Does anyone know what the story is behind the tradition of burying a racehorses head,hooves and heart? I know it isn't always practiced anymore, but I am wondering about the origin of it, bo...

I've Found free betting online.
I got to bet for free but still lost. But its worth a go. http://www.swoopon.com/Swoopon/Betting_and_Gambling.htm

How's The Weather?
Repost. I'm gonna post this URL until it shows up. http://www.equidaily.com/bestbet/weather.html

HRTV now on Dish Network (ch 404)
Of course this is the very WORST time of year for the Stronach channel--it will come in handy after Xmas, however.

Re: funny
In article <[email protected]> "Les Corbett" <[email protected]> wrote: I usually know it when I > > see it, that a ready to run horse has, th...

Pre-race music question
Can anyone tell me what the music is called they play before a horse race?? thanks in advance and if you know the answer please email it to me at [email protected]

Time to Check out if Poster Chuplis ever Learned to Read the form.
The Wolf always welcomes new players, But you can't be a player if you don't read the FORM. Buy one and then ask for the groups help. ALL of us can and Do read the "Form". I have spent about...

OFF the turf
I LOVE these races! Tim Yatcak

Schell owned horse win 3 in a row!
The 1 horse our poster Tom Schell owns and does daily care and training of, Air Cool, just won 3rd in a row! Our resident btraining expert!

Re: closers are nice to look at
In article <[email protected]> "Karen" <[email protected]> wrote: > > Speaking of closers. Anyone see Test the Waters yesterday? Whoo. ...

Re: funny
In article <[email protected]> "Christopher F" <[email protected]> wrote: > There's an awesome play tomorrow on Race 1 at Belmont. H...

Find it strange that at some venues (New York for example) folks pay a lot of attention to the track 'capper, where at other ones NO one listens. Strange but exploitable. T...

Trainer Merel E. Moore?
Just doing a little research on a horse we have - found out she was bred by Merel E. Moore. Merel appears to still be training racehorses in Nebraska, though this mare was bred in Oklahoma ...

This is a great idea, if you think all horses will be happier if they are never even born. Race horses would be extinct in America with out horse playing gamblers!

closers are nice to look at
But not to bet....on dirt that is. Look what they are up against: 1) have NO effect on the pace 2) rider has to move at just the right time and 3) TRAFFIC can be a big obstacle...can't cho...

"miss guydid" is latest posting name of notorious usenet k00k Anthony Gaza
http://www.google.com/groups?q=Gaza+group:rec.arts.movies.past-films&num=100&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&newwindow=1&safe=off&scoring=d Anthony "Tony" Gaza is a mentally ill troll (really, is ...

Horseplayer's thoughts of this Group from the Wolf.
Quite a friendly group of pretty good guys and at lest one gal. Almost sublime to me. The Wolf has been trolling in uneasy waters where posters attack and re-attack for their political views...

no one tells the horse
Class is a man made joke that still permeates handicapping structure. Learn to forget it (unless at the highest levels) and it is an amazing epiphany. Tim Yatcak

If Zito wanted to prove that Birdstone's win wasn't a fluke, he'd run Birdstone in the PA Derby instead of Royal Assalt. Any takers on that happening ;)

Get your summer action with Winticket.com!
YOUR JULY 10, 2004 NEWSLETTER NEW LOOK, MORE LOCATIONS FOR RACE REPLAY SYSTEM You may have noticed that you can now see replays from the track on the day of the races. ...

Secrets of Professional Turf Betting by Robert L. Bacon. 8th printing, 1968.
Hello, I have a excellent copy of Secrets of Professional Turf Betting by Robert L. Bacon. 8th printing, 1968, up for bid on Ebay at the moment. If anyone is interested in this legenda...

HorseRacing in Ireland
For all that are interested in horseracing please feel free to join our Group: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/irishracingnation/ We are avid horserace fans from Kentuc...

Daily Jockey News??
Is there a centralized information site only about jockeys or do I have to look at track homepages and newspapers nearby various tracks? I notice Dominguez is missing from Delaware lately a...

Make over 90% wins on the horses!
Make over 90% wins on the horses! Put the Odds in your Favor. See how to bet horses to lose & be a winner almost everyday. http://www.15min-trifecta.com

Lunarpal-2005 KY Derby
Lunarpal just won 2 yr old CD triple crown.

Free Meadowlands program
Saturdays program may be downloaded for free: http://www.trackmaster.com/cgi-bin/free_har_race.cgi Courtesy of The Meadowlands, USTA and Trackmaster. The evening card includes the...

Brandywine and_or Chester Downs

Hollywood Gold Cup--what a joke!
No wonder this pig chase goes off at 8:40pm EDT--this is a grade 1? In what universe? The Saturday card at Colonial is better than the one offered up for HOL's "crown jewel". ...

Fairmount Park
A while back, somebody inquired here about Fairmount. The following from a 1947 Harness Horse magazine hyping Fairmount's upcoming inaugural as a Standardbred facility: (it's a good th...

Today's LOCK!!
The moment you've all been waiting for. TODAY'S LOCK OF THE DAY. We're 2 for 2, and we're going for 3 for 3. Dr. Rocket horse #4 in the 7 race. Oh baby! Should go for decent odds,...

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