Considerations................Sat January 31st
Last day of the month. What a good day to ask all the negative contributors relating to my opinions over the last days for their ideas on racing selections over Feb. It would make...

tv SHOW "The Handler" gorgeous shot of Santa Anita
story is about folks who kill the animals for the insurance hopefully it doesnt happen too often in real life

Considerations.......Friday 30th January
Friday 30th 4-20 Folkestone...Bramlynn Brook

Strategy 3: Find the Qualified Race
The first thing is to find the qualified race that you would want to bet in. It would have to have about 8 runners. It would have to have a value to win of better than $2 per runner to...

Top 100 European horses of 20th Century?
Hi-ho, We all know about the Bloodhorse's list of the top 100 North American horses of the 20th C. I've also seen a reference to a similar list of the top 100 European horses - a...

Where to bet on USA racing from Australia?
Any sites that will allow me to?

Santa Anita Off Track Handle Down, Gary Stevens item from LA Times
Jockey Gary Stevens, who in the past has spent some time riding in Europe, is reportedly headed to France later this year. The European Bloodstock News reported that Stevens, who will ...

Gary Stevens
From April, Gary will ride as first jockey for one of the world's best trainers, Andre Fabre. Cheers, G-Man

Considerations...........Thursday 29th.. January
4-10 Southwell......Yankeedoodledandy

Isj7 wrote elsewhere: >>>Oaklawn is one of the toughest nuts to crack in racing parks. I've always found this to be the case too. Curious, what do you attribute ...

Lone Star Park Seating Question
Was wondering what the difference was between Box Seating and Stadium Seating at Lone Star Park. The BReeders Cup ticket application has those as options and I didn't know whcih m...

factor analysis
A LOT of contests, once you are HONEST about them, tend to pivot on a few simple handicapping factors. WE are the ones who complicate the shit out of the process!! Like I always...

How about some systems here ..Ones that you have tried
good or least it will be worthwhile to visit this sorry excuse for a news group

vocabulary laziness
If ANYONE listens long to the analyst at Gulfstream, they will soon get SICK and TIRED of Joanne's telling us of an animal's ATTENDING the pace. She really needs a thesaurus. Ev...

Super Link Exchange !!
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Considerations .......Wed 28th January
Nothing to offer today

Considerations.........Result..Tues 27 January
[email protected] (Alan Nap) wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... Todays considerations will relate to favourites, generaly short priced favour...

magna management change
Probably already public but major management change in Magna operations(California) Top official resigns, no replacement named as of yet.

the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy moon the stag saw
oh nothing just practicing

Andiamo wins at Tampa despite questionable ride.
Andiamo goes 2 for 2 but had to work, hand urging, by journeyman jock rocco. Fractions where real fast for 7f on tampa,s slow strip: 22/3 45/1 final time was 1:25. Good but not real impressi...

Tuesday Racing
8 Races from 4 Tracks

Considerations...........Tues 27 January
Todays considerations will relate to favourites, generaly short priced favourites. Max 6-4 (2.5) in live betting forecast or no bet. 4-10 Leicester....Calamintha

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Funny Cide champion 3 year old
I'm not one for 'I told you so's or gloating when I'm right, but ... :-D One more time we see just how important winning 2 legs of the triple crown is when it comes to the Eclipse Awar...

Results.................Monday 26th Jan
Mondays results Monday January 26th 2-10 Fontwell .... Supreme Serenade....2nd 8/13 4-15 Wetherby......King Revo...........1st 11/10

PharLap Vs SeaBiscuit
Now that would have been the Match Race to end all Match races. Naturally Pharlap would have romped it in, but it would be worth travelling around the world to see a race like that.

Pick of the Day
For Pick of the Day and information on a great Handicapping Software offer that uses comma delimited Past Performance file downloaded for The Daliy Racing Form go to: http://home....

Considerations.................Monday 26th Jan
Here are todays considerations. They will relate to favourites, generaly short priced favourites. Max 6-4 (2.5) in live betting forecast or no bet . Monday January 26th ...

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OK, since MAGNA has taken away my signal, have'nt been following SoCal too much, but where is Julie, is she going to come back? And P Val missing too??

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