Again the wolf gives players the BEST Teen Nudist site!
Hate to share my girl friends, But Baja Beach Teen nudist, or "Blast from the Past' Does it right! If that dosn't work try Susan Frie's Blast from the Past! The Wolf can't explain why this i...

OK, Thoroughbred Times is now completely inaccessible (comes up Horse Illustrated) and the racing articles from Bloodhorse won't come up. What is the deal?? I really miss the forum because I...

TTimes again
Is it just me or does something completely different come up now? horse illustrated?

Missing Posters in the Group?
Two stand out as being AWOL! Poster Istkij or something like that. Actually I'm not even close! The other is Kramer. Where do old posters go? Both were kind of my nemises or had a problem w...

Derby-Preakness order query...
I know that before world war 2, the Preakness was sometimes held before the Derby. Did any of the pre-mid 40s triple crown winners (whirlaway or before) win it in Preakness-Derby...

CTBA sale Sep 28th 2004
Tuesday, September 28th, 2004 Pleasanton, CA. Alameda County Fairgrounds. I'd like to go "hang around" this sale, with NO intention of buying anything. Is this possible? ...

Faster track later in the day?
Does your favorite track seem to speed up as the day goes on? Rail also? In Ca tracks seem to get faster as they water during the day, but sometimes the rail becomes a negative b...

Sporting Memorabilia
Just thought I would draw your attention to a great little company selling high quality limited edition presentations from some of the all time greats in horse racing. Do have a look at www....

Proofed UK Horse Racing System
We have developed a system for laying on horses in UK Racing through betting exchanges that is currently returning 60%+ profit per month on capital and has been proofed by an independent rac...

Re: Crash Course
In article <[email protected]> "G-Man" <[email protected]> wrote: > I wasn't aware that any horse knew what class it was competing in. ...

For those who would like to see my Horseracing site,Please sign my guestbook

Being nosey at Youbet,Live, and Friends, Inc
Its coming! -- Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. .If once they...

Running Movements (gaits)
Hi, Can anyone please explain the sequence of leg movements for the following gaits and terms: amble rack slow pace fox trot walk flat foot walk ...

Crash Course
Kind of depressing to see the one time Warren Croll turfer now running in $12,500 claimers at Philadelphia (of all places). This puppy at one time ran stakes at Monmouth and ran some nice ra...

Wolfagain back AGAIN!
I can post with the best! about, here it comes! Boogie Wonderland" The BEST song of all Time! Only Song that Comes close is EWF's "After The Love Has Gone"Wolfagain" is in his cups AGAIN! Wo...

THoroughbred Times
Is anyone else having trouble accessing

Simple Guide to paid to Click & Read Emails
Simple Guide to paid to Click & Read Emails Summary of all those Paid to Click (PTC) and Paid to Read (PTR) Email sites. Believe it or not ...

Where is the Jay Privman radio show?
It used to be on 1580 AM in LA but are they off the air? Uc

Re: Smarty Jones has a date at Lone Star Park.
In article <[email protected]> [email protected] (Morehits4u) wrote: > > >Subject: Re: Smarty Jones has a date at Lone Star ...

Myron Wins SRC for 6-26 BEL Race 8
3 of our 7 players tabbed the winner this week, but Myron called the cold trifecta to win todays SRC! This TRI paid $646 for the $2 wager. Excellent call Myron. I hope you...

Longshot, Quiten Boy blew 'em off the track!
Longshot, Quiten Boy blew 'em off the track! He was ridden by Michael Towny Moran in the 2nd race Friday nite at Hollywood Park. Quiten Boy paid $40.80 at the track & $54.00 at the X-ch...

YouBet dropped BM?
Haven't seen Bay Meadows on YB since the 19th. Anyone know the reason? -- Good Luck, Ol Railbird Still looking for 10% profit! ...

Re: Modern Breeding and the Triple Crown
This an excerpt from a 1944 article by John Hervey: "Yonder in the west is a cloud no bigger than a man's hand. It will grow bigger and bigger-and eventually, if not now, it may blot o...

Saturday Classic - Still going strong
I want to invite everyone over to to play in the Saturday Classic handicapping contest. This contest is a tradition in our NG for many years and all are invited to pl...


$15 FREE to try online poker- NO DEPOSIT NEEDED LOOK!
1) Get $15 free to try online poker, no deposit, no credit card needed...simply go to download the software, sign up as a new ...

US Racing on Betfair
Lack of info on good runners to watch out for at nice prices has prompted me to commission a weekly column on "horses to watch" for betfair's US Racing markets. Anyone interested can take a ...

Coke smuggler's associate linked to fixed races in UK,10149,1245336,00.html Jockey Club ready to act over race-fixing John 'Jock' McCracken, a former associate of cocaine smugg...

Anyone Place Betting?
Those of you who follow know I've embarrassed myself trying to pick trifectas and exactas. I accredit some of my lack of success to the racing gods.

Smarty Jones has a date at Lone Star Park.
Yesterday the Dallas Morning News reported that Smarty is going in the Breeders Cup Classic on Oct. 30, at Lone Star Park in Texas. Not really big news. Bigger news is Lone Star Park getting...

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