Track list
These are currently valid (last time I checked). Shawn ALB Albuquerque, New Mexico APX ARLINGTON INTERNAT...

Un-fucking-real Re: Empire Maker Who in their right mind would spend that much to breed to an untried, unproven first year stallion? He's race record now is no better...

What happened to Ipe Tombe?
Just a casual fan, wondering why I haven't heard the name for a while. I assume she must have been hurt...

Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED
Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED I found this in a news group and decided to try it. A little while back, I was browsing through newsgroups, just like you ar...

David Flores pays $8.80 on Fav. in 2yr. Fillies!
David Flores is great with 2 yr. old fillies & still pays $8.80 on Fav. in the 8th race at SA on Sunday, 9/28/03.

julie krone up on toccet
maybe he got too big. but he's back where he ran his greatest race, the hollywood futurity. spelling not right. close. toccet CAN run. all day. have some fun bet toccet in b.c. classic. see ...

batteries on track
found this info across the pond US jockey Faul suspended for six years US JOCKEY Jeffrey Faul has been suspended by stewards in Michigan for six years and ...

Question about a Horse Movie
I know nothing about horses but have a very good friend who is very involved with horses. She once mentioned an old movie to me. It was about a racehorse named Farlap? Is that correct? I've ...

Santa Anita pick-4 payouts?
Quick question, I played the guaranted 400k pick 4 on 4/28/03 at Santa Anita and the results gave the winning numbers as; 3-10-4-7/8/12 (4 correct)=59.20 so how are there 6 horses on wi...

Azeri gets beat
Anyone see the race? Fager

how talented is mineshaft?
This isn't a rhetorical question; I've never seen the horse run, and was wondering what people who have seen him think...... He had a truely lousy record in Europe, and was still losin...

Julie Krone's $1Trifecta Pays $186.20
Julie Krone's $1Trifecta Pays $186.20 at Fairplex, great payoff considering her horse, Excess Summer was a lock at 1/5. Sunday is last day for Fairplex!

I'll try another single
Turf Paradise race 3 5.0f 4k claimer open 3+ 8 entries 7 of them are front end need the lead speedballs #1 Friendship Avenue 3/1 won his last two races at

Belmont and Santa Anita
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Pincay sues Santa Anita
Local paper carries the story. Sounds like Pincay was lucky not to wind up like shoemaker due to unconscionable treatment after the fall that ended his career. Frank

Heads Up Challenge
How is everyone doing on the heads up challenge so far? I am at 3/4 so far, but missed with Lunar Sovereign who I thought would show better. KR

FA: Miller MGD Horse Race HUGE 10x3 Banner Vinyl - 24 HOURS LEFT!
FA: Miller MGD Horse Race HUGE 10x3 Banner Vinyl

Euro Strech part two
Kinane, Dettori and Peslier have learned how to "North America it" at the Breeder's Cup much better than most,,,and another Irish rider Murtagh is it??, gets a positive nod. Revised opini...

candy ride would whip the bc classic field...
now i see a longshot winning it or Congaree pulling a skywalker...

i apologize for my arlington million dq big stink
saw the replay... side shot, in retrospect i was wrong, he did impeed the 3/4 finishers...

The Track
There are many themes in my book that surround horse betting and horse racing. Cheers Remo Rosati DIVINE INTERVENTION ...

Empire Maker Likely Done With Racing
Empire Maker Likely Done With Racing By THE NEW YORK TIMES Published: September 27, 2003 It appears that Empire Maker's racing career is over. His trainer, Bobby ...

Julie Krone to ride at Fairplex today!
Julie Krone to ride at Fairplex today, Sat, 9/27/03. Ryan Folgelsonger won 3 races at Fairplex on Friday, he maybe a great play to make money with on the S. Cal circuit. http://www...

Bet the Jockey Club Gold Cup at! YOUR SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 NEWSLETTER KNOW YOUR BOTTOM LINE: USING DETAILED HISTORY REPORTS Do you know your return on investment (ROI) from wagers in ...

Just upgraded youbet type format, beyer fiquires, mornung line odds board,drop down box, check columns you want,scratch feature. Old gui was really ugly, what a difference. Added 30 day tria...

Belmont and Santa Anita Oaktree
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Two days of the racing form is $10.00...... Get 2 DAYS of Belmont handicapping for $ can you go wrong....start going to the window to cash in! Free stuff....sign our mailing ...

Seabisquit the book
I just finished reading the book on Seabisquit. Excellent book. One thing that caught my eye about the trainer of Seabisquit. This is before he had Seabisquit. Irwin knew talent when he...

Euro strech drives
As a matter of course, always review B.C. races in the weeks coming up to the big dance and ONE thing stands out: What is it about the European style of racing that seems to waste their m...

Re: Reporting gambling wins and losses question
References: <[email protected]> <[email protected]> <[email protected]> <U9ncb.677$863.924...

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