Extreme P6 C/O of $413,313. at Santa Anita!
Extreme Pick 6 Carryover of $413,313. at Santa Anita for Sunday, 2/29/04. Starts on race 4 which has a post time of 2:02 pm pst. http://www.15min-trifecta.com

New Orleans cap graph speed acceleration
Sort, but based on a "bounce" approach. As usual we want low bars and low numbers. Shown is 3d bar and 3d donut. Data matches drf free PP's in their Adobe format and does not necessarily ...

Australian Racing
Hey All, Results over the weekend were so so on a hard days racing. Picked a couple of nice exactas. Just wanted to let you know my website is now up and running at ht...

Strategy 2: Set a Limit
Look after your bank. Don't be greedy. Set a goal for every day, both up and down. Decide on a limit for betting each day, it could be 5% or 10% of your bank. Stick to this betting limit. As...

Re: Australia horse racing

video lottery???
Does anyone in this group know anything about video lottery gaming?. Finger Lakes has just recently open a casino with video lottery machines. I was thinking about checking it out . Any in...

Jackpot runs second pays $6.80/place

P6 C/O of $96,612. at Santa Anita today!
Pick 6 C/O of $96,612. at Santa Anita today, 2/28/04. one of our picks, Ice Lemon and Rum helped make for the carryover. He paid $42.0 in race 4 ridden by Kevin Krigger. http://www.15mi...

Why to lower track take nationwide. Why I gave up horse racing.
Present track take is around 20 percent. Sometimes higher in exotics. Horse racing is a dying sport only becasue of track takes. When you have 10 losing days in a row for the average hors...

Jackpot in 9th at Gulfstream Feb. 28
Best Bet of the Day: www.bigsamsracing.com

yoy can run but you can't hide (JEFF) [email protected]
you should familiarize yourself with your state's cyberstalking, harassing and Stalking laws.Your behavior is criminal and we all know who are and have trace the phone calls and have video ...

yoy can run but you can't hide (JEFF) [email protected]
you should familiarize yourself with your state's cyberstalking, harassing and Stalking laws.Your behavior is criminal and we all know who are and have trace the phone calls and have video ...

Australian Tips for today
Hey All - last week of these. I'm posting earlier then normal as i've heard that if i post 2 hours or so before our first u get them to late to play. The problem posting ear...

D Wayne Lukas ..OH O FOR 53 AT Anita ....
longest streak ever for him.....and no good 3 yr olds so we hear....he is over due ....perhaps he just doesnt have the stock this time around...

Question to Danzig
Tim, Do you find that the more you study the game and the more you are around it and the more betting you do, you become better at it? It seems you are doing a lot of research on it and...

I get a kick sometimes with folks who follow trainer patterns. A RETRO active approach to handicapping which, I must admit, works sometimes. What if the pattern you've uncovered is a ...

strange set of odds numbers ..of course nobody comes here anymore
sio why bother *0.40 rado Edgar S. 12.10 as Rene R. 10.80 Manoel R. 13.80 ar Manuel 14.90 11 Pioneer Inn 6 M L 117 8 6 4hd 61 1/2 72 612 627 1/4 Bailey Jerry D. 14.20...

For you Magna Haters....
Magna Entertainment posts $103.16-million fourth-quarter loss Magna Entertainment Corp.’s financial woes continued as it lost $105,097,000 during the year ended on December 31, 2003...

Just Read
I was reading about the Eclipse Awards. And I read that Bird Town is going to be Mating with Empire Maker. Did that happen and does anyone know how I can start following a horses carreer f...

Smart Betting--money management
Ok here are my smart betting tips...Please give me yours. I always bet more when I win than when I lose. I often put more money to place than win I box in an exacta with the favor...

FS: 1992 "Harness Heroes" 50-Card Set
1992 "Harness Heroes" 50-Card Set I have for sale the 1992 Y.F. "Harness Heroes" 50-Card Set. Each standard size card features a high-gloss action-racing photo on one side and the ...

Marlboro Cup?
I don't see the Marlboro Cup listed in this year's stakes schedules for Aqueduct or Belmont. When did it stop running? Later, E-man ------------------- Erwi...

some riders are hungier than others.
While watching the snow at Philly today, I just got the impression that the riders there are hungier than in the sunny climes of South Florida where the riders canceled the card two days o...

Today's picks For what they're worth.
Looking for a dry track. 5th at TUP: #1 looks interesting. Top connections, good breeding. Works say horse is ready. 6th at TUP: #4 could surprise today has ran much tougher. Throw out non-e...

Historical data?
Hello! I'm learning some new (very new) statistical techniques that haven't quite made it into the main stream yet, but have done pretty good in simulations. Was looking to get some historic...

Off-topic. Things that piss-off Wolfagain!
Where do I start? Let's start with the ENDLESS award programs on tv. Hollywood liberals taking turns kissing each other's asses. Forget the fact that 80% of their movies are targeted to pimp...

Taking another look at maiden races.
The game is changing. Players might have to change too. Got lucky yesterday at Oaklawn in 5th race: Buddie Gum paid $18.80. If you want to win races avoid maiden races. The only reason I'm s...

There once was a Hacker named Kelli..........
http://www.headliner.nl/headliner.php?c=us&id=59771&abbr=cnn Takes all kinds, I guess. ;-(*) -- Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and kee...

overly complicated
Funny how when folks learn MORE and MORE the process gets into an every increasing cycle of complication when, in fact, it should get easier. Finding it now a lot LESS complicated tha...

Kentucky OAKS futures odds???
Does anyone have either the odds, or a link to the Pool 1, Kentucy Oaks Futures Odds?? i know DRF has a link to the Derby Odds, and I've tried Churchill Downs.com as well to no avail... ...

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