Buck Snarf's Insanity for 7/31/04
or how to blow $200 more precious bucks. Betting only 8/1-10/1 odds all $2 to show and doing it dirty (betting on morning lines) Arapahoe 1. 4 2. 4,5 3. 1,3 <...

Buck Snarf's Insanity System (or How to blow $400 in an afternoon)
Here is my insanity. I only bet sissy bets with medium odds. Horses between 8:1 and 10:1 odds at post time. Predicting tomorrow's odds is well..insane so I won't I'll just list ...

3/1...100/30...5/1 Winners All The Way!
Free Tip Of The Day.. Delivered Direct To Your Inbox At Lunchtime... ...

how to earn a consistent income from racing
by matt elliott anyone seen this? thanx!

any All-Ways Professional Versions available?

New version of RacePrediction.com
I uploaded new version of racing software to www.racePrediction.com. You can free download it. It utilises Internet technology and expert system to track all the professional activity of the...

Morning Line Systems?
Hi, Does anyone have any information on a betting system based on the morning line? I have been experimenting with one such system with some interesting results, but I am wondering if there ...

Ashley Carr and other tipsters
Keep your money in your pockets. He/ they are crook s!

Picks 7/18/04
Elp 4 Silver Wand 6 Miss Magnolia 8 Just A Kitty* 9 Wayuphi 10 White Oak Del 10 Savedbythelight

earn betting money
I joined up and have been using my profits to gamble with. it works great. give it a look and see what you think. You get $ 8,100 - Guaranteed - Or we Continue to Advertise! ...

I've Found free betting online.
I got to bet for free but still lost. But its worth a go. http://www.swoopon.com/Swoopon/Betting+and+Gambling.htm

I've Found free betting online.
I got to bet for free but still lost. But its worth a go. http://www.swoopon.com/Swoopon/Betting_and_Gambling.htm

CyberHorse is Horse Handicapping the winning formula www.chorse.com
<a href="http://www.chorse.com" target="_blank"> <img border="0" src="http://www.chorse.com/chorse_2004.jpg"></a> CyberHorse is the winning formula is quite simply T...

I've Found free betting online.
I got to bet for free but still lost. But its worth a go. http://www.swoopon.com/Swoopon/Betting_and_Gambling.htm

4th at River Downs, Thurs., 7/15
I bred Island Party, a 3-yo filly who is trying to break her maiden in her sixth start tomorrow going 5-1/2f. I have no ownership interest (we sold her two years ago), but would love to see...

Picks 7/11/04
Crc 5 Number 6 Northern Candy 9 Russian Note* Bel 8 Golden Look $2.00 win on all * Denotes top pick?

Ireland Horseracing
For all that are interested in horseracing please feel free to join our Group: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/irishracingnation/ We live in Kentucky and are avid horse...

5 losing favorites (Big Calder Card)
Hey group someone asked me to list 10 losing favorites tommorrow. I'm in a hurry so I'll list 5 from tommorrow's summit of speed program. Crc1 Insilver Crc4 Pembroke Hall Crc...

current condition
Hi folks, I've been reading some of your posts and I would like to hear some of your opinions. I've been away from the game for many years, but suddenly I got the itch again. I was a bi...

A New Twist: Finding Favorites that Win
Hey Group- I have a new system that focuses on finding real favories. 1000 race test shows 48% winners at a payout of approx $5.00 each. Check it out for yourself at: http://cgi.e...

Update: Place System
Well, I keep changing criteria and thus have not done my 200+ race test, yet... Still, here's a first approximation that I think may hold some value for you. 1) Make a ...

Formrater Systems
Hey dont waste time trying to find systems and tips that dont work, just visit www.formrater.co.za download their demo and check it out. It really is quite good.

Picks 7/4/04
CD 3 Regime Change 5 Struttin' 7 Glenmalure 9 Thisgirldontlaugh 12 Victorious Halo

Re: Free this Sunday membership of RacePrediction.com
> May I remind that today is FREE membership of RacePrediction.com? > > > Predictor predicts not only investment but also return. www.racePredictor.com

Free this Sunday membership of RacePrediction.com
RacePredictor.com predicts not only investment but also return. www.racePredictor.com

National Pick 4
For those interested in playing the $1 National Pick Four Saturday, the following link is to the Official NTRA National Pick Four informational site .... http://www.ntra.com/news....

handicapper computer
Has anyone heard about this handicapper calculator that can predict winners at about 60%. The one I heard about is called the xp handicapper computer. Any comments?

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