interest...

Play some POKER in between the races

Ray Gordon Saratoga Selections Monday (08/30/04)
Subscribers get full selections, value lines, and power ratings at Sunday: 2-for-10, -$13.00 Meet: 69-for-273 (25.27%), +$61.30 Meet Wi...

Love-hate Relationship We Players have with the "Little Men"!
Jocks! Probably the toughest guys in sports! Earn their money the hard way! By Winning! No Pay for finishing 9th! like sissy golfers! Typical jock spends time in steam cabinets trying to los...

The End of Big Stakes Racing for TOP 2 yr. Olds!
The record is dismal for winners of grade 1 stake races for 2 yr. olds. The BEST example is BC Juvenile. Almost none of them even make it to the gate on the 1st Sat. in May. The Champaign, H...

hey ashr, got a freebie i can pass on like ocmike....
ocmike sent me some del mar freebies awhile back.. anyway mike, still havent made it to del mar yet...anywho i have a letter (need it to redeem) good for 1 free night and buffet breakfast

Ray Gordon Saratoga Selections Sunday (08/29/04)
Subscribers get full selections, value lines, and power ratings for every horse at Saturday: 1-for-11, -$17.40 Meet: 67-for-263 (25.47%), +$...

The Travers
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Ray Gordon Saturday Saratoga Selections (08/28/04):
Friday: 2-for-9, -$7.60 Meet: 66-for-252 (26.19%), +$91.70 Meet Win ROI: $1.18 Saturday Saratoga Selections (08/28/04): 1st: 5 (turf); 1a/1(dirt) 2nd: 2 ...

Bet the Travers at! newsletter Aug. 27, 2004 10,000 GUARANTEED SIGNATURE SUMMER SERIES CHALLENGE CLOSES WITH TRAVERS Enter now for the Saturday race in the $10,000 Signature Summe...

I missed it...
I never heard an explaination for why those workers were on the turf course during a race last week at Del Mar. Was there any official statement?

Ray Gordon Saratoga Friday Selections (08/27/04):
Subscribers get full selections, power ratings and value lines for each horse at Yesterday: 1-for-9, +$27.00 Meet: 64-for-243 (26.34%), +$99...

Ray Gordon Saratoga Thursday Selections (08/26/04)
[email protected] wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > I repeat again - What a sad life. I'm starting to actually feel sorry for Bri-anal. I...

Wolfagain Responds to allegations he's consumed by the yYoung Ones!
To set the record straight I, Wolfagain has never seen "Brooke" in the flick "Pretty Baby" NEVER! But I will confess I've seen "Blue Lagoon" twice! This "confession" will Come back on me whe...

The Buddy Horse System
US "buddy horse" system I wonder what the feeling is regarding introducing the "buddy horse" system to this country? I mean by "buddy horse" the horse that guides and often relaxes each...

Ray Gordon Picks $45.00 Jump Winner At SARATOGA!! FREE!!
Subscribers get full selections, power ratings, and a value line at Wednesday: 2-for-9, +$9.00 Meet: 62-for-234 (26.50%), +$68.30 Meet ...

Ray Gordon Saratoga Thursday Selections (08/26/04)
Subscribers get full selections, power ratings, and a value line at Wednesday: 2-for-9, +$9.00 Meet: 62-for-234 (26.50%), +$68.30 Meet ...

Asked at a lecture the other day to expound of what it takes to survive the wars at the course everyday. 1) CONSISTENCY: Even on those days when the photo camera is against a pe...

Today's Best Bet at Del Mar
7th Race Del Mar, No. 7 BRANDS HATCH ml 4-1 Big Class edge and Best Closing Speed. Never beaten on the Turf! Cash-in!

And Royal Assault ducks the Travers
*snicker* Yeah, yeah. I know, I'm supposed to be above this kind of blatant pandering/provoking ... but I can't resist. Tell the truth, some of you were thinking the same t...

off topic??? or is it
With all this talk about the election it is interesting to find out that the Greeks used to vote using pebbles to register their votes in elections and the word ballot comes from the Itali...

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