Ashley Carr - con man
Hey he won one ! Bloody hell.

So Let The Loud Mouths Beat My Stuff:)
DISTAFF 92~~ Society Selection ------------------------- JUVENILE FILLIES 336~ Balletto ------------------------ MILE 203~ Whipper ------------------------- ...

Free Breeders Cup Excel File
Free Breeders Cup Excel File You can get the free Excel file for the Breeders Cup at Worth a look. The whole card for Lone Star.

Weldon's Figures Free
DISTAFF 92~~ Society Selection 44~~ Bare Necessities 43~~ Stellar Jayne 37~~ Musical Chimes 27~~ Storm Flag Flying 24~~ Island Fashion 19~~ Ashado 18~~ Nebrask...

65 most expensive horse racing systems for immiediate download
Came across this post whilst looking for some top notch systems. Has anyone got them yet and can you comment? Cheers Speedomes

no need to brag had 7 winners on
top last years breeders cup ranked 2nd nationally

Diamonds Figures has Breeders Cup races
The Breeders Figures are now available and will be sent easily opened and read for the big day, we have 3 specials, get 4 Breeders events for $16, the Classic is $7 and the Sprint...

systems: 4 Millions Domains data with Category
Successfull Internet and Direct Marketing products on * NEW * DOMUS Domains Toolkit Fall 2004 - Unique on the Net 4 Millions "...

ITS, Inc. for Sale - Reply to Bob Harris of NV
The Estate of Eric Langjahr just became aware of the ill-informed post by Bob Harris of Nevada dated 9/15/04, in reply to the Estate's post dated 8/31/04. Charles Langjahr, in his capacity ...

First Rate Systems
Has anyone heard of First Rate Systems - they regularly offer a free tip on a Saturday via a freefone number. I suspect their result sheet which accompanies the offer is fiction rather tha...

Beyer System for SA - 10.21.2004
The picks are to win. Using program numbers. The one by the letter A, is the alternate. SA 1. 2 A. 5 2. 5 A. 1 3. 11 A. 2 4. 6 A. 7 5...

Re: Superfecta System
Good luck & blessings! In my opinion, i'ts just like throwing darts. My play is 2 units to win plus that keyed with 3 other horses @ 1/2 unit each for the exacta. Many times the win bet is ...

Re: The perfect System
Chris: I guess many would say that I too am new to racing, only following seriously for about 10 yrs. The only system I use consistantly is one based on live odds from the Tote Board and ...

Female Jockey site chris

Beyer System for SA - 10.20.2004
The picks are to win. The horse by the number is the pick. The one by the letter A, is the alternate. SA 1. Upgraded A. Unusual Spring 2. Veneration A. Grayso...

Re: The Perfect Method
Chris: Pope's letter claims 60% wins & 80% place hits with consistancy. Claims sold with 30 day money-back guarantee. I checked with PRN [outstanding newsletter with very reliable 2nd genera...

The Perfect Method
Received solicitation letter [well done] from Dan Pope, Tulsa, OK for his Perfect Method system, says hundreds have been sold @ $50.each. Anybody familiar with "The Perfect Method" or Dan Po...

Newest Poker Room: Noble Poker
Newest Poker Room: Noble Poker The iPoker game allows either a 2D or 3D version of the games to be played, with the 3D option having actual characters who change expressio...

Adele does it again!!!
Saturday 16OCT04 Look at the last race at Finger Lakes!!!!! I only WISH I had had the exacta too :=(

I want to buy "Whoa Nellie" - a children's board game!
I know this is a little off-topic for this group, but it concerns a game involving horses. I'm hoping that someone who likes horses has the game and can help me out! I am looking...

Love to Gamble?
Love to Gamble? Learn how to bet and win on Horse Racing, the sport of Kings! Why play and LOSE playing online poker and gaming tables - you work hard for your mon...

Beat The Bookie
Its FREE and it gives winning tips every day. Come and join the lads at Beat The Bookie. Share your tips and views. Beat The Bookie

500 -1,000 Profit Per Week From Racing!
Try This Out........ FREE Tip Of The Day! Delivered direct to your i...

Seeking Win - Place - Show payoff data per track
On the Daily Racing Form web page: they post the most current Entries and Results for various horse racing tracks (i.e. posts the Win, Place and Show results among a ...

UK Racing systems for Sale
3 UK racing systems for sale. Email [email protected] Each system is worth at least 150 each, will sell for 35 each. Payable by Paypal, Nochex or Fastpay, or P.O. ...

Superfecta Systems
I've never heard of any Superfecta systems but wanted to float the idea out there to see if anyone else has. I firmly believe that this is the best way to earn money at the racetrack and am ...

Mr. Trifecta
I bought this book a few years ago and had some moderate success with it but found that I really hated taking my calculator to the track with me everytime I went out and trying to catch all ...

coffee break millionaire
I bought this and it has done nothing but lose money for me. anyone else had any experience with this book, method?

Are You Really a Gambler?
Ok, you gamble. It doesn't matter if it is on horses, poker, craps, the lottery .....why not take a small gamble on owning a piece of a thoroughbred racehorse. The horse you are p...

Underdog Martignaling for sports money line perhaps applicable to horses???
Hello All, To cut to the chase I believe I have found a compelling solution to money line wagered sports and I want to see if it applies to the horsies. In this post I hope ...

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