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Not that anyone reads much in here but ..Jerry Bailey
went off at 12 to 1 .. in the Hopeful Stakes....and won the hand !!! He must be bet at any kind of odds like that ( not that i did mind you )

Congratulations Tim Yatcak
I just heard your name on TRN - congratulations on winning the You make the call contest!!!

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kinda cool, top 40 posters in ashr..(got this from netscan)
NO Posters Days Active Posts Replies First Seen Threads Touched Threads Initiated Other NGs This Period Last Period 1 [email protected] Profile 124 160 351 338 04/15/200...

Horse to watch: Ginstar
I predict big things for Bay Meadows' Ginstar! ________________ Ken Woodall

Anyone here remember Majestic Prince?
Surprised his name hasn't come up. Hands down the most beautiful horse I've ever seen. The question that was always on my mind about this one was what would he have accomplished with a tra...

Perspective and goodbye for now...
Ok first I want to state that everyone has been a little critical with owners and trainers how the just want to get the horses to win G1's skip competition and run to breeding. Secretariat...

drf's watchmakers watch, what an idiot,,says mdos
classic performance was a bounce off of his whitney... 114 beyer in the whitney 118 in pac classic.. hmmm

2 / 5 MAIDEN at Sar today ..check out the running line ....
UNBRIDLED SPIRIT broke awkwardly then steadied after bumping with NEWYORKSSWEETHEART leaving the gate, bore out while racing greenly along the backstretch, continued wide on the turn then ne...

Losing at Saratoga?
If you are behind betting on Saratoga this year, its not too late to turn it around!! This is the last weekend of racing at Saratoga, if you have been losing, ...

Sources For Betting On Future Bet?
Is there any online sources for betting on the Breeders Cup future bet? I'm in Michigan and I'm not aware of any places where I can place a wager ... but I'd like to get in tomorrow.

Best Horses of Last 10 yrs
My favorite was Skip Away. Of all the horses that won two legs of the triple crown I think the best was Point Given. That was one heck of a horse. Ussually if a horse is going to win two ...

Veterinarian scratch?
I've noticed sometimes when a horse is listed as being scratched by the vet they will comeback and race the next day and occasionally even win. I was just wondering what some of the mo...

Anyone know of the stallion "Festive"?
My mare is by him. His bloodlines include Buckpasser and War Admiral. I was wondering if he still alive. Thanks!

frustrating things you never know
I very good friend of mine who has an interesting double: lawyer/trainer. I believe one job just pays the bills for the other. Anyway, he likes to point out things that effect a horse's runn...

Sky Jack tops One million
Who'd a thunk it? Jacklin Klugman (they named him Jacklin because they first thought he was a she) sires a millionaire. If I remember correctly, Orbit Ruler (Jacklin's sire) was standing i...

toccet scares off summertime "heros"
even though his race was unimpressive last week toccet's pretenders are running for cover. funny cide might take along rest. empire maker and peace rules might run again where toccet dosen't...

candy rides beyer for the pac clasic? anyone have it?
thanks.. free online poker tournaments with real cash prizes, no gimmicks go to:

test this
argh...I know.take it to a test group -- longshotjohn 7 The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who...

Santa Anita Seating Question?
I have a choice of tickets for the Breeders Cup: The Club House Apron or Reserved Grandstand Sec.L-Q? Which should I opt for?

Standardbred registration
Also posted in alt.animals.horses.breeding, my apologies for the cross-post. Hi, We're about to buy our first horse, a standardbred gelding. It was previously registered by...

American Racing Manual Help
Dear horse racing experts, What kind of historical statistical/non-statistical information does the American Racing Manual have for the three triple crown races over the past 100 ...

uk horse racing programs
looking for some uk horse racing programs that are good at picking the winners for you.can anybody point me in the right direction where i can download these cheers

With as many Asian riders in Japan and Hong Kong, plus the crying need for riders at low weights, one would think there would be MORE of them moving their tack this direction. They could...

Gosh and golly folks
I shore do apologize for mentioning that I thought 109 and change was a little bit fast. I am standing in the corner with the dunce cap on. Let me know when I can end this torture ...

Tie in 10th at Saratoga?
Was there really a tie for show in the 10th race at Saratoga today? They're paying off on the trifecta if you had 10-3-2 OR 10-3-6. (I didn't know a tie was possible... Am I reading the r...

jill baffert is as cute as a button
im glad shes on tvg now.. free online poker tournaments with real cash prizes, no gimmicks go to:

Candy Ride
After a turf win at Hollywood Park Ron McAnally predicted Candy Ride would be the next John Henry. Frank

testing this ...whatever
I hate me server -- longshotjohn 7 The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but be...

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