Call my answering service when this group exists again
good nite and may all of your bet$ be winnahs,,.

Thought I'd died and gone to heaven. . . . .
. . .but I was just at DelMar! :-) Man, what a PLACE! Other than the fact it takes a small fortune to get in the joint (nevermind the $7.50 for a draft beer), can't say as ...

Humor Break
To be sung to the 'Pirates Of Penzance' tune 'Modern Major General' (author unknown): I am the very model of a Newsgroup Personality I intersperse obscenity with tedious banality....

Just found this group... question?
Anyone here play harness too? If so, any good web sites or books, etc, you could recommend on playing the sport. I do okay, but could do better... I need to increase my understanding of t...

Where can I get live odds on the web?
Hi I'm brand spanking new to horse racing and I'd like to be able to get live exacta odds from the web. Is there a site that can give this to me in a simple HTML interface, ...

Where are you G-man?
Rumor has it that goofy now has a British accent.

Sooo no FC no EM / Who wudda thunk it /
So now ....... tis Breeder's Cup -- oops --- World Champeeenship -- this fall. Who will run and who won't ?

Its official: Funny Cide out
Just announced........

Horse racing whoring itself all morning on CNBC
For some reason CNBC is pimping horse racing this morning as they are doing reports from Saratoga. They are running ads for people to invest in race horses where they will get scammed ...

Travers: Wild And Wicked Over Congrats
That's my top two. Put the usual suspects underneath.

"" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:... > > > > > > > > firstName: Ben > > > > > > > > lastName:...

Breaking News: Empire Maker definitely out
Just came on the local news channel; Frankel just made the announcement. "He's too valuable a horse...."

lol at racing forms top 10 past thats the #3 mare in the land? free online poker tournaments with real cash prizes, no gimmicks go to:

Ok here is my pick for the traver's. I am going to go with Ten Most Wanted. I loved the run he had in the Belmont and think he was a maturing horse whereas empire and funnyside were ahead...

Attention Grooms and Hot Walkers!
Just what we need . . . Another email list! But this one is different! It's called Equine Caregiver, a group for all employees of Boarding Stables, Riding Stables, Show Barn...

Sport magazines???
I get several magazines related to sports wagering, I was wondering if there were titles available to those that play Horses and Greyhounds?

UK Horse Form Books (Old Books)
Does anyone know anywhere where I can purchase horse form books (pre-1986) for UK flat racing. Books which list results on a horse-by-horse basis, rather than on a race-by-race ba...

Wild Spirit Wins BC Classic?
She's a filly, but she has the highest power-rating I've ever given a horse (translates into a 132 Beyer). Last year, Volponi had the highest rating for much of the year, before it fel...

Peace Rules
I would like to know if Peace Rules is actually traced from Seabiscuit? Someone who should know told me that he is. Thanks

place and show
Just got a reponse from the Keeneland library about the origin of the terms place and show. Before there were electrical boards to let the crowds know results, they were written, or numbers ...

Travers Stakes/Saratoga Drinks?
Ok, so we all know about the traditional cocktails of the Triple Crown. We've all had a mint julep or a Black Eyed Susan. What's the official drink of the Saratoga meet? Is there one...

Lip Tatoos
I recently learned about how Thoroughbred's have an ID number tatooed under their lip and I was wondering how they are applied? Is it more of a brand than a tattoo? <...

breeders cup longshot.
toccet won his comeback race today at phila. park. he got 1 1/16 in 1:45 under a hand ride. his real goal is the 750k pa. derby in 13 days. his ultimate target is the b.c. classic at s.a. i ...

Sad lack of confidence
Toccet racing in a 35K restricted stakes on a Tuesday at Philly Park. I know he's been on an injury layoff and some trainers will prep in a lesser race after such a layoff. They ev...

Happy 72
Happy birthday to willie Shoemaker.

Stevens released from hospital
He got out this morning: Janine

American Racing Manual
Hi, I am interested in purchasing this manual. Does anyone know if it has statistics (and if so, which?) for EVERY horse in each of the three triple crown races dating back to 1900? I can'...

question about trainer stats...
how much emphasis do you put on stats such as trainers first turf, dirt to turf moves? case in point today at del mar. i had frisco belle ranked on top. trainer is so...

Why Would A Well-Bred TB End Up at A Slaughter Auction Rather Than Breeding?
I got a beautiful filly, still wearing racing plates, at a "meat market" auction, for $450. When I researched her tattoo, I found out that she has good bloodlines (War Admiral, Bold Ruler, N...

lmao..stewards give me winnner in 7th at delmar...
had 100 to win on designed for luck 3-1...4-5 fav and him engage atmid stretch, 4-5 fav pulls 1/2 lenghth clear, near the wire the 4-5 comes out a bit...(now he was best) i knew it, and siad...

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