Ray Gordon Saratoga Picks Saturday (07/30/04)
Meet Record; 8-for-28 (28.57%) Meet ROI: $1.16 Visit http://www.cybersheet.com/horsepix.htm for the power ratings and value line. -- http://www.cybersheet.com/lib...

Longshots at Del Mar. Whats going on?
By far the best track for longshots going now, but I don't know why. Really bad players? Favs being pulled? or business as usual? Most favs out of the money. Wolfagain.

From competitor
What's the name of the other tabloid racing paper? I've seen it on the newsstands, sells for less than the Form with lots of tracks.

Nyra Showdown
Hey Group- Anybody notice that the nyra showdown pool went over 53K for the saratoga season? That means 35K+ for the winner. And you can buy as many $10 entries as you want. Day 3 and only 1...

Who are this years two year olds to watch?

1st Pick 6 carryover at Del Mar!
1st Pick 6 carryover at Del Mar of the the season today. The carryover is $138,781. First post is 2:00 pm http://www.15min-trifecta.com

Check out this site for Saratoga Handicapping! http://online-horsemen.com

Your Ratio Straight/Exotic?
Not talkin' sex, here... On average, what is your betting ratio S/E? After my rec.gambling.racing debacle yesterday (4 DMR picks, 1 scr, 1 DQ winner, 2 Winners @~$7 and...

Ray Gordon Saratoga Picks Thursday (07/29/04)
Yesterday: 4-for-10, including two cold pick-3s ($106.50 and $200.00) Meet record: 4/10 (40%) Meet ROI ($1.00): $1.65 Get the "tote board sheet" with my value lines and powe...

7th at Ellis Park today
No. 6 SPURT No. 4 will be odds on fav. 3-5? Spurt expected to improve today and will make a race of it at 5-2 or 3-1. Love to beat those "sure things".

Saratoga - No Turf
All races off the turf for opening day. Fager

3/1...100/30...5/1 Winners All The Way!
Free Tip Of The Day.. Delivered Direct To Your Inbox At Lunchtime... ...

scoop 6 possible combinations
Hi, sorry this is my first post here, and hope this is right place for my question. My brother in law has posed a question. For the Scoop6 how many possible permutations would there be ...

FS: 1986 "Welcome To The Winner's Circle" Horse Racing Promo Prints
1986 "Welcome To The Winner's Circle" Horse Racing Promo Prints I have for sale the following 14 1/2" x 12" full-color set of four (4) artist's 'Thoroughbred Race Horse' Promo Prints i...

Free Saratoga Picks From Ray Gordon (plus value lines and power ratings)
Those who always bug me for free picks can track my ROI for the entire Saratoga meet, as I'll be handicapping every day. Source: http://www.cybersheet.com/horsepix.htm The "...

Sunday Results of tri/super bets
The picks placed to the group on Sunday had some alarming errors, I'm not making any excuses, but on Saturday my time was limited and couldn't completely review the input data until I got to...

6th Race at Del Mar today.
No. 5 NEW COURSE ML 10-1 Well rested. Good trainer. Don't miss this pay-off. No. 8 on the bottom in exacta. Good luck, Wolfagain.

Many longshots, still No Carryover at DM!
Even a $39.00 horse in the 6th race could not make a carryover at Del Mar. The Pick 6 paid $241,861. http://www.15min-trifecta.com

Troll name two
I'm guessing since 12 posts got caught in the trap -- PiroHate is Christopher as well. What a pathetic little boy. Sam E Pluribus e Moose-us

And Royal Assault's troll starts up again
Nice to know I'm so loved: GuireroNYC [5:10 PM]: Will you be home tommorow night, I'd like to give you a call GuireroNYC [5:10 PM]: blahahahahaha GuireroNYC [5:10 PM]: ...

Wolf Again has a Really BAD day at the Track!
Mexico Federales got the Wolf and put him in the Juarez Prison. As usual the Wolf was just having fun. Lost money at the track. No big deal. More Cervasa! Meal Time! Some mexican goon comes ...

9th at Del Mar.
No. 2 YOUARETHEMAN. Off 4 months. Good preps. Others will have to catch. 5-1 ML. Just too much speed! check closely as usual. P.S. Too early in the day to be uncapping Heinies! Good luck, Wo...

sunday tri and super picks
My fellow handicappers This Sunday's picks are pretty limited, my damn racing form has three Canterbury and two Calder track duplicates, I'm missing Ellis Park, Belmont, and almos...

New version of RacePrediction.com
I uploaded new version of racing software to www.racePrediction.com. You can free download it. It utilises Internet technology and expert system to track all the professional activity of the...

Injury week
Alex Solis busted up (Golden KK ok amazingly). America America broken sesamoid (stablized). Boomzeeboom euthanized due to broken cannon bone in workout (really sad). Santos broken arm in pa...

Winkfield in HOF
I was very pleased to read in the latest issue of The Blood-Horse that jockey Jimmy Winkfield is finally being named to the Hall of Fame. The honor is long overdue. PC

Where you surf to the turf--at Winticket.com!
Winticket.com newsletter July 24, 2004 $10,000 GUARANTEED SIGNATURE SUMMER SERIES CHALLENGE UPDATE Horse selections for the Coaching Club American Oaks from Belmont Park are...

Fine run from Hard Buck
The King George and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes (Group 1) was run at Ascot today. One of the worlds top staying events for all ages over 12F. Hard Buck was an interesting runner fro...

lol, i rode a grandson of secretariat..
was up in Bryce canyon utah a few weeks ago, went horseback riding..first time in over a decade, guy said my horse judege was an ex racehorse... http://www.pedigreequery.com/index.php?...

How do you build your tickets?
OK, I admit it, I'm an action junky. When I go to the track, try as I may, I always seem to bet every race. Seems like I see something in every race (well, not entirely true I do actually pa...

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