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Hey Group if you had used my time tested system the last few days you would have caught the following winners: 9/10/2004 Lad 10 Where is My Daddy W 32.60 13.00 7.20 9/10/2004 Bel...

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Real "chalkie" yesterday with the exception of a $9.00 horse. One horse short of the pick 9 which paid $16M. Bville

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About Neue Schule England I (Heather Hyde), have ridden all of my life, however my main passions have always been horse breeding, dressage and bitting. I did ow...

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Free Picks for Fairplex
Heeeez baaaack! Off to a good start. Wish the meet were longer. Bville

Picks 9/19/04
Bel 1 Bush's Song 7 Upscaled WO 2 Nushka 4 Ignitro

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Re: Need some HELP!
Brandon: What do you mean by "cards?" I have a few tons of .drf files that BRIS software, for example, can turn into pp's. Would that be helpful? WADCO

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I've found an article on the net concerning a study about decision making using algorithms. The experience was made on greyhound racing, and it was profitable of +/- 70 USD on only 200 rac...

Someone on one of these newsgroups was talking about SUNDOWNER (one eye?) a while back. He just went wire-to-wire at big odds on the grass in Chicago. Thanks! Ocala Mike <... where your money is best spent!!!
WINNER!!! WINNER!!! WINNER!!! WINNER!!! That's the sound you would have heard yesterday if you had joined's Pony Club!!! Just to let you know.... <...

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Osama Bin Ladin Found Hanged
Again Danzig no political only Scooter Chat hows about getting with the program G-Dog ? You know if even able to see it (I wasent able to) its most likely a fake all news is spun !

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Picks 9/5/04
Pick threes, one more time. Ellis Park 8 - 3 6 10 9 - 4 5 9 10-2 3 5 9 - 4 5 9 10-2 3 5 11-2 5 7 9

U.K.'s racetrack industry has been struck by a race-fixing scandal
U.K.'s racetrack industry has been struck by a race-fixing scandal which may severely affect the reputation of British racing and even outlaw the practice of horserace betting. Ch...

BBC/Channel 4 Racing - Haydock, Kempton & Thirsk
According to, One Cool Cat currently heads the market for the big race of the weekend at Haydock and his trainer Aidan OÁ-?Brien will be hoping for a dry spell before the weekend....

Need some HELP!
Hey all! I'm currently working on a statistics project and was hoping someone might be able to help me out. I'm needing to get as many old race cards as I can possibly get. I'll take...

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